Handicapping the field for Clausen

We don’t expect the Jimmy Clausen drama to last long on day two of the draft.  Here’s our list of favorites to wind up with the Notre Dame product.

1. Bills: There are conflicting reports about their eagerness to trade up.  No surprise.  But they want to draft a quarterback and multiple reports say they were in on Tim Tebow.  It makes a lot of sense to go after Clausen.

2. Seahawks: Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that Seattle would have definitely taken Clausen at 14 if Earl Thomas didn’t slip.  If that’s true, they are great candidates to move up to take Clausen now.  They have to move up a long way, though, after sliding down to pick No. 60 in the Charlie Whitehurst trade.

3. Raiders: We liked the Rolondo McClain pick.  It made sense and filled a need.  Taking Clausen would make a lot of sense too.  Too much sense to happen?

4. 49ers: The strong pre-draft links to Clausen proved false.  They might
have to move a long way up to get Clausen from their current No. 47 perch, but he fits on their roster.

5. Browns: Mr. Michael Smith of ESPN has been on target with all things Browns of late — he stuck with Joe Haden as Cleveland’s pick.  He thinks the Browns will look to fill bigger needs than quarterback and we agree.

6. Vikings: Trading down out of the first round indicates Clausen isn’t a priority. We think they are a good match, though.

7. Panthers: A couple factors are in the way here.  They don’t have a lot of ammo to trade, with and they don’t have a coach that is likely to be thinking long-term.

8. Chiefs: We’re not buying it.  Perhaps they floated love for Clausen as a favor to Charlie Weis.

28 responses to “Handicapping the field for Clausen

  1. LOL browns looking to fill bigger needs than qb , ya thats a great idea , qb’s aren’t that important . way to go browns!

  2. “C’mon you guys, we’re freezing our asses off out here and we haven’t had a bite for hours. I don’t like that wheezing sound coming from Gramps chest, either.”.

  3. Dan LeFevour’s demonstrated mobility and success scrambling would make him a better fit for the Browns in the West Coast Offense anyway. To play in the swirling winds of Lake Erie in December, a QB must have a strong arm. Does McCoy really have that? Hard to say given that he’s played in ideal conditions in Texas.

  4. I hope ESPN’s Ma..ma..Michael Smith is ra..ra..ra..right about the Browns.They need to keep their 2nd rounder and (3) 3rd rounders and trust their board.

  5. “4. 49ers: The strong pre-draft links to Clausen proved false. ”
    What pre-draft links didn’t prove false?

  6. Handicapping the field for Clausen
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on April 23, 2010 12:53 PM ET
    3. Raiders: We liked the Rolondo McClain pick. It made sense and filled a need. Taking Clausen would make a lot of sense too. Too much sense to happen?
    Mr. Rosenthal…Obviously you stayed WAY up past your bedtime and are letting all that PFTV camera time go to your head…The Raiders have been HORRIBLE at developing QBs FOREVER! Clausen has leadership issues and the Raiders already have a young QB with questionable leadership abilities.
    Besides while McClain was a good pick (for a change) both the OL and DL need MAJOR upgrades PLUS picking Clausen would show the world that Al Davis admits that he made a mistake pick Russell #1 (which would solidify him as the #1 NFL Draft Bust of ALL TIME!)
    Look for an OT or DT with their second round pick.

  7. Just because you think the Vikes might want a QB doesn’t make it so. Tarvaris Jackson has come a long way since being drafted out of Alabama St. and his 1st and 2nd seasons in the league… and in season 3 in 9 appearances his rating was over 95 and last season in mop-up duty is was well over 100. The Vike coaches say they like him, the kid is still only 26, and has only had 19 lifetime starts. The real experts say that a player needs at least 25 starts in the NFL and 3 NFL seasons before you can start to judge a young QB.

  8. I would rather waste a 3rd round pick on Pike than I would a 4th round pick on Clausen. Neither is going to be much of an NFL quarterback, but at least Pike’s teammates won’t hate him.

  9. bledsoe9mm = dipshit
    BTW…any male who uses “LOL” is either gay or a Steeler fan.
    Browns will take Tim Hiller from W. Michigan with one of their 3’s.
    Book it…

  10. “# vegassquire says: April 23, 2010 1:23 PM
    I would rather waste a 3rd round pick on Pike than I would a 4th round pick on Clausen. Neither is going to be much of an NFL quarterback, but at least Pike’s teammates won’t hate him.”
    And that’s why dumbasses like you don’t run NFL teams.

  11. Seattle is NOT in the market for Claussen.
    If Thomas wasn’t available at 14 Seattle would have taken Morgen or tried to trade down. This right from the Coach and GM last night.

  12. I wonder if Clausen’s Mommy and Daddy starting calling teams to complain about them not picking their son. After all they have done for him, like holding him back a grade so he could be older than the guys he played against in high school, I can imagine how upset they are right now.
    Clausen is a bitch, which is why no one took him the the first round.

  13. artmodelpip –
    you can speak when the browns are relevant = never – qb = another top 10 pick next year

  14. OK, is it just me or did everyone already forget that when Brady Quinn came out of Notre Dame, he was thought to be completely pro-ready too? Maybe Jimmy should give him a call and thank him for messing up and costing him millions of dollars. Although, from the views ESPN showed of his house last night Jimmy has plenty of money from mom and dad. Limo anyone?

  15. I’ve been listening to the radio here in Cleveland all day and surfing PFT.. Cleveland DOES NOT want Claussen, but there is a lot of interest in McCoy..
    Personally, I’d rather end up with Taylor Mayes, Nate Allen or Mt Cody.. Rogers, Cody and Rubin would make for a good front in the 3-4 and a secondary of Mayes, Haden and Wright would be strong for the next 6-7yrs..

  16. So Michael Smith of ESPN has been on target on all things Browns as of late… Uh, Wrong! About an hour before the draft he told us that he had just spoken to Mike Holmgren, and Holmgren told him he was about to call the Rams and make one last offer for the #1 pick. Billy Devaney of the Rams says the Browns never made any offer for the #1 pick. Can you imagine that, a false report right before the draft? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  17. What I love about this posting is that you list possible teams, then shoot them down . . . that way when Claussen is finally drafted you can say you identified that team . . . not only that you can also post how you knew and posted why the other teams didn’t take him.
    Another thought, since all the teams you listed seem to not really want Claussen . . . then nobody will have to move up as his slide will continue.
    IMO McCoy is the real sleeper here . . . I think he is going to end up being the best QB coming out of this draft.

  18. sweetleb says:
    April 23, 2010 1:23 PM
    skelton> than the rest of QB. DUH
    Now thats a grade A analysis if I’ve ever read one.
    Please explain.

  19. Jimmy Clausen will never be an elite QB in the NFL, won’t happen but if he goes to a team like the Vikings he could be a solid game manager. He could be a QB who wins games but won’t ever blow people away.

  20. I hope its the Vikings, that Childress is such a developer of qb’s (see T Jack Off) that Clausen will go on to many Superbowls and the HOF.

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