Patriots take another Gator to play linebacker

Thumbnail image for B. Spikes.jpgA slow forty-yard dash can apparently only hurt a prospect so much.

The Patriots selected Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes with the No. 62 overall pick Friday, pairing him with college teammate Jermaine Cunningham, who was taken nine picks before.

Spikes has looked like a Patriot-type all along.  He’s known for his toughness, leadership and instinct for the ball, which make up for his slow long speed.  In a perfect world, he would be in the mold of former Patriots Ted Johnson and Tedy Bruschi.

Spikes seems likely to be planted at inside linebacker next to Jerod Mayo and could be a two-down starter immediately.  (We’re not sure the Patriots will keep him on the field for passing downs, especially with Gary Guyton around.)

In theory, Bill Belichick defenses should be built around linebackers. That hasn’t been the case recently. An overhaul of the unit in New England was long overdue.

9 responses to “Patriots take another Gator to play linebacker

  1. love it i was hopin he would fall into the patriots lap he was a monster at florida pair him wit jerod mayo n u have a solid inside lb pair

  2. I think Brandon Spikes is Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers daughters boyfriend.
    Doc had a lot of good things to say about Brandon. Doc was hoping that BB would draft Brandon.
    Doc knows character. Brandon has character.
    Welcome to Boston Brandon!!
    BTW, Paul Pierce just hit the winning jumper with no time left. Celtcs take the lead 3 games to none against Miami.
    What a night for Boston sports fans! We have Celtics Playoffs, Bruins Playoffs, tons of Patriots draft picks along with Red Sox action.
    Life is good in Beautiful New England!

  3. Pierce would make a heckuva Diva WR. Plays up every injury for all it’s worth, but he’s Money with the game on the line.
    Oh…and I love the Pats draft so far. Can you say “Jake Locker” next year?

  4. I hate that Bill won’t pick a player unless their college coach has kissed Bill’s ass at some point in their careers.

  5. # iTorrey says: April 23, 2010 9:32 PM
    I favor the Pats to win the SCC championship this year
    Is that the same week as the SEC Championship?

  6. Spikes and Logan Mankins can play gouge, gouge. Pats finally find a replacement for ILB Ted Johnson, allowing them to use Mayo, Guyton and Spikes in a rotation.

  7. Wasted picks. The Gators put absolute garbage in the NFL. These losers will be LUCKY to be average starters in the NFL.

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