The Vikings wanted Patrick Robinson

Last year around this time, Vikings coach Brad Childress crowed about snatching Percy Harvin one pick before the Patriots, who Childress believed was set to take him.

This year, Childress and Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman may have outsmarted themselves.

Both Judd Zuldad and Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune report that the Vikings traded down to No. 34 with the hope of selecting Florida State cornerback Patrick Robinson.

It looked like a safe move, but Saints surprised the Vikings (and everyone else) by taking a cornerback at No. 32. 

With Minnesota’s apparent favorite target off the board, a trade down early in the second round seems even more likely.

44 responses to “The Vikings wanted Patrick Robinson

  1. Maybe the Vikings should stop kidding themselves that they’re making all these genius moves… since there’s no evidence to back any of it up.

  2. Just like the NFC Championship Game, it was the refs fault, I guess the better team lost out, again.

  3. As a Lions fan, I would like to say thank you and “HA!”
    Look out for the Lions on offense…they could be very dangerous now.

  4. this is a smoke screen…the Vikings want Clausen and don’t want anybody else to trade up in front of them.
    Everything said today should be treated the same way as things said before the first round of the draft

  5. the redskins will trade you haynesworth for that pick and your defense will be disgustingly great.

  6. Queens need a lo more than a cornerback to fix their problems. First they need to draft a replacement fanbase, LA is still on the board. Then in round three they should take a new coach.

  7. One can’t fault the Vikings front office here.
    With the losses at LB and along the defensive line, it would have been fair to assume that the Saints would address the front seven, particularly since there were some qualify players there at No. 32.
    The Vikings could trade down some and still get Virginia CB Chris Cox who may be better than Robinson anyway.

  8. Thanks for leting us have Jahvid Best as well, hahaaha! I’m sure Suh will take it easy on old man Favre.

  9. Vikings move made no sense.
    You trade IN THE DIVISION and the team you trade with gets a potential offensive nightmare for you twice a year (to go with allowing Chester Taylor to go to the Bears).
    Besides Javid Best would be the perfect compliment to AD and now he is in a Lions’ uniform!
    Unless they can get someone to trade with them in the hopes of moving up to get Jimmy Clausen this might backfire BIG TIME!

  10. Maybe the 2nd pick in the 2nd round is enough to entice the ‘skins to trade Haynesworth now. Who needs CBs when a o-line can’t stop a viking raid in the backfield.

  11. Wow. All this shit-slinging and not one of these players has even played a down yet. Act like you’ve been somewhere, people.

  12. That makes me even more bitter that the jets took Wilson when there was no “need” there. Would have loved to see the Leos get Wilson.

  13. I was surprised the Vikings traded with the Lions. Lions got help they needed to compete in the division. This could come back to bite Rick and Childo. If this story is correct, it’s double bad for Los Vikequeros.

  14. “Look out for the Lions on offense…they could be very dangerous now.”
    yeah they might start kicking some field goals..

  15. Just another gift to N.O. from the Vikings, they got our super bowl anyway so whats another.
    Patrick Robinson would’ve been nice but with McCourty and Wilson picked before it was a good move to move up 30 picks in the 4th and only slide four picks back into the 2nd.
    I’ll take S Taylor Mays over Robinson anyday.
    To the Who Dat nation: The best line in Family Guy ‘This just in, a man in New Orleans says his socks are finally dry’

  16. You want genius moves “Krow”? How about the Vikings last two first round draft choices have ended up being rookie of the year (A.P. and Harvin). Or that EVERY member of last years draft contributed significantly to the team during the season or playoffs. Sounds like the braintrust up at Winter Park knows what they’re doing. How about doing some research before making uneduating hate posts. You must be another Packers fan who is drunk at 9:30 AM!!!

  17. Don’t upset the sacred cow Favre by taking Clausen…heavens no, don’t do it.
    Please Vikings, don’t take a QB so your franchise can have no backup plan once the bumpkin from Mississippi finaly calls it quits.
    I love it Vikings fans…..squirm baby squirm.
    Why do you ponder passing?

  18. This year, Childress and Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman may have outsmarted themselves.
    That’s not very hard to do. Childress can’t even count to 12.

  19. “Everything said today should be treated the same way as things said before the first round of the draft”
    This, and more of this. All you people taking this at face value are complete morons.

