Tebow's agent says "we pretty much know" where he's going

No one knows where Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will be drafted. But the people around Tebow are dropping some strong hints that some team has already told them that Tebow is their man.

Tebow’s father, Bob Tebow, claims his son is going in the first 15 picks. And Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, told ESPN.com that he has a very good idea where Tebow will be drafted, and hints that it’s higher than most people think.

“I don’t know if it’s gonna shock the world because I always thought he was going to do well,” Sexton said. “But we pretty much know. We have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen.”

Of course, it’s impossible for any player to know for sure where he’s going to go until he hears his name called at Radio City Music Hall. Not even Sam Bradford knows for sure where he’s going to go.

But the Tebow camp says they have a good idea. And they sound like they’re pleased with where they think they’re going.

122 responses to “Tebow's agent says "we pretty much know" where he's going

  1. Someone is going to get fired for drafting this bum in the 1st round
    If it wasn’t the mystical teeeeeebow, he’d by a 5th rounder

  2. It’s going to be a short drive from Tebowland in Gainesville, FL, to his new home in Jacksonville.

  3. If they are that confident it would have to be earlier than expected…Could it really be Jackconville at 10???

  4. It’s been obvious since they covered seats with a tarp that the Jaguars would draft Tebow when he came out.
    Then again, that stupid Buddy Nix/Chan Gailey “braintrust” might throw a wrench in their plans.

  5. With the 4th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select… Tim Tebow, Offensive Tackle, Florida.

  6. If he goes in the top 15 that GM should be fired… I like Tebow but he is not a first round talent.

  7. Oh shit. As a Broncos fan this makes me nervous. For the love of God, Josh McDaniels do not draft this Turd!!!

  8. I think either the Bills/Jacksonville want Tebow. I think that is too high for him but they might be afraid some team will trade up for him in the bottom of the first round. I think he is going to the Buffalo Bills, if he goesn the top 15 picks. Kelley has some weird dislike of CA football players and there were articles talking about him having dinner with Tebow and recommending him to the Bills.Plus if the Bills want Tebow that much they can’t trade down if it is true the Vikings want Tebow.

  9. Watch him drop to the 3rd round and this was all an attempt to push a team into picking him.

  10. HaHa to all you Tebow haters im going to laugh my ass of when he goes in the top 15 and blows your minds the kid is a monster and he is going to improve any team he goes to

  11. I’ll guess the Bills, but I think the Colts would be a great fit for him. He would have a few years to learn from Manning and learn to be an NFL caliber QB. It would be a win win.

  12. He si going to Steelers to take Ben under his wing and show him the light and right way! 3 months later, Tebow will be brought up on rape charges and have a paternity suit against him!

  13. probably his agent trying to scare some team into taking him earlier, just like rosehaus did with mcgahee

  14. Tebow obviously doesn’t have to come to New York. He controls the draft coverage from wherever he chooses to be. Why not stay above the fray? Let lesser mortals be treated like sideshow freaks.

  15. Hopefully this rules out Cincinnati. Humbly Opined, this cat isn’t worth a second round pick, let alone a top twenty. Good luck to whoever reaches for and overpays him, you’re going to need it.

  16. teke184 says:
    April 22, 2010 2:46 PM
    It’s going to be a short drive from Tebowland in Gainesville, FL, to his new home in Jacksonville.
    Hey idiot, he is already from Jacksonville lol.

  17. It’s obvious.
    Tim is staying in Jax for the draft.
    The Jags would sell tons of tickets if they draft him.
    He is from Jax.
    Jacksonville drafts Tebow and revives it’s franchise.
    No more talk of Los Angeles ever again.

  18. # peteydeep says: April 22, 2010 2:51 PM
    he’s going # 2 to the lions as a safety/assistant head coach
    the lions don’t draft that smart.
    i wouldn’t be upset to see the guy in minnesota, but its going to be jacksonville.

  19. If the Jags draft Tebow in the first round, I will burn my tickets in front of the Thundercat statue at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium tonight.
    I think he goes to San Francisco. Seems like a Singletary type player. Plus you can’t discount the metrosexual factor. Face it, the man crush these idiot Gator fans have on him is creepy. If Bubbas and Billy Rays fawn all over him, then the Bay area is a perfect fit.

