Patriots tap Florida connection again with Cunningham

Bill Belichick loves leaning on his college buddies like Florida coach Urban Meyer for information and occasionally players.

The Patriots selected Florida defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, who will be converted to an outside linebacker in their 3-4 defense.  Cunningham is known as a high effort pass rusher who can cover the tight end.

Bill Belichick has struggled to draft pass rushing outside linebackers in New England.  Tully Banta-Cain is the best he’s done. 

It’s very telling that Belichick passed on Carlos Dunlap to trade down, then took Cunningham.  It makes you wonder what Urban Meyer said about Dunlap.

9 responses to “Patriots tap Florida connection again with Cunningham

  1. Hey beliCHICK,….if it wasn’t for spying and
    relying,….you wouldn’t have a clue……
    See you in the snow, douchebag.

  2. Tully Banta-Cain? The guy with the Super Bowl rings and 10 sacks last year? That guy?

  3. yeah who cares what Urban said. Dunlap will be in good company with the Stripes… better pick than tons’o’fun Cody. If Antwan Odom’s healthy, this pick means goodbye Frostee.

  4. RAIDERFLYY says:
    Hey beliCHICK,….if it wasn’t for spying and
    relying,….you wouldn’t have a clue……
    Haha, no one believes you, douche. I can feel the jealousy in your post.

  5. hey………..raiderflyy………………..go back down into mommies basement and take the spike off your shoulders…………..what a geek

  6. Nice pick. I don’t think it reflects so much about what the coach said about Dunlap (though you stir more up taking that approach), but what he DID say about Cunningham.
    This guy projects to be a beast for NE. I like the pick. Now having his teammate in Spikes along side him, adds some instant chemistry. NE has filled most of its needs in this draft, and it isn’t over! Not only that, but they now have four picks in the first two rounds next year, two in each round. Looks like the Pats are making sure they stay dominant for a long time to come!
    And yes fly, you can keep pretending that the taping is the only reason BB and the Patriots have been the most dominant team in the last decade. You just keep believing that, and fighting the tuck rule, and pretending Al Davis knows modern pro football, lol.
    By the way, thank you so much for the early first round pick next year. If there is a rookie pay scale in place, it could be almost as sweet as stealing Moss from you for a fourth rounder! The Raiders are a gift that just keeps on giving!

  7. Maybe Meyer told Belichik that Carlos Dunlap was a 4-3 DE who is not cut out to be a 3-4 OLB? Oh,wait, Belichik would already have known that,wouldn’t he? Apparently this Rosenthal character did not. Or he’s just trying to stir up shit out of thin air.

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