Ralph Wilson rips Tim Tebow pick: "Denver panicked"

NFL owners aren’t usually in the business of critiquing other teams’ draft picks. But Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson ripped the Denver Broncos today for their decision to draft Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Denver panicked,” Wilson said. “He’s a good player but we had no interest in taking Tebow. We were not moving up to take Tebow.”

There was a belief in some quarters that the Broncos picked Tebow where they did in part because the Denver brain trust thought the Bills were looking to move up and take Tebow. But Bills G.M. Buddy Nix said that wasn’t true, and now Wilson has said it even more forcefully.

Wilson also praised the player the Bills did take, Clemson running back C.J. Spiller.

“I think he was the best player in the draft,” Wilson said. “We’ve been dull for 10 years . . . no excitement. We’ve got to create some excitement.”

When it’s time to negotiate a contract, Spiller’s agent may remind Wilson that he thought Spiller was the best player in the draft.

130 responses to “Ralph Wilson rips Tim Tebow pick: "Denver panicked"

  1. Hear that Cincy, they want a player to provide ‘excitement’. Trade them Chad for their entire 2011 draft 🙂

  2. Wilson can still talk? As long as they end up with either Clausen or McCoy I’ll be happy.

  3. Ralph Wilson has no room to talk… Look at his picks in last 10 years… Like he said, they have been dull. Basically worthless comment from an owner.
    Tebow will be a good player and possibly great if Doogie can fix his mechanics. It’s a huge IF though….But if he does, he’s Big Ben but way better. Just my opinion….

  4. Ralph Wilson wouldn’t know talent if it bit him in the ass. CJ Spiller, the best player in the draft? What a moron. Pay through the teeth now, big mouth.
    So he may be right here about Tebow and Denver, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  5. Doesn’t matter what he thought and said, since the NFL uses a slotting system according to the order they were picked in the draft.

  6. …”When it’s time to negotiate a contract, Spiller’s agent may remind Wilson that he thought Spiller was the best player in the draft.”
    Lol…yep good point. Dont get stingy come contract time Ralph. After all hes the BEST player of 2010 draft class.

  7. Too bad they do not play each other this year. Maybe they can face each in teh playoffs.. in 2025!!

  8. Someone unfroze the head in the jar that is in the cryrogenic chamber….
    Wilson has made so many bad moves he should keep his mouth shut and I hate Denver before anyone blasts me

  9. Sound like CYA to me. If they draft Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy now, they want it to seem like that he was really their first choice. I think he protest to much!

  10. Yeah, because Buffalo has so much room to criticize other front offices. How bout you win something this century before you pop off, Ralph.

  11. Sorry, but I still don’t believe Nix.. and I defintiely don’t believe Wilson. They were packaging to move up.. and I believe it was for Tebow…

  12. LOL! Ralphie is getting senile.
    If he was such a Genius in drafting the Bills would not have a team that has been missing from the playoffs for a freaking DECADE.
    Too funny.

  13. Listening to those in charge of the Bills publicly criticizing other teams, it has to make you wonder about their own competence to be running a football team. When you haven’t made the playoffs in 10 years and haven’t won a playoff game in 15, maybe you would be better off shutting up and focusing on your own team.

  14. Roscoe Parrish! Terrell Owens! C.J. Spiller! Excitement! Come one, come all!
    -Ralph Wilson

  15. Easy Ralph. Stop acting like you know it all. I am not a Tebow fan..but..he isnt even a player yet. And neither is your draft pick. I dont remember the last Bills SuperBowl..but maybe my mind is slipping. If you live in a glass hoouse you shouldnt throw rocks. The Broncos know what they are doing. Was it a bad oick?…Sure. I believe. Who was saying in 2000 all 198 picks that “Tom Brady is still there..DRAFT HIM!!!”…nobody. You never know. Let it play out. I believe Tebow will stink. But I may be wrong. I used to like Drew Bledsoe

  16. Sounds exactly like what an owner who wanted to trade up to draft a guy would say.

  17. ***Wilson said. “We’ve been dull for 10 years . . . no excitement. We’ve got to create some excitement.”**
    Yeah okay this sounds like a load of garbage, they were obviously targeting tebow.

