Browns, Bills have called Rams

The St. Louis Rams can spend today negotiating with potential 33rd overall picks, and they can also spend today entertaining offers from other teams for the first pick in the second round of the draft.

If they decide to trade the pick, two of the teams that are interested are the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills and Browns have already contacted the Rams about acquiring the 33rd overall pick. Both teams want to draft a quarterback, either Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame or Colt McCoy of Texas.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, however, reports that the Bills are not inclined to trade up. The thinking in Buffalo may be that either Clausen or McCoy could fall to them at pick No. 41, or that there’s a quarterback they could take in the third round or later who can be developed into a starter.

Ultimately, even if the Bills aren’t inclined to trade up, the Rams are going to have some very good offers from teams that are — probably offers good enough that when the 33rd pick is announced, it won’t belong to the Rams.

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  1. Stay put Buffalo and if one of them doesn’t fall take the best OT available. Lefevour should be available in the 4th so they could use that 3rd round pick for a big DT (Cam Thomas or maybe Terrell Troup).
    They have to find value for Lynch and I doubt it will be in the second round so maybe using him to move up in the 3rd is the best option in which case they would be able to land one of those big DT’s or maybe Tony Pike.
    I just hope the don’t lose value trying to get Clausen or McCoy, especially when they could get a very good OT in the 2nd.

  2. Is there a reason why the Saints could not have let their clock run down last night to end the first round, then spend all day negotiating a trade for the last pick of the 1st round. If the rams can negotiate all day what would prevent the saints to make a possible trade? Just curious.

  3. Adam Schefter reported this? Translation: “Neither the Bills or Browns have contacted the Rams about their first pick in round 2.”
    Sure, you would think that the bills and browns would both call the rams because they both need a QB….which is probably why he reported it.
    So, listen to La Canfora, Schefter makes his “reports” up, obviously. He’s swung and missed to many times just this week to ever trust him again.

  4. Never fear bills fans this is just another chapter in the “All talk, No Action 2010 Marketing Campaign”

  5. Trade out and get more picks. You got your franchise qb, now give him weapons and let’s see how it turns out.

  6. I’d love to see the Vikings slide down, thinking they could get Robinson or Clausen and end up with neither of them.
    Holmgren has his man with the ex-Carolina Panther at QB and a fat contract, so chances are it’s Buffalo that will move up to get this pick.

  7. Although perhaps a round early, in Round 3 at No. 72 overall, the Bills should just take Fordham QB John Skelton, who has much better size than Colt McCoy and just as strong an arm as Jimmy Clausen, and let him watch for a year behind Trent Edwards.

  8. I’m really asking this question….
    Has Adam Schefter been right about any report he’s made about the Bills?
    Let me know.

  9. If I was the Rams, I would not trade up. The Browns, Raiders, and Bills (mostly) screwed themselves not taking Jimmy C in the 1st round. I hope it stays the way it does, because then the Bills got screwed by picked Spiller 1st last night, when they already had 4 running backs (which includes baller Lynch and Jackson). All of those teams need a QB and they didn’t take one last night. Also the Rams are dumb for taking Bradford, they should of taken Jimmy C over him, Bradford is going to get hurt again and again.

  10. So… putting your report and LaCanfora’s report together, the Bills called the Rams about 1 of 2 things: 1) To trade down, or 2) To say hello.

  11. Browns, please take Taylor Mays. Load up on Def. Delhomme is an upgrade from that QB crap we had, so run with it this year. Take Lefavor in round 3.
    Go Browns!

  12. Certainly, the Bills are from Buffalo!!!!!
    whybuffalowhy says:
    April 23, 2010 1:05 PM
    I’m really asking this question….
    Has Adam Schefter been right about any report he’s made about the Bills?
    Let me know.

  13. The Bills are trying to trade for the #33 pick. The now think they blew it by taking Spiller, rather than Clausen. They have offered the Rams Spiller, #41 and #72 for #33, to get Clausen.

  14. I dont think Holmgran would take Claussen in the 7th round he just doesn’t like him.I sure dont want to trade one Notre Dame bust for another one

  15. I said it on another post and I’ll say it again.
    In the minds of the Browns and their fans: Jimmy Clausen = Brady Quinn pt. 2.
    Quinn was a local and the fans still were satisfied with seeing him traded. Clausen won’t get any love from them. Remember, Browns fans are notorious for booing their QBs when they don’t perform. Ask Derrick “How do I throw this thing?” Anderson and Tim “I’m now out of the NFL and living on my” Couch.

  16. You didn’t finish the headline. It probably should say:
    “Browns and Bills have called Rams assholes for asking a ridiculous amount for the pick.”

  17. Unless it’s for Taylor Mays, stand pat. If we get Mays with already drafting Haden our secondary will be great by 2011.

  18. There is a qb named trevor harris, great arm quick thinking and comes from a dII school he will be picked by the 5th round

  19. Browns fans were not satisfied Quinn got traded. The general feeling is that he really didn’t have enough games under his belt to judge him. And the fact that he was traded to Denver leave a really bad taste in my mouth.
    After he suffered a concussion DA never got back to his pro-bowl form. He should have been pulled a lot sooner than he was. The boos were for the coaching staff.

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