The Bears are tired of trading away future picks

The NFL Draft starts Thursday for 30 teams. The Bears and Panthers have some waiting to do.

Don’t expect the Bears to find a way back into the first round.  G.M. Jerry Angelo says he doesn’t want to trade future picks any longer.

”We’re out of that business,” Angelo said. ”I don’t want to get cute and keep borrowing from the
future with picks because . . . it’s very difficult to guarantee the

Then again, Angelo may not have a future in Chicago if the Bears don’t start winning now.  That’s part of the reason why they spent so much in free agency.  The Bears traded their 2009 first and second round picks for Jay Cutler and the late Gaines Adams.

Angelo says there will be changes coming to his front office.

“After this draft, I said that we are going to do some restructuring,”
Angelo said. 

Former Seahawks head honcho Tim Ruskell was widely expected to get hired by Angelo months ago, but nothing was ever announced.

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  1. Watch for the Panthers to be the biggest collapse of the season. Fox and Hurney are lame ducks, they have no QB, never did, Steve Smith has gotten a little older and is more frustrated, they lost their best defensive player DE Peppers, and they have no 1st round pick to help any of their problems.

  2. Trading high draft picks for any player is a bad idea. Ask Daniel Snyder how it’s worked out for him.

  3. Sounds like the the real leadership wont let Angelo trade away the future. That way the incoming GM will get to draft who they want.

  4. Dear Jerry Angelo:
    Thanks for trading away your most valuable draft picks.
    Very Truly Yours,
    The Detroit Lions
    The Green Bay Packers
    The Minnesota Vikings

  5. Oh, but you certainly announced Ruskell’s hiring! If anyone cares to remember the Bears usually cherish their draft picks similarily to their division foes up north in Cheeseland. No one should really criticise JA for trying to land a franchise QB. Yes, I know, everyone will say he’s not one, but he has the great potential to be one. I’d give away a 1st rounder for that potential anyday of the week. The Adams trade was a little suspect, but we’ll never know how that would’ve panned out because of the tragedy.

  6. “After this draft, I said that we are going to do some restructuring.”
    Wish it was Phillips that said that…

  7. Then I hope this means that Chicago is going to go all out and sign Atogwe because we sure as hell are not going to find a starting safety in round three for this year.

  8. Given the choice of Favre (last year), McNabb or Roethlisberger (this year), if I were Jerry Angelo – I’d kiss the ground I stand on that he traded for the RIGHT guy for the ‘Bears situation’ (aka the future). And as a bonus, he drafted Johnny Knox with the Broncos 5th round pick last year.
    Where are all those people that said Denver had better offensive threats than Chicago now? Eddie Royal’s stats paled in comparison to Knox’s last year. And both Marshall and Scheffler were sent packin’….

  9. S/B …Bears are tired of losing.
    I’m sure if they were winning the Super Bowl every year they wouldn’t care if they had zero draft picks.

  10. Yeah, well I’m tired of trading away future earnings. But since I want the stuff NOW, I suck it up and do it anyway.

  11. That was an awfull lot to give up last year. Even Snyder and Cerrato said forget it you can have him. The Bears gave up so much to get Cutler that they can’t give him someone to throw to. As a Redskin fan I know what its like when your best receiver is a TE. It sux! Hester as your #1….Ouch! I feel bad for the Bears. They look a lot like the skins have over the last decade.

  12. brasho says:
    April 22, 2010 11:17 AM
    Watch for the Panthers to be the biggest collapse of the season. Fox and Hurney are lame ducks, they have no QB, never did, Steve Smith has gotten a little older and is more frustrated, they lost their best defensive player DE Peppers, and they have no 1st round pick to help any of their problems.
    You can’t ignore that running game though. D-Will and Stewart are the best RB tandem in the league by far. As long as Moore doesn’t turn the ball over 10 times a game like his predecessor, I can see them winning 8 games. I mean, that’s not all that great, but it’s certainly not the biggest collapse of the season.

  13. Jerry Angelo is the man; hope he stays with the Bears for a long, long time. He’s created a team that’s the envy of the league.

  14. But I thought they traded their future for the greatest QB of all time. At least that’s what I kept hearing for an entire year after the trade happened.

  15. So trading away future draft picks has not worked out that well for Dan Snyder and the Skins. Soooo I ask you whats the reason that the Brownies and the Lions and the Bucs etc. etc. suck? They dont trade away draft picks and they still blow.

  16. K23 says:
    “You all celebrated when he traded for Cutler…. Look at you now.”
    Ah, guess what joker: I still would take that trade any day of the week and twice on Sunday. There was a high probability that we would have taken the same player as Denver last year with the 1st round pick named Robert Ayers. He sucks. I ll take Johnny Knox with the fifth round pick we got over the third round player Denver got.
    The Gaines Adams trade made no sense to me. Granted he was a top ten pick in Tampa, but he showed no potential from what I knew to warrant even a second round pick that Chicago gave up. Especially since we were short our 1st round pick this year.

  17. I have no problem with the trade for Cutler. I’m pissed we don’t have a second rounder, that trade was idiotic when it was made. Second round picks are in many cases more valuable than first rounders. Angelo is a complete idiot.

