You can never have too many mock drafts

We’re big fans of the new format of the draft, even if we’re already a little foggy with two days left to go. 

One of the benefits of the three-day format is the Friday anticipation of round two, combined with a work day full of chatter about round one.  Another benefit: The second round mock draft!

We were going to make a list of the best available players, but Silva essentially has done that for us and assigned them to teams in the process.

Silva thinks Colt McCoy will fall all the way out of the second round. Find out who he thinks will get taken in the next 32 picks right here.

18 responses to “You can never have too many mock drafts

  1. Silva should stake his reputation on this. If McCoy falls out of the second then he has to go to 3 church groups with Tim Tebow.
    If the Viks have Colt rated higher than Tebow, then how are the Viks going to pass on McCoy on their second pick in the 2nd round?

  2. I’m hoping G-Men take Brandon Spikes or Sean Lee. According to this they both will be available. Nice.
    And I want my Staurday into Sunday draft back. This format blows.

  3. Sergio Kindle is going to fall out the 2nd round? Im not buying it….. Guy is athletic as they come.

  4. I agree how come Sergio Kindle is not in the second round? Did one of his legs fall off prior to the draft? I hope the Phins trade down and pick him up later on in the draft.

  5. You know, I like the fact we get three days’ worth now, but you know what I absolutely hate with a passion?
    I hate knowing who the pick is going to be BEFORE der kommissar makes the announcement. How freakin’ cheesy and pathetic is that? Why even waste der kommissar’s time stumbling up to the podium to announce the pick? I hate it, folks. And, I know if I hate it, 30% of ya’ll hate it also.
    Keep the draft more riddled with suspense. Don’t show guys on phones crying and smiling. Don’t have one of the talking heads blurt it out before the pick is announced.
    Is it too much to ask, really???

  6. Kindle has microfracture issues.
    By the way. All mock drafts are stupid. They are not even any type of entertainment except to show how big a douch bag they buttwipes are and how wrong they are. At least we get to hammer on the McGays, McMayocks, and the HAIR!!!!
    4-7 Mock Drafts….Ocuh!!!

  7. “Gee, maybe we could do one round every day and make it last for a whole week!” (Grins and shakes with MOCK enthusiasm ala Dr. Cox on “Scrubs.”)

  8. CdnMike:
    Maybe the Vikings had Tebow rated as a 3rd or 4th rounder. Just because the Broncos took him in the first doesn’t mean any other teams had him up that high. Just a thought.

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