  18. I’m a Bills fan, but for a guy that was part of drafting Maybin in the 1st round last year, he really shouldn’t be knocking other teams drafts.

  19. i think thats seriously the most sensible thing i’ve heard wilson say in… 10 years.

  20. I don’t doubt the Bills didn’t want him, but even if they did, would they admit that another AFC team traded ahead of them to grab the player they wanted? Of course not. So even if they wanted Tebow, they’re just saying whatever they need to say to make it look like they didn’t have their player snatched out from in front of them.
    That being said, Denver did panic and did blow a 1st round pick on a guy that probably wasn’t going for another 15 picks at best.

  21. Chan Gailey is exciting? I would rather chew tin foil and scrape my face with a cheese grater than watch a boring, non-descript Chan Gailey. He makes Dick Jauron look like Eddie Murphy.

  22. The Bills had no business drafting Spillers, RB was not their need. Sounds like they are the ones that panicked..

  23. Ralph you lie!!!!! You and your retarts got burned by a 32 year old and people are canceling there season tickets cause u messed this up !!!! Please DIE!!!!!

  24. wow. does this guy really want to slag other team picks?
    2008—Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy 2007—Marshawn Lynch, RB, California 2006—Donte Whitner, S, Ohio St John McCargo, DT, North Carolina St (from Chicago) 2005—NO PICK 2004

  25. This is the only reason i can think of why 91-year old owners rock – they dont give a sh*t who they offend.

  26. Ralph Wilson is a moron. We all know they wanted Tebow, but the sorry old Bills flunked again. Now they’re trying to cover their tracks and somehow make themselves look like winners. No way Denver gave up all those picks without some competition for Tebow.

  27. Wixard of Oz! Check the stat lines for Baltimore’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks this year against Tebow’s in five years if you can’t learn your NFL personnel lessons now! Hail!

  28. Ralph Wilson poops himself, doesn’t win Super Bowls, and has one of the weakest franchises in the league. Love the Spiller pick though.

  29. I relish the moment when McDaniels is fired from head coaching the Broncos. He hasn’t made a good move since he arrived in Denver. His arrogance and ego are going to be his downfall. Even Belliceck is starting to lose his luster, when was the last time he had a great draft? These guys think they are smarter than everyone else but picking that Georgia WR, Tebow, and the CB the Patriots took proves otherwise.

  30. It is people like you that get draft picks to try to bust the slotting procedure because a GM or owner said that they were the best player in the draft.

  31. HA!
    So, Denver has replaced Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Tony Sheffler with Tim Tebow, Demarious Thomas, and Richard Quinn?
    They are moving backwards.

  32. “When it’s time to negotiate a contract, Spiller’s agent may remind Wilson that he thought Spiller was the best player in the draft.”
    lol! nice one!

  33. And you’re Ralph Wilson, owner of no NFL Championships and you live in freaking Buffalo. You don’t ever matter. Leave McHoodie and the Donks out of your daily 80 year old diatribes.

  34. Creating excitement is now more important than winning?! It’s nice to see that my doubting of the Wilson/Nix/Gailey triumvirate is being rewarded this quickly!
    What a bunch of morons. Who’s gonna block for Spiller? Is Spiller also gonna be a cover corner?
    The Bills NEED to “panic”; the ship is sinking!
    Tebow may or may not be a future star, but at 25th he won’t get a huge contract and the Broncos already had made a solid pick in Thomas. They had accumulated extra picks in their earlier trades and can now fill their other needs. It’s not like Orton or Quinn was the answer…

  35. Oh man! That is to much.
    Wilson comes off like a pouting 8yr. old. Denial, especially angry denial, is a sure sign. Just look towards Jacksonville to see what I mean.
    “Denver panicked,” equates to “those bastards took our player.”
    For the record.. it was a “dumbass” pick by the Denver coaching staff. They already had two “project” quaterbacks… now they have three, Praise the Lord!