  20. as a Tebow fan i hope not jacksonville they suck atleast go to denver or buffalo or the niners.But all and all i would like to see him go to the vikings then he has the best mentor ever and he is paired back with his buddy harvin and then the vikings run the show sorry all other 31 teams but tebow is taking over the NFL

  21. What a joke if someone uses a top 20 pick on Tebow but won’t trade their 1st round pick plus something else for Ben

  22. Why else would he stay at home for the draft? He’s going to be at the Stadium when they announce the pick.

  23. I cant wait to see tebow surprise all u haters when he does good in the nfl

  24. It’s hard for me to believe that he will go that high…..Aaron Rodgers had more talent and he slipped into the 20’s.

  25. He is going to heaven isn’t he?
    Than that ain’t Jacksonville baby cause that ain’t heaven.

  26. Love to see him on the same team as Brett Favre for a year or two. That would really symbolize the passing of the spiritual torch as far as the NFL is concerned. I also feel that would be a huge motivator for Farve to return. If he can pass on the mantle to someone he feels worthy, I think he would play as long as it took to accomplish that.

  27. I wouldn’t complain if he comes to the Vikings!! The era of Joe Kapp is back – tough ass run in to you QB that doesn’t throw a pretty spiral but WINS!!!

  28. Everybody on the planet know Jaxsonville has to draft him if they dont wanna move to Las Vegas or Los Angeles in the next few years. No one cares about that team. Drafting Tebow changes all that.

  29. Don’t believe the hype… he’s an early second round grade, and more than likely that’s were he’s going to end up getting picked.
    Michael David Smith, Mike Florio, and Gregg Rosenthal make this kinda crap up all day long. It’s just a bunch of fluff…. Tebow in the early 2nd round is more realistic.

  30. You people just don’t LISTEN! What his father said was that he will go “in the first 15 picks…of the third round.”

  31. I heard from someone who is close to Tebow that Seattle told him they will take him with the 14th pick. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen…

  32. Raiders. Al loves Heisman trophies and he has one. Plus Denver has shown interest in him. That will be enough to make Al pull the trigger in the first round.

  33. Hah! a Steelers’ fan calls Tebow a bum. Then somebody named SkinFlute calls him a turd.

  34. Washington at #4, they need a Special teams ace to replace Rock Cartwright 😉

  35. After watching QB Camp with J Gru, I’d take him before all the QB’s. He seems to be the only one ready to start on day 1.

  36. I wonder if the Tebow hate has more to do with his beliefs or his play. With many of the comments I would guess the former.

  37. Toronto Argo’s with the first pick in the CFL draft… then let toronto play buffalo for the right to have an NFL franchise.

  38. as a bills fan for many many years as of late i am quite use to sucking. tebow here in buffalo? sure, why not! it will be interesting to say the least. ralph wants a nice boy, a boy that will make news for the bills good or bad. oh well, its only a game. still hoping to hear clausen called at 9. either way, i got tommorow off and the crown royal is about to start flowing! as a nice draft day special meal….venison loins fried with peppers and onions on hard rolls topped with swiss cheese. it does not get any better than that. well….maybe if pam oliver we`re here letting me kiss her feet but you can`t have everything.

  39. Goes to Minnesota at # 30. I’m a Vikes fan, don’t think we should take him, but think Childress wants to redeem himself after T-Jack and show he knows how to bring alog a new QB.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  40. Stay away from J-ville!!!!Loved what you did with the Gators, but this pre-draft crap is seriously getting old.

  41. I don’t dislike him, I think he’s a great kid, especially when we see so many other athletes in trouble.
    What I see is a guy who was exposed when he played Tennessee, Mississippi State and Alabama. 3 teams- 2 of them former NFL coaches and the other was his former o coordinator. They emasculated him offensively.
    Couple that with the creepy hype he gets here in Jacksonville and you could see why people get tired of the Tebowmania.
    I guarantee if Seattle tanks this season the hype for Jake Locker will be just as intense.

  42. Why, Heaven of course. On the good side of town – nice zoning, no minorities, no Section 8 housing …

  43. If they are so sure that he’s going in the 1st round, then why wouldn’t he have accepted the invitation to the Draft?

