Second-Round NFL Mock

33. Cleveland Browns (projected trade) – Jimmy Clausen, quarterback, Notre Dame.

34. Minnesota Vikings – Nate Allen, safety, South Florida.
35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Carlos Dunlap, defensive end, Florida.
36. Kansas City Chiefs – Golden Tate, wide receiver, Notre Dame.
37. Philadelphia Eagles – Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, cornerback, Indiana (PA).
38. St. Louis Rams (projected trade) – Brian Price, defensive tackle, UCLA.
39. Oakland Raiders – Rodger Saffold, offensive tackle, Indiana.
40. Miami Dolphins – Morgan Burnett, safety, Georgia Tech.
41. Buffalo Bills – Charles Brown, offensive tackle, USC.
42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Arrelious Benn, wide receiver, Illinois.
43. Baltimore Ravens – Linval Joseph, defensive tackle, East Carolina.
44. New England Patriots – Ricky Sapp, defensive end, Clemson.
45. Denver Broncos – Jamar Chaney, linebacker, Mississippi State.
46. New York Giants – Vladimir Ducasse, offensive lineman, UMass.
47. New England Patriots – Damian Williams, wide receiver, USC.
48. Carolina Panthers – Taylor Price, wide receiver, Ohio.
49. San Francisco 49ers – Jason Worilds, defensive end, Virginia Tech.
50. Kansas City Chiefs – Rob Gronkowski, tight end, Arizona.
51. Houston Texans – Toby Gerhart, running back, Stanford.
52. Pittsburgh Steelers – Austen Lane, defensive end, Murray State.
53. New England Patriots – Corey Wootton, defensive end, Northwestern.
54. Cincinnati Bengals – Taylor Mays, safety, USC.
55. Philadelphia Eagles – Dexter McCluster, running back, Ole Miss.
56. Green Bay Packers – Everson Griffen, defensive end, USC.
57. Baltimore Ravens – Terrence Cody, defensive tackle, Alabama.
58. Arizona Cardinals – Daryl Washington, linebacker, TCU.
59. Dallas Cowboys – Bruce Campbell, offensive tackle, Maryland.
60. Seattle Seahawks – Jonathan Dwyer, running back, Georgia Tech.
61. New York Jets – Chad Jones, safety, LSU.
62. Minnesota Vikings – Jerome Murphy, cornerback, South Florida.
63. Indianapolis Colts – Amari Spievey, cornerback, Iowa.
64. New Orleans Saints – Navorro Bowman, linebacker, Penn State.

32 responses to “Second-Round NFL Mock

  1. Mr. Silva,
    Didn’t you had the Raiders taking OT Charles Brown from USC in your 1st Round Mock Draft and NOW you have them taking Staffold over Brown in Round 2?
    Sorry I think the pick is DT…Specifically Terrance Cody from Alabama…Makes too much sense since the Raiders have:
    a) Have the WORST run defense in the NFL
    b) Already drafted ILB Rolando McClain (also from Alabama).
    If the Raiders are already investing #8 money in an ILB, why not get a big run stuff DT (that he is familar with) to protect him by sucking up blockers (which will free up McClain to make plays at OR behind the line of scrimmage)?

  2. The Eagles would definately trade up two spots from their 2nd 2nd round pick to grab Mays before Cincinatti….But honestly Mays wont fall that far in the first place.

  3. Why would the Ravens draft two DT? I could see one of the two (Mt. Cody), but I think they would target one of the Cbs left early like a Brandon Ghee or Carr or maybe Spievey.
    Wouldnt mind Ricky Sapp coming off the edge or Sergio Kindle (but his health scares me)

  4. If Taylor Mays drops to 54th and the Bears don’t trade up to get him, I’m finally going to burn my Cade McNown Jersey…finally

    Kansas City Chiefs – Golden Tate, wide receiver, Notre Dame?????
    If you believe this, I have a bridge I’d like to sell ya…
    Chiefs just signed Chambers (monster 2nd half) and have Bowe. They need a Linemen and a decent MLB, and a TE (your Gronkowski pick seems appropriate)
    They’re not getting this half-pint just because of fat Weiss. Tate played against weak CBs his whole career in that soft non-conference play..

  6. The Eagles take the kid out of IUP? You’re smoking some serious dope. He’s not even a top-10 CB prospect.

  7. I dunno about the Eagles taking ANOTHER beat up corner (Akwasi Owusu-Ansah). They took what’s his name, the x-box thief, two years ago, and see how well that turned out?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they took Brian Price, or Taylor Mays. Or even an olineman.

  8. why would the Browns trade up from 38 to 33 when none of the 5 between those two picks is gonna take Clausen?

  9. I feel for Florio and Silva, et al. because no matter what they post on here, the usual PFT reader/losers start whining and crying and telling them how wrong or stupid they are about everything.
    Cripes, a mock is just a mock. OBVIOUSLY it is an opinion and nothing more. Read it and move on, then we’ll all see what happens at 6 p.m…..

  10. LOL! So you really think the Browns would trade up to get Clausen if they could get McCoy with one of their 3 third round picks? HAHAHA thats funny!

  11. Chiefs2010, are you by chance the former GM of the Chiefs? I’ll bet you are and I can see why the chiefs pick in the top 10 every year. Golden Tate is a steal in the 2nd round and I’ll bet you’ve never seen him play.

  12. This is Horseshit! YOur Mock draf sucks…I will bet you that you dont get even 20 of these picks right…your garbage 😉

  13. @ StevieMo says:
    You think PFT posts “Mocks” to generate posts (which in turn generates advertising dollars and make Florio and crew RICH).
    So take your own advice:
    “Read them and move on”.

  14. No Cody??
    And i hear Kindle is falling because of a shady injury concern…that could be why.

  15. I think the Chiefs will go or should go T Cody the NT with one of their 2nd round picks. They are a 3-4 defense without a big run stopper. With their other 2nd pick in the 2nd round they will take a WR/KR like Tate or OT like the OT from USC.

  16. The Chargers will use a player and either this year’s or next year’s 3rd rd pick to get Terrence Cody or Linval Joseph. They’ll wait until one of them is taken, then get in to take the other. Unless, of course, they have definite wood for one of them. In that case, they’ll bide their time and try to trade in BEFORE Baltimore picks at #43.

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