PFT Daily: Day One recap

So after the first round of the NFL draft ended, the PFT Daily mobile studio fired up and cranked out a couple of videos.

Here we are, talking about dumb moves, good moves, and gutsy moves in round one.

And, no, I wasn’t standing on a box.  But Rosenthal was.


7 responses to “PFT Daily: Day One recap

  1. Dang I know Tyson Alualu wasn’t that well known to be a Top 10 pick, but the least you could have done was spelled his name right in this video.

  2. Florio who knew you worked with hobbits, that’s awesome now I know why you gave up being a lawyer, to live the dream.

  3. Being On Camera Lesson #1: Either look at the camera or at your partner – no starring into the floor or off into nothingness….

  4. Rosenthal needs a taller box. (Sorry, Dude… had to…)
    The Dez Bryant thing is a bit puzzling in that DAL just resigned Hurd and has the young and impressive Kevin Ogletree in the wings. That would seem to indicate that there’s an odd man out here. Is it Williams? OK, that kinda makes sense, except from a financial standpoint. Is it Crayton? Well, he’s been Mr. Reliable – not outstanding, but just reliable. So, who goes? Does Jerry get out his phone and start trying to deal Williams? Crayton? Hurd? Ogletree?
    I thought DET made a couple nice picks. Suh is a beast, and Best will team with Kevin Smith for a nice 1-2 RB punch. Now if they can just get an OL… They’ve really repaired the DL in the offseason, and the addition of Suh makes them fairly formidable.
    And I agree totally about Alaulu – he could have been taken down into the 3rd or so – unless JAX knew something we don’t about another suitor.

  5. Me thinks Cryaton is the odd man out. He was hanging on for punting duties. This will move him out. He just became a possible trade in the draft for lower round pick.
    Miles, Williams, and now Bryant are a pretty decent receiving crew. Add Witten at TE and the 3 headed running back crew Dallas is stacked at the skill positions.
    If someone can block for them that’s pretty brutal to match up against.

  6. Good, measured analysis, Florio. I agree that the Jags pick might have been a reach, but at least you have the humility to admit that you can’t know for sure. He might become a great player in the NFL, and there might have been another team or two ready to pick him a few spots later.
    Time will tell.

  7. You know, I read this website because it’s quick to read, is relatively accurate, and you get breaking news as fast as anyone else. But you, Florio, and Rosenthal, you guys are SOOO East-Coast biased, it’s disgusting. AFC East/NFC East-Good. AFC West/NFC West-Bad. The Chargers got the player they wanted-period. He would have been gone 2 picks later, 8 at the most, and everybody in the business who is OBJECTIVE knows it. And, by the way….those 3 60+ yard TD’s Ryan Mathews ran against Boise State? Guess who couldn’t catch him ALL THREE TIMES—-your boy Kyle Wilson. All day with Mathews-dust in his piehole. I can’t WAIT to see the Jets again in the playoffs. If the Eagles, or Giants, or Pats, or Cowboys traded up for Mathews, you’d be running out to buy the jersey. But he’s a Charger, so he’ll just be a “good player”. You guys are a joke. ESPN laughs at you on the radio, NFL Network rolls their eyes. Like I said, a joke.

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