  44. If the Jags draft Tebow in the first round, I will burn my tickets in front of the Thundercat statue at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium tonight.
    I think he goes to San Francisco. Seems like a Singletary type player. Plus you can’t discount the metrosexual factor. Face it, the man crush these idiot Gator fans have on him is creepy. If Bubbas and Billy Rays fawn all over him, then the Bay area is a perfect fit.
    Tebow is going to Jax.
    Short fat rednecks will be very happy.
    Ticket sales will soar.

  45. As a ‘Cane fan, it is in my blood to despise the Gay-Turds……and I root against them EVERY chance I get (Unless by them winning it helps the Canes in any way)
    That being said, I have always had the utmost respect for Tim Tebow and that is due to his faith in the only Almighty God and His son, Jesus Christ.
    I believe that Tebow will shock people and be a true asset in the NFL; the guy is a winner!

  46. smokescreen.. this is a ploy to get someone to jump up into the 1rst round to get him.. He’ll be a second round pick and he has no idea by who..

  47. I dont care if its Claussen or Tebow…but my Bills need a Quarterback…Hell i take Rapeslisberger…lock up you ladies western New York…..Give me another Blue Light and pass the Wings the Bills are about to finally get thier QB

  48. my guess is that he might end up in kansas city!! WELL WHO CARES HOPEFULLY MY EAGLES WILL DRAFT EARL THOMAS!!!!! GO EAGLES!!!

  49. As a Jaguars fan, the Jags would be COMPLETELY STUPID to draft him. What puts fans in the seats is wins, not an unjustified quarterback controversy. The worst thing that could happen is him coming here (or anywhere with a so-so quarterback.)
    If Gators fans say they will come to see him, how happy will they be to see him holding a clipboard?
    They will immediately start clamoring to have him put in. Del Rio would be nuts to throw a rookie QB on the field with this team. Tebow needs to sit behind a veteran QB for a year. Some place like New England, New Orleans, or the Vikings (if Favre comes back) is where he needs to go.
    Why would any team with an adequate (but not elite) quarterback, DRAFT a quarterback? That would just mean immediate turmoil in a position that no one wants turmoil in. When adequate is what you have, you trade for or pick one up in FA for better, not try to develop from the draft.
    All of the ‘fans’ of the Jaguars that want Tebow have no idea what the are asking for.
    (And speaking as an atheist, people picking for / against / on him because of his religious beliefs need to shut the h*ll up.)

  50. If I were a Jags fan, I’d be calling for my front office’s heads if they’re stupid enough to draft Tebow with the 10th overall pick, when they could easily get him in the second round. What a ridiculous reach.

  51. Sorry, dajaba75, I agree it would be stupid for Jacksonville to draft him, but something being STUPID never stopped them from going after inappropriate players with early picks before. Two words: MATT JONES.
    Tim tebow will learn at the feet of Garrard next year.
    Oh yeah, as a Saints fan, please don’t ever mention Tebow and the Saints again!!!!

  52. Torfino,
    You don’t think that he could flourish after sitting on the bench at the Superdome for a couple of years?
    My point was that he needs to sit behind an established ELITE QB before he just gets thrown in there. There would be no one clamoring for him to start in New Orleans, (or NE, or Indy, or Wash, etc.) so there would be no pressure on him, and he would have the time needed to develop as such.
    But yeah, I also get your point. I can only hope that they have learned from those mistakes AND don’t bow to a few ‘fans’ wishes just for a PR stunt. Especially since that PR stunt would immediately blow up in their faces. I have to hope that they could see that fiasco coming and want to avoid it.
    My personal hope is that they trade the heck out of the first round, maybe even down to the third round, and stay out of the top two completely. More picks, less money makes sense to me. You have a MUCH greater chance of finding a gem that way and avoid all the expensive busts at the same time.

  53. He is orginally from Jacksonville, he is not in New York for draft day, instead he is in Jacksonville with family and friends for the big announcement. “With the 10th pick in this years draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select TIM TEBOW from the University of Florida!!” God help Duval County!!!

