Panthers consider trading up for Colt McCoy

Carolina coach John Fox has said he’s committed to Matt Moore as his starting quarterback, and Moore says he feels like the Panthers are his team. But the team could change all that by selecting Texas quarterback Colt McCoy in the second round of the NFL draft.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Panthers are interested enough in McCoy to consider moving up in the second round on Friday to take him.

The Panthers own have the 16th pick in the second round, 48th overall, and if they want McCoy they’d probably need to move up about 10 spots. The Browns (picking 38th), Raiders (39th) and Bills (41st) have been connected to McCoy in various mock drafts.

McCoy started all 52 games of his college career at Texas and put up phenomenal numbers, although some question whether he’s a good fit for an NFL-style offense. Moore has only started eight games in his NFL career, but he played very well in five starts in 2009, finishing the season with a 98.5 passer rating.

15 responses to “Panthers consider trading up for Colt McCoy

  1. WHAT ! MM is their QB of the future. It doesnt sound like they are sold. PLEASE send him back to Dallas if you’re nervous.

  2. Fox and company love trading away their first rounders next year so why not! Makes no sense though since he’ll be fired after this season. The next coach will reap the benefits.

  3. Colt would be a great pick for them………but can’t see them going that high to get him.

  4. Why broadcast your intentions? This must mean the Panthers really have no interest in McCoy at all and are feigning their interest in him in the hope that someone will fall to them at No. 48 if McCoy goes earlier.
    I’m willing to bet the Panthers have Skelton, Pike, LeFevour, or one of the other QBs on their radar as a potential backup to Matt Moore.

  5. If the Panthers make this move this will definitely prove how dumb Fox and Hurney truly are. It’s not a knock against Colt McCoy, but the Panthers have their QB for the foreseeable future in Matt Moore. Even if he doesn’t work out and we tank this year, I would much rather have ourselves in a position to draft either Ryan Mallett, Andrew Luck, or Jake Locker in the 2011 draft than to trade valuable picks (which we don’t have many of to begin with) to draft Colt McCoy.
    Don’t do it!

  6. The Panthers need to keep their QB and have an actual team next year and win something before they try and get Colt McCoy.

  7. The Panthers need to stay with their QB and have an actual program this year and win something before they try and get Colt McCoy.

  8. The Panthers have to make a move for McCoy regardless of whether or not Moore is starting. There should be QB competition in the preseason flat out. If the Panthers want 110% out of Moore they will need to back him up with someone who could take his job, this would pressure him to do what is necessary to keep his starting position.

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