  36. [When it’s time to negotiate a contract, Spiller’s agent may remind Wilson that he thought Spiller was the best player in the draft.]
    then he’ll wait until training camp starts,
    then he’ll take the slotted amount…….

  37. and this moron knows what he is talkin bout,maybe he should bring back levy one more time[cause that was exciting],but hey great pick,maybe in the 2nd round you can pick up another rb,oh and hey in the 3rd,i dont know why not grab another rb,,,who needs OT,RG,LG,DT,DE,LB,QB, dummy

  38. There is no reason to rip the pick unless he is harboring animosity towards Denver for taking his player out from underneath him. Ralph Wilson is a lying jackass owner of a fading franchise that will one day be based in Canada.

  39. Sounds like Wilson might be a little hurt that Denver took Tebow away from them.. Why else sound like a petulant child and talk other team’s choices down?

  40. When it’s time to negotiate a contract, Spiller’s agent may remind Wilson that he thought Spiller was the best player in the draft.
    Haha. No kidding. If Spiller holds out, he’ll hear it a lot……….

  41. I honestly think the Bills were trying to trade up for Dez Bryant. Talk about a 1-2 punch. Who cares if they went 1-15 they would be fun to watch and Locker would be sitting there in 2011.

  42. Sounds like trying to save face after getting out manuevered for Tebow. Sour grapes Ralph

  43. Look… I’m a Bronco fan and I hate the Tebow pick. But is Ralph Wilson the ultimate talent guru now? They traded No. 9 overall for Rob Johnson in 1998. Mike Williams 4th overall. John McCargo… J.P. Losman. Haven’t made the playoffs since when? A terrible QB, no OT’s, a pretty horrible defense, may move to Toronto, and take a part time RB at #9? Yeah Ralph, you know of what you speak.

  44. Damn…. looks likes the Bills really wanted Tebow… at least the Bills are good…
    Broncos got their guy— how did they panic? They got more draft picks and still got the players they wanted..

  45. Isn’t this guy like 100 years old? I would think excitement for him is a day without crapping his pants.

  46. Yeah Ralph. You’ve been dull. But if you put a decent product on the field, we’d go to more games.
    Keep drafting flashy players, and neglect the Oline. It’s working out great.
    There are exactly 3 positions in which the Bills were all set. FS, CB and RB. Yet they use the #9 overall on a RB. Just another in a long line of yearly marketing ploys, aimed at driving up ticket sales.

  47. What?!?! No more blogs about ripping Big Ben?!?!?! What gives?!?!?! Florio, you know what gets hits and sells, so get to it…..
    Rumor on the street, Big Ben’s excited about the STeelers 1st rd pick. He’s looking forward to the opportunity of putting his hands in between a 20 year olds legs….

  48. This coming from an owner who just drafted another Fred Jackson. The last time I checked, the also-ran Bills weren’t impacted whatsoever by Denver’s pick…………unless Ralph’s venting his frustration that he missed out on Tebow.

  49. Didn’t they try to create some excitement when they got TO last year. How did that work out? This idiot is the last guy to criticize anyone. Isn’t this the same moron who got that huge fine for giving the bird at a game a year or two ago.

  50. Hmmm… If the rumors were not true, would Mr. Wilson need to address them? Where there is smoke…. I’m just saying.

  51. Make fun of him all you want…he’s right. Find one other team that justifies the Broncos making that move.
    I actually think the report that Bills was “heartbroken” about Tebow was leaked BY the Broncos to cover up the blunder.

  52. If the head coach came out and said this I might believe it. But the fact that the owner of the Bills came out and ripped the Broncos tells me that the Bills are pissed.
    now I don’t believe for a minute that the Bills were not going to take Tebow if they could. They are pissed at Denver for reaching way too high on Tebow and snatching him away from them. I bet the Bills would have taken him with their second round pick. Clearly someone has a sandy vagina.

