Chiefs liked Clausen enough to take him fifth

As the question of where Jimmy Clausen will end up begins to dominate the second day of the NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs are increasingly being linked with the Notre Dame quarterback.

Adam Schefter reported on ESPN Radio this morning that the Chiefs actually liked Clausen enough to take him with their first-round pick, fifth overall. It’s just that they liked the player they took, Tennessee safety Eric Berry, a little better.

So if Clausen is still available when the Chiefs’ second-round pick, No. 36 overall, comes up, could they really pass on a player they thought was worthy of a Top 5 overall selection? Schefter also said Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, Clausen’s college coach, will lobby G.M. Scott Pioli with Kansas City’s second-round pick.

It seems unlikely that the Chiefs will draft a quarterback given the money they’ve committed to Matt Cassel. But Cassel’s contract makes it possible that they’d want to cut bait with him after the 2010 season.

It seems like a long shot that the Chiefs would select Clausen. But yesterday it seemed like a long shot that we’d even be talking about it today.

14 responses to “Chiefs liked Clausen enough to take him fifth

  1. Another smokescreen to get someone to trade up to get Clausen, allowing the possibility of one more guy KC really does want to fall to them.

  2. ain’t that the friggin truth???!!!!???? @”But yesterday it seemed like a long shot that we’d even be talking about it today”

  3. Why not. Let him sit on the bench for a year. And only having to pay him 2nd round money will allow for that. I think one of the biggest benefits we will see (as fans) from the rookie salary slotting is that teams will be able to sit rookie quarterbacks instead of having to play them due to ridiculous contracts.

  4. I feel for the Chiefs and Raiders for the money spent on their garbage QB`s . Cassel played great with the Patriots so i `m not certain if that`s an organization problem , and everyone knows Russell in Oakland is severely lazy and more important ( a retarded man ).

  5. NO!!!
    -This guy never won big games against big teams in college..
    Keep Cassel, we need Linemen and a Middle Backer..

  6. what a load of bs… the Chiefs are trying to do clausen a favor because of Weis, they have no intention of drafting QB. Schefter got played on this one

  7. This draft is the worst I’ve EVER seen. The biggest loser to me is the Rams. They could of drafted Suh #1 overall and then with the first pick in the 2nd round taken Jimmy Clausen. That would have been the best draft I’ve ever seen in years. Instead, they got an ok QB and now who knows who they will get. The Eagles with the 13th pick a bust like Brandon Graham, quite ridiculous when he wasn’t even the top 2 Dends on the board. Just pathetic.

  8. I have serious doubts as to the accuracy of Schefter’s report- it smells like a misinformation smokescreen. We shall see, if Clausen is indeed still on the board when the Chiefs pick. My take: I don’t think Clausen is the type of personality that Pioli and Haley are trying to build this team around. Team-first guys are wanted here; divas, self-promoters and other questionable personalities need not apply….

  9. The Chiefs purposely put it out there that wouldn’t draft a safety that high in the draft so nobody would jump ahead of them and steal him. Fool me once…

  10. I seriously doubt this story holds any water. I think the Chiefs take Cody with their first pick in the 2nd.

  11. I know that you’ve got Weis there but where is the upside? Really, Cassel can get the job done if they get better receivers and shore up the OL and if you wanted to start over with Claussen, you’ve got to deal with those problems AND the fact that he still isn’t ready to take over a pro team.

  12. If Pioli DID want Clausen, you think he would be blabbering about how much he liked him ? Shefter missed this one and the fact that the Redskins had a ” trick up their sleeve yesterday”

  13. U ever seen that move where that fat guy with fuzzy hair says he’s a retard only he says it like he’s french or something ratard. Harh harh harh any that’s kind of what I think of the chief’s O cordinator.

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