  54. Really? Farve will hand over the reins to someone he feels is worthy? Are you kidding me? Why would he think hes worthy? Because him and his little mommy tell people they dont know not to have abortions? Shut up. This guy is a total no talent. The moment you took Harvin away from him he was bum. And all of this he works so hard crap. News to Tbo everyone in NFL works hard.

  55. Well when the Rams pass on Tebow that’s in his favor, as they’ve passed on 4 or 5 good/great young qb’s the last 3 drafts.. if he were a crappy DLmen the Rams would grab him right away. If he were a WR he’d go to Detroit @ #2. He could go to the Bucs at #3.. way too high, drafted a qb last year.. yup that fits; but that probably won’t happen. Skins at #4 will pass, they’d much rather overpay him later in his career.. this would be too cheap for the Skins. #5 in KC, see #1 .. they like to get their busts in the form of DLmen. #6 Seattle.. nope, didn’t go to USC won’t be picked. #7 Cleveland – hmm – qb busts (see Quinn, Couch) .. no they’ve slotted Clausen for this year’s version of pick a qb bust in the top 10. #8 Oakland .. yes of course, Evil Al Davis needs St Tim to heal him and the RaiderNation before he goes to that eternal “black hole” in the sky.. maybe T will give Cable that circumcision he so badly needs while he’s at it too. Go Gators!

  56. Either raiders with their clinicly insane owner, or jacksonville with their obsession with paper tigers from UF.

  57. O wait it might be jimmy clausen because the vikings are going to take a corner back in there 1st round i forgot about that

  58. $10,000 that Tebow will NOT be the Jags pick at #10. They are willing to take less value in a trade in order to make it happen so they can trade back. My hunch is they like alot of guys in this draft but the guys they like either won’t be available at 10 or they think the 10th pick is too high for them. I say they fall back to 16 or 17 and get Brandon Graham or Earl Thomas. They would only take Tebow if he is still on the board when they pick at #74 overall.

  59. @Torfino:

    but something being STUPID never stopped them from going after inappropriate players with early picks before. Two words: MATT JONES.

    The Matt Jones pick was one of the many busts made during the Shack Harris era in Jacksonville. He’e been gone two years now. Last year’s draft was managed by Gene Smith, who his a bunch of home runs. Smith will pick smartly again this year, mark my words.
    Anything before 2008 can be blamed on Harris. One bust after another.
    The Jaguars can’t pick Tebow in the second round, even if he falls there. They don’t have a second round pick. And if they do trade down tonight (which would be fine with me, provided they get some decent picks), they still won’t take him.
    I don’t care what his agent or his father say. He’s second round, and it ain’t Jacksonville.
    They’re going to wait until next year to draft a QB, since the 2011 class is going to be light years better than this year’s. Including a kid from Tallahassee…

  60. Hopefully it’s to Berlin to help start up the NFL Europa league again. Other than that, as long as it’s not Seattle, I don’t care.
    I would give a half bucket of warm piss for him. That’s it though. No more than a half bucket.

  61. I’m a die hard Vikes fan and I HATE all this Tebow to the Vikings at #30. He may end up to be a solid QB in the NFL but the Vikings do not NEED him. This team is ready to make another big run at a title game and they need to draft someone who will have an immediate impact. Not someone who MIGHT develop into a solid QB. I’m sorry but I will be very, VERY disappointed in my favorite squad if they draft Tebow at #30.

  62. Please let it be the Raiders. When people go out to Oakland, we never hear about them again.

  63. “BroncFanOr says:
    April 22, 2010 3:35 PM
    I wonder if the Tebow hate has more to do with his beliefs or his play. With many of the comments I would guess the former.”
    BroncFanOr, no one hates his faith, Christianity, as most likely praticed Christianity at one point or still do. What people are sick of his constant throwing of Jesus and God in our faces. We don’t need to be reminded or told about his faith every time he opens his mouth. Keep him in the science-challenged Bible belt where they don’t believe in Evolution or that the Earth is only 10,000 years old.

  64. Matt Jones actually outplayed a lot of receivers taken ahead of him that year. Troy Williamson and Mike Williams for starters. If Matt hadn’t run afoul of the law, I think there is a very good chance he would be the best receiver out of that entire class. He still may be given a chance.


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