  53. The old-timer is right, I am glad they are stuck with this so called QB!! What a completely stupid pick….and folks think that the raiders are the only team to reach for players?

  54. Ralph Wilson needs to shut it.
    Again, what are they going to say? “Yes we wanted Tebow but were to slow to get him”.
    Plus given the controversy surrounding the pick and the fact that somehow this is news worthy and the denial (which makes zero sense unless of course they were planning on moving up) it makes perfect sense to deny the rumors.
    Funny how no other teams find it necessary to defend other non picks created by teams trading ahead of them.
    I guess the Cowboys panicked to by jumping ahead to get Dez Bryant.
    Give me a friggin break, Denver took who they wanted and now all of the sudden it’s a huge issue just because it’s Tebow.

  55. Certainly sounds like a guy who’s pissed his guy got picked. Personally, I don’t Tebow is a first rounder, but I could give a rat’s ass about Denver, and McDaniel’s thinks Tebow is gonna be his guy. Good luck with that.

  56. There is one glaring error in this article.
    Denver doesn’t have a “brain trust” that’s the basic problem.

  57. Ralph Wilson said they needed excitement last year when they gave T.O. the key to the city! How did that work out?

  58. Ouch! Go BUFFALO …I like Tebow, just not as the franchise guy on my team. Good luck TT, 95% of America wishes you well.

  59. the broncos love making that late first day “wow” moment of the draft, unfortunetly they tried to overcompensate for the last time they did this, when they guy was Maurice Clarett.

  60. Ralph has given more bad press conferences in the past few years, so this isn’t surprising. The Toronto-Bills series was one, introducing Gailey, and now this comment. If only someone had the audacity to tell him to stop going in front of the camera.

  61. I love Tebow, but I do not think he fits in with Denver. To me Denver’s game style (if the same as last year) is not Tebow. I think Tebow would of fit in with like Philly, or Miami, even the Browns. Also I wish he would of went to a different team.

  62. Not sure if I buy this story, but my guess is Wilson is sick of hearing about the Bills supposedly wanting to move up to get Tebow and missing out. Blame the media for asking the question and spreading rumors.

  63. @GatorSteel
    Excuse? Are you kidding me? Why would a 91 year old man make excuses for ANYTHING, let alone not picking Tim Tebow. Get off your man crush.

  64. When he has protection, Trent Edwards isn’t that bad. The problem is that when you’re starting rookies on the offensive line, it tends to make the skill position players look worse than they are.

  65. they wanted dan williams not tebow, tebow blows and denver paid a shit load for him HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  66. Immediately afterward, Mr. Wilson yelled at two teenagers to get off of his lawn.

  67. That-a-boy Ralphy! You tell’em!
    Looks like the Ravens pulled a fast one on the Broncos. hahahahaha Good luck with your project McDaniels!

  68. I have a theory Wilson is old and near death he missed out on getting right with Jesus and drafting Tebow so he is bitter..

  69. Ralph Wilson the reason why we’ve been dull is because you’re cheap not getting the football people in the front office and scouts oh yeahs coachs to.
    P.S. Ralph you have not gone the extra mile to make buffalo bill fans happy !.

  70. As one of the two worst owners in the NFL Wilson should STFU and worry about his own sorry ass franchise. They have been bottom feeders for so long that I almost feel sorry for the Bills fans. Almost.
    Ralph, go change your Depends and let people with a still fully functioning brain worry about what other teams do.

  71. I can’t understand why this guy would make this statement unless he was salty over missing out on Tebow. If he was trying to subtly take credit for causing them to panick, he missed his mark.
    You can also say Buffalo “panicked” when…
    …they signed Terrell Owens after only two days of free agency. The same player that one year later hasn’t found a job, including the Bills that had to have him.
    …fired their entire coaching staff in one poorly written letter.
    …flip-flopped their starting quarterback by the hour.
    …felt they needed to play games in Canada.
    ALSO what do they know about drafting quarterbacks (signing them, trading for them, or anything related to that position) since Jim Kelly was picked 27 years ago?
    – Trent Edwards 2007
    – J.P. Losman 2004 (PICK 22 overall)
    – Todd Collins 1995
    – Brian McClure 1986
    – Frank Reich 1985
    They don’t know anything about drafting quarterbacks and are too hesitant to pull the trigger.