  18. The only thing worse than being a Bears fan is:
    being a Raiders fan
    being a Lions fan
    being a Rams fan
    being a Rothlisberger fan

  19. Snyder and Cerrato didn’t say forget it, McDaniels in Denver liked Kyle Orton better than Jason Campbell, the Skins didn’t have enough ammo to pull off the Cutler deal, if they did, Cutler would be a Redskin. Previous deals prevented the Skins from landing Cutler.
    The rest of the NFC North won’t be thanking the Bears for trading for Cutler for long, in fact, wasn’t Minnesota after Cutler as well?

  20. K23… Yes we did celebrate and have not lost confidence. I woould take him over Mcnabb & FAVRE any day…Favre will only play one year,,and will guarantee he won’;t have the year he had last year. Back to INT Favre this year. Plus Peppers gonna sack him all day long vs McKinnie………… Rather be a Bears fan….. than a lowly Viqueen fan…. You can take your Favre and Fumblepeterson… and choke again this year. Viks will never win a superbowl in my lifetime and I am young..haha.. GO BEARS

  21. Going for the big free agents every year is how you turn into the Rams, Raiders or the Redskins. At some point you just have to draft better and stick to your guns. It’s called “player development”.

  22. The Redskins did walk away. McDaniels said he liked Orton more than Cambell after the fact(who knows if that’s really true). The Redskins refused to give a first round pick in 2010 which was the dealbreaker. The Bears gave up their 1st and 3rd picks last year plus the 1st round pick this year and Ortron. Imho, that is a lot to give up.

  23. Bear fans are tired of watching mediocre Jerry. No more talk and a lot more action.
    I couldn’t agree more with what propheteer posted above. Any team that had a need at QB would have done the same given the opportunity. Do you think the Rams would give up their 1st round pick for a Cutler rather than selecting Bradford? I don’t think any of the QBs in the draft this year are worth a 1st round pick. The only reason the QBs in this year’s draft are potential 1st round picks are because they are the best of a weak QB pool.
    It certainly raises the question if the trade was not done, what would the Bears use that 1st round pick for? (If you say a QB, by default you agree the Cutler trade was a good deal)

  24. This article makes it sound like they always trade away their draft picks- not true at all. JA traded two 1sts and third for Cutler and a 5th (Knox). It’s not like they would’ve ended up better with their “green” players. How’s Ayers and Smith working out for Denver? I’m not sure who they picked in the 3rd…probably not a good sign since we have no idea who he is.

  25. well said, propheteer. I like your style
    People forget how the QB carousel destroyed our team year after year. You can rip on him as much as you want for his picks last year, but he had no run game and a more than suspect offensive line.
    I don’t think anyone with a straight face can say they’d rather have Orton moving forward, even with the #1 Ayers last year and a top safety prospect in tonights draft. Think about it, would a team in need of a QB trade a stud in the secondary and a developing lineman for a 3500-4000 yard passer? You’re damned right they would. The QB is too important, and Bears history proves that.
    We may have trouble building around Cutler this year, but draft picks are hit or miss anyhow. As bad as the secondary is what the Bears need most is big athletic offensive guards. Unfortunately our front office isn’t moving on them, nor are they willing to pay out for safety help. So I’m a little pessimistic about 2010.
    But the Cutler trade? Good deal, even if Cutler keep throwing over 20 picks a year.(God I hope he doesn’t). Problem is any lack of success the Bears have for years will be tied to the Cutler trade, and the many other management misadventures will be ignored. oh well

  26. I love how everyone wants to close the door on the Cutler trade as a blunder–when it’s only been ONE year…
    And in that year, we had no o-line, huge injury problems (including an injury bug infestation/ collapse on defense), crappy coordinators/coaching, and only newly developing WR’s.
    I’ve said it before–if Orton played behind last year’s line, the only thing higher than our turnover rate and # of sacks allowed would be Orton’s medical bills.
    Give Cutler this year, and we’ll see.
    Besides, I’ll take the promise and potential of Cutler for the next 5+ years over the primadonna drama and questions of Bratt for only 1 or 2 years ANY DAY, and I think any sane, savvy person would, too.
    Have fun with your short-term band-aids Tavarius Jacksonian Suckitus and Sage-epitome-of-mediocrity-Rosenfels…
    We’ll take our long-term chances with the cannon-armed Pro Bowl franchise guy any day.
    Anyone who knows anything about the Bears knows that they’ve historically relied on the draft to build for the future, but given the perennial QB carousel and increasing hit-or-missness of it (Benson, etc.), I think Anegelovie wisely tried to do something dramatic–address some key needs while the 2006 window was still partly open.
    Then this off-season ownership knew the fans weren’t happy about keeping Lovie, and we had no Rd 1 or 2 picks, so they cut a check to make a big splash in free agency.
    If your team used a first round pick on Peppers, and a second on Chester Taylor, would YOU be b1tching?
    Didn’t think so…
    It’ll be awesome watching all you horn-suckers/purple helmet polishers gnashing your teeth if the Bears make the Super Bowl this year–I just hope our stellar new o-line coach doesn’t scalp the tickets.
    Thanks for indulging me…now you purple fairies can get back to practicing on your Wizzinators, okay?

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