Report: Haynesworth deal expected now

Here’s the latest on the $100 million man, Albert Haynesworth, in list form because my brain is turning to mush. (Plus I need to put on some pants and get over to Radio City Music Hall.)

1. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora is convinced Haynesworth will be traded today.  And despite Titans coach Jeff Fisher’s protestations, La Canfora believes the most likely destination is Tennessee for a third round pick.

2. The Saints aren’t interested.  Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and Jay Glazer of FOX both write the Saints don’t want Haynesworth.  Glazer even used capital letters to say so:

They have ZERO interest in Albert. ZERO!!!

3. Both Haynesworth and the Redskins want a divorce.  That doesn’t help leverage, so it behooves both sides to float rumors of any interest, even if the interest is mild.  When both sides want a divorce, the trade usually happens.

48 responses to “Report: Haynesworth deal expected now

  1. The Skins want a divorce cuz like every other marriage, there spouse gets to fat to f***!!

  2. and peple are callin McDaniels and idiot? At lease he didn’t blow 100 mil on nothing!

  3. Why would they want to take on this contract? Please someone help me he is like most dlineman that get the big contracts. They get fat and lazy.

  4. I still think the Lions might get him, after all their HC use to coach him in Tenn when he was the DC.

  5. Since when does Tennessee have a 2nd? I don’t see anything in that article that indicates TN for a 2nd would happen? The articles actually says not to expect more than the 77th pick – not a 2nd.

  6. Haynesworth is an idiot. He signed with Washington just over a year ago. Now he wants out?!
    Stomp on someone’s head and you can get out I heard.

  7. His deal with Washington and the way he played after he got it is one of the biggest problems with the NFL. That guy as a beast before and then got a boatload of cash – then he became lazy, a complainer, a distraction, and seemingly mediocre.
    On the other end of the spectrum, Sam Bradford is probably getting $50m guaranteed while McNabb is only worth a 2nd round pick.
    The way the players are paid in the NFL makes little or no sense (Chris Johnson’s contract too). The distinction between guaranteed money and non-guaranteed further complicates matters.
    Who would want that guy on their team after he showed his true character and physical flaws?

  8. ESPN coverage was terrible yesterday, do they have producers??
    Berman is now compeltely irrelevent and everyone talks over each other.
    NFL network is quality but needs to stop showing guys on the cell before they’re picked – takes away from the drama. And Deion needs to go, I suggest moving Marshall Faulk to Deion’s spot and bring Kiper to work with Mayock – as opposed to McShay (who’s terrible.) Kiper’s calmed down a bit and would compliment Mayock well.

  9. Not surprised the Saints have ZERO interest in Haynesworthless. You don’t win championships with low caliber character guys…unless you’re Rapistberger.

  10. Did anyone notice that the Titans don’t have a second rounder? Their highest pick is #77 overall.

  11. Adam Schefter on the radio said, “The Redskins WILL NOT trade Haynesworth. They wont do it.”
    He said it yesterday. Lets see if there is any accountability.

  12. Come on Mike Brown… you’ve already taken the PR hit for all of the other thugs, just send the 3rd & 4th round picks to Wash for Haynesworth.

  13. …and don’t forget to pay Fannie the Flagelist before you leave. She has friends in high places.

  14. I hope that lazy piece of garbage buys the nicest dump in Oakland. That’s where he deserves to be! May you never get the ring fatso! Make sure your drunk ass tips better and you don’t skip out on any bills in the next town you go to. Lord and Snyder knows you can afford it.

  15. Albert’s career is over, he has sucked since he left the Titans. He got that big fat paycheck and then sucked it up.

  16. WOW this big baby, fat turd got exactly what he wanted from Washington. nice. take em’ for all you can you big fat bitch.

  17. The skins payed him more then anyone else was willing to last year and now they think some team will give them draft pick to take on that contract.
    Every team would want Haynsworth… for his current contact.

  18. Hell I would still trade for Haynesworth if I were the Lions. 3rd Round pick…I start Suh at LE, C. Williams and Haynesworth at DT, and Vandenbosch at RE.

  19. I can’t believe anyone would want him. He is a complete POS. In his press conference witht he Skins when he was signed he stated ” I don’t want to be another player that took the money and ran. He was dead on…The fat slob isn’t running, he would fall down and have to be carted away.

  20. How many times are you guys allowed to be wrong on the same story before you lose all credibility?

  21. 3rd round pick!!!!!
    Thats worse than Randy Moss for a 5th rounder.
    Keep him at least for one year and see how it works.

  22. Too bad Undead Al hasn’t made nice with Shano, the Raiders could’ve completed their revamping of their run D with Haynesworth.
    Maybe the Jags will take a third rounder for Big John.

  23. The Eagles will trade for him with 10 cheesesteaks, 6 hougies and a cheerleader to be named at a latter date, provided he agrees to cut his contract in half.

  24. Sorry, but Shanahan just emphatically stated that they will NOT trade Haynesworth. Take that for what it is worth.

  25. No way you can trade him for a third round pick only. He is worth a 2nd round pick or a combination of picks that would equal that.

  26. And now on NFLN, Shanahan vows not to trade Fat Albert during the draft, under any circumstances.

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