  72. Their next pick will be Toby Gerhart. Ralph Wilson: “you all are going to feel like idiots when the NFL outlaws passing.”

  73. Tim Tebow. like the Prophet Elijah will be taken directly to heaven after his work at Denver is done. Amen.

  74. First off, Denver has won nothing since John Elway left. So don’t critize the owner who kept the league together. Denver is wins 6 games and everyone crowned them as divison champs then they lay a turd for the rest of the season.
    Second, Denver did panic. They thought the Bills were going to come in and scoop up Tim. Tebow will be out of this league in 4 years.
    Third, McDaniels needs to worry about his defense and not Tebow and his girly throwing arm.
    Spiller is the best player in the draft.

  75. “So, Denver has replaced Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Tony Sheffler with Tim Tebow, Demarious Thomas, and Richard Quinn?”
    Cutler is an idiot and despite occasionally looking the part, has never been a winner. Marshall is a repeat offender who’s career will continue to be marred by suspensions and Scheffler was always injured.
    I’ll take Tebow, Thomas and Quinn thank you very much.

  76. …..wow Wilson is an idiot. you just wasted all bargaining you had at the contract table. prepare to get your checkbook out and pay this kid.

  77. Ya, Ralph Wilson is such an expert on drafting players that the Bills finished with what record the last 3 years?
    STFU, you and Al Davis should be betting trifectas at the dog track, not running NFL teams.

  78. I thought the Bills moved to Canada! Who the hell is Ralh Wilson? Is he a Canadian? Is that why his vag is in so much pain? Who cries like this? Oh yeah, F’N CANADIANS DO!

  79. Denver is STUPID, Buffalo is IRRELEVANT, and TEBOW is going to just flat out SUCK! One of the worst picks EVER!

  80. I don’t really think Ralph is out of line here, especially if the Bills weren’t moving up for Tebow (some say they were trying to get back to Bulaga or D.Williams).
    It is entirely possible that Condon played the Bronco’s into thinking they had firm competition for Tebow, and they panicked. Tebow isn’t a bad pick, imo, but given how much they gave up for him, panicked is a pretty good word to use.

  81. @gizmohasanunderbite says:
    April 23, 2010 4:06 PM
    Isn’t this guy like 100 years old? I would think excitement for him is a day without crapping his pants.
    Best post winner………………..Beer out my nose….

  82. If he really wanted to create some excitement then he would have (and now it’s obvious he wanted to) draft Tebow. A substantial majority of the Denver fanbase is on board with this – and with the infusion of Tim’s flock the fan support will only continue to grow.
    Hordes of jersey buying, ticket seeking alligators invading a cold-weather city? Now, THAT’S excitement!!! Too bad for Ralph that the city isn’t Buffalo…

  83. Denver panicked? What a load of B.S. They maneuvered through the entire first round so they could move back into the first round and get Tebow after they got their receiver. The on-site ESPN reporter said they were likely to move back up into the first round before it happened. Did McDaniels tell the reporter that hours before it happened because he was in a panic? I don’t think so.

  84. Why is everyone here so big on Tebow? I really doubt the Bills were going after him. Last night, Buddy Nix said they tried to move up but it wasn’t for a QB (it was for either Bulaga or Dan Williams).
    The Bills need a QB within the next two years, not one that is going to take 3-4 if ever to become a QB.
    A few years back everyone made fun of Ralph for not voting for the new CBA because it didn’t make sense. Now the league might go into a lockout because the CBA is no good.
    Marshawn Lynch was a bad pick? Didn’t he rush for 1000 yards in his rookie and sophomore years and make the Pro Bowl. Didn’t the Bills have the best draft in the NFL last season? Rookie leader in INT.
    I know the Denver fans are upset because there is some truth to the fact they were scared Tebow would be gone, but I would rather have Clausen or McCoy any day.