  20. Chilly and the gang THINK they’re smarter than Belichick, but we all KNOW Sean Payton and the Saints are smarter than the Vikings.
    I hope Patrick Robinson takes one to the house off of Favre in his NFL debut. How sweet and ironic would that be.

  21. I hate PFT’s bandwagon Saint’s fans but that was a good pick to take Robinson. The Vike’s need to foret about trading down again and take Jimmy Clausen or Taylor May’s. The trade with the Lion’s may have been a smart move but I can’t help but think Jahvid Best may become something special. In closing the Vike’s will continue to own the Lion’s and the NFC North and the Saint’s are one and done with an asterisk.

  22. All conjecture and speculation to spin a brilliant trade-down into a negative for Minnesota.
    Anybody care to be refreshed – yeah, it’s been almost 12 hours – an eternity – on what Vikings’ brass stated last nite? FOUR of their targeted players remain on the board. So, at worst, THREE of their targets are on the board, meaning it is simply not possible for them to have “out-smarted” themselves.

  23. I would be ecstatic if the Vikings landed Jimmy Clausen tonight, but I don’t know if I am too sure that is going to happen. There are many good players that slid out of the first round and are still on the board. The only thing i’m worried about is a team like the Bills may trade with the Rams and jump ahead of the Vikings to snag him.

  24. That doesn’t make sense, The Staff is going talk to Judd and Chip and tell them, Sorry guys we made a mistake!!!
    Judd and Chip are just reading into it…

  25. No one knows what the true story is here folks, but here’s a try:
    Spielman said at 30 they had 4 players on the board, all of whom are still available. They have also indicated that they didn’t think Robinson was a number one. Either way, they’ve still got options.
    Best is one hard head shot away from a frigging drool cup, and that’s a RB playing behind one of the leagues worst O-lines. How do you Lions fans think that’s gonna turn out?
    The Saints both beat the Vikes and won the Super Bowl fair and square. Congrats. Lets see how your suddenly crowded bandwagon fares this year. Other than patting yourselves on the back for 4 consecutive months, the only decent off-season progress I see is Brees’ mole reduction.
    The Vikes will likely trade down again to get more picks. I’m sure those will be further “outsmarted” acts by a GM that has drafted multiple pro bowlers in the last 3 drafts.

  26. Are Lions fans actually talking trash that they picked up an concussion-prone RB?
    Try beating us more than 1 time in a decade, then you can talk about all your amazing draft picks, like you seem to every year (until they hit the field).

  27. I just saw a pic of this guy on, is that a pic of P Robsinson or Lil Wayne???

  28. Chilli will covet a q.b. in the second because he is such an amazing judge and coach of q.b.’s! HA! T-Jac will always suck. It doesn’t matter what q.b. they take if any, they are dommed from the get go. Saints stick it to those whinny ass Vikqueen fans again. It must suck being a queen fan.

  29. yall hear that Vikings fans…thats the worlds smallest violin playin….Just another reason for the Cry Baby Viqueen fans to blame something else on the refs. let me guess, the refs from the NFC Championship game must have called and impersonated “Chief Chilly Sits On Hands” and traded the pick away. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Face it, your coach is a Jackass, your Running Back has fumbleitis, your Quarterback is Old as Dirt, Jared Allens Mullet is Corny, and Your fans are Whiners! WHO DAT!!!

  30. This is an absolute travesty! First the Saints paid Adrian Peterson & Co. to commit FIVE turnovers then paid the refs in last year’s NFC Championship game to convince Brett Fart to throw an interception when they could’ve won the game by kicking a field goal, then the NFL pays John Madden to choose Superbowl MVP Drew Brees over the playoff disappearing act magician Jared Allen and now this?
    When will the Saints blatant abuse of the Viking’s self esteem and dignity end?
    NFL!!! STEP IN THERE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! It’s very simple. You’ve already changed the rules because Fart didn’t get the ball in overtime last year so now you must go one step further and STRIP THE SAINTS OF THEIR REMAINING PICKS.
    It’s the only way to insure fairness and equality so that the Vikings can finally have a chance to compete with the Saints.
    Anything less and the NFL will show itself to be obviously bias towards the Saints and they might as well call off the season because they have been exposed to be favoring the Saints in all things.
    –oh and to the douche who said the Saints have an asterisk by their name, how’s this: WHO DAT BABY! NEW ORLEANS SAINTS SUPERBOWL 44 CHAMPIONS!!!!
    “Why do you even ponder passing?” ;P

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