Chiefs take Dexter McCluster

One of the most talked about sleepers in the draft almost snuck into the first round.

The Kansas City Chiefs passed on two big name Notre Dame products — Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen — so that offensive coordinator Charlie Weis could work with Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster.

McCluster joins a talented backfield with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  (That scream you heard was from Charles’ fantasy owners.)

The Chiefs figure to use McCluster on third downs like Weis used to with Kevin Faulk.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see McCluster line up as a slot receiver often.

Either way, the Chiefs are starting to get an offensive identity.  Their three-headed running back monster is going to dominate the football.

17 responses to “Chiefs take Dexter McCluster

  1. The crybabies in Kansas City are already screaming outrage!
    Ridiculous. Pioli, Weiis and Haley are going to love using this
    guy in their return game…kickoffs AND punts…and throwing to him out of the backfield. Very much a Sproles like player and now its obvious they intend to line him up in the slot as a receiver and throw him the ball.
    They don’t intend to run this guy into the line 30 times a game.
    Great sleeper choice for Pioli!

  2. Their three-headed running back monster is going to dominate the football.
    “Dominate?” Maybe they should try to assemble an offensive line first… and then go for the extra luxury RBs…

  3. Horrible pick. McCluster is good, but a team with this many holes shouldn’t be using an early 2nd round pick on a RB when they already have two pretty good ones on their roster.

  4. SWING & A MISS! egoli STRIKES OUT AGAIN! x 2 in round 2!
    McCluster 5’8…areanas 5’8 HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HA HAH!
    Yet another HORRIBLE pick by the ‘king of missteps’, egoli. two pieces of undersized kindling ready to be splintered.
    The ‘egoli REACH’ first evidenced 2009 with TyINACTIONJackson rears its ugly head again…’The Reach 2.0′ pulls mccluster fromst the depths of the draft and wastes our high #2 pick – then – he takes yet another midget CB (the Chargers 6’3 – 6’5 WR’s are really lovin this!)
    I’m LOVIN this draft for it’s HILARITY!
    egoli’s draft grade chiefs 2010 (as it was in 2009) – ‘F’
    FIRE egoli & hailme – STAT!

  5. Nice move again by the Chiefs. This guy is a versatile player and will be used not only as a third back but also for returns and in the slot. Add Eric Berry, then add a solid DB from Bama and a nasty G from Illinois you have four solid picks from players that can make an impact right away.

  6. I hate Icon and wish he would either leave these posts alone or stop being a Chief fan. It is so stupid to see most people put “smart move”, “nice choice”, etc… and then read his idiotic rants about how stupid Pioli and Haley are. Enough said.

  7. Rico-I used to ask Icon what he would like the Chiefs to do, but he never answers. He’s like a 3rd grader…keep giving him attention and he’ll continue to be around.

  8. Great pick. Jamaal Charles has nothing to worry about, they’re going to use McCluster as a slot. He’s already listed as a WR on the team’s website.

  9. Actually, the KC Star wrote that the team indicated he would be used as a wide receiver.
    And Rico- why do you even respond to Icon (aka Larry Johnson)? Most people have learned to just ignore him.

  10. This kid is an excellent back, very elusive. Chiefs just forced defenses to cover the entire field, opening up the passing game a bit.

  11. I like the kid as a player, but we have way bigger needs. A player like that is a extra weapon, but we need o-line help. Not to mention that weak a$$ defense we threw out there. Needed a NT. I like Arenas but he’s a midget. So is Flowers. We will have the shortest starting dback field in the history of the NFL. Flowers is 5’10”. Berry is 5’11”. WTF!

  12. Thanks for the info everyone, I am pretty new and no more posts on bad Chiefs fans, just wish there were more good Chiefs fans on PFT!

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