  85. Oh, and for how was it panic that you drafted Tebow?
    You drafted Tim Tebow in the FIRST ROUND!
    Still available?
    Two better quarterbacks who you wouldn’t have needed to trade half your draft for.
    Panicked that other people needed a QB and or thought he was good. Broncos were the only ones battling against themselves.

  86. After commenting, Wilson, out of breath, returned to soiling himself, finished his pancakes and rice pudding, and took a nap.

  87. “Excuse? Are you kidding me? Why would a 91 year old man make excuses for ANYTHING”
    You mean excuses like why he’s going to have his team play home games in CANADA?
    Or excuses as to why he is incapable of marketing his NFL team to increase revenue while at the same time naming his team’s stadium after HIMSELF?
    Why WOULD a 91 year old man make excuses for anything? Because he’s a historically shitty owner that would sell every Bills fan down the river if it put a few more dollars in his pocket, that’s why. In fact he’s already doing it.

  88. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when reading this. If memory serves me correctly – perhaps it was a bad dream? – didn’t Ralph hire Chan “coaching loser” Gailey as his head coach?

  89. MileHighMadness says:
    April 23, 2010 4:17 PM
    Ralph, I would say that too if someone cut in front of me to take Tebow.
    Well, whether they did want to go up and get Tebow or not, they will still wind up with a far better QB if they get Clausen, McCoy, Pike, LeFevour, or Skelton.
    Tim Tebow will never, ever, ever, be an effective starting QB in the NFL.

  90. the bills suck because they waste early picks on running backs so often.
    “This marks the fifth time in the last 13 years that the Bills have drafted a running back within the first two rounds of the draft, which is now the most over that span in the NFL”

  91. # r00tabaga says: April 23, 2010 4:11 PM
    Ouch! Go BUFFALO …I like Tebow, just not as the franchise guy on my team. Good luck TT, 95% of America wishes you well.
    I would like to see your data.

  92. Ralph wilson is the best owner in the NFL. has owned the bills since 1959 and he still holdin it dwn over these young hot shot big money owners. hope these dumb ass bflo ppl one day apprecitiate him.

  93. I think the broncos did not choose wisely. What I cant wait for is to see how many florida fans jump on the band wagon now that their boy is on the team. LOL!

  94. Ralph has been sniffing the Viagra a little hard.
    Move the Bills to Toronto, where they could have a fresh start.

  95. Listen- I like the Broncos and their organization. I have worked with them and know most of their non-football front office personally.
    But this team went 2-8 over their last 10, no? They had needs all over the field. To use a first round pick on a guy that best case scenario isn’t a starter for 3 years is indefensible.
    This is why most teams don’t allow their coaches to run their drafts. Especially when their coaches are younger than some of their players.

  96. They didn’t panic…they are just THAT stupid
    Why they went for a career 3rd string QB that won’t run 1/5th as much in the NFL…is laughably stupid

  97. Gotta love people still saying “move the bills to Toronto”. They cant sell out the games played there already. Unless you believe moving into a bad market for no reason at all is a good idea. So nice of you to talk about things you know nothing about.

  98. After reading an account of how the deal between Baltimore and Denver went down on the Ravens website, I have no doubt in my mind that the Bills targeted Tebow. Two teams called the Ravens while they were considering taking Denver’s offer. I bet one of them was the Bills.

  99. And all the dweebs here said he wouldn’t sniff the first round.
    How’s the shitburger taste?

  100. Alot of draft experts thought he was the best player in the draft. The reason why he wasnt taken at the top is because there was alot of value at runningback so even if a team didnt get spiller they could still get a pretty good rb.

  101. This just in Ralph. Pontiac’s slogan was “We build excitement”. Look where it got them.

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