49ers add LeGarrette Blount, Jarrett Brown

L. Blount.jpgThe benefit of going undrafted is that you can choose your team. Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount appears to have chosen well.

The controversial runner will be a San Francisco 49er, according to the Sacramento Bee.  He joins sixth-round pick Anthony Dixon and Glen Coffee as possible backups to Frank Gore.  Michael Robinson is also there, and we could see the 49ers carrying four tailbacks.  Compared to most NFL rosters, Blount has a good chance to stick in San Francisco.

The 49ers also agreed to terms with West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown, according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  Brown is developmental prospect, but has a huge arm and good mobility.  He could be ticketed for the 49ers practice squad as a fourth quarterback.

San Francisco also agreed to terms with Florida A&M return man LeRoy Vann.

34 responses to “49ers add LeGarrette Blount, Jarrett Brown

  1. Hell yeah Smashmouth football!!!!! Get rid of that Coffee bum Blount is 10 times the prospect!

  2. This a perfect place for the mental midget Blount. If he starts acting like a retard the HC will slap him around.

  3. just what we need, another pea brained thug in the nfl. Blount says “you know what im sayin?” in his interviews to the point that you actually no longer have any idea what he’s saying.

  4. As Tampa fan I am sad to see this talented guy get signed by another team, even though our owners said they wont nothing to do with him.
    Good signing San Fran, this guy is going to be one of the better backs of this draft year.
    You all got an absolute steam.

  5. I rather get rid of Michael Robinson…Coffee only played for one year give him a chance.

  6. Rosenthal, prepare to be fired. You misspelled the QB for Florio’s favorite team – WVU.
    It’s Jared Brown.
    Florio – do you’re thing!

  7. Definitely the best Niners draft in quite awhile. They need to scrap Michael Robinson, he hasn’t produced at all. We now have Gore, Coffee, Dixon, and Blount; which is plenty of running talent.
    Talk about the improvement in the QB area as well. We go from J.T. O’Sullivan, Shaun Hill to picking up David Carr and Jarrett Brown as backups for Smith. This is turning into one incredibly productive off season for the Niners.

  8. My guess is with Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, and LeGarrette Blount that the 49ers will be able to pick 3rd and 1 when they need to.
    In fact, overkill.

  9. Blount will be suspended before his first year is up. 49ers are the new Bengals cant wait to see all the arrests and suspesion from these thugs.

  10. 49ers had the best draft in the legue. HANDS DOWN. Classy organization, classy fans, a good coach, and now talent to burnt. See you boys in the playoffs b/c the NFC West is the now the 9ers to lose.

  11. Blount is a great pickup. He will get that short yard. Frank Gore is a freaken beast and the backups to him will help keep him fresh. The 49ers are for real. Singletary is an awesome coach. I hate saying all this, I’m an Eagles fan but god damn. He has built a great team. Just needs a QB

  12. Singletary made some Ballsy picks in the draft. With the coach’s tutelage this could be an outstanding draft.

  13. Or maybe it was Garrett Blunt and LeJarrett Bloom…..anyway, a couple of guys who will return to civilian life at the end of August.

  14. Great pickup!!! That guy he punched deserved it! Plenty of guys have served their time to society and come out on top.
    Should trade for a decent quarterback now….should have gotten Jason Campbell or Roethlesberger.

  15. The new Bengals? So we have one player who was suspended in college, and…that’s it. No one on our team has been arrested since 5/24/2008 and he was cut the next day. You are an idiot. The 49ers are one of the most well behaved teams, picking up one unstaffed RB who was suspended in college doesn’t turn them into the Bengals, who drafted Dunlap who was convicted of a crime. The Bengals are now, and will be the least classy team in the NFL as long as they keep seeking out guys who get convicted of crimes.

  16. Good pick up. However, Coach Sing may have to take LeGarrette to the side and explain to him that the slogan “Hit ‘Em in the mouth” is just a metaphor.

  17. great pick from san fran, hes tough and talented. funny to see those comments saying hes a thug. he did what most of us would have done by punching the bronco in the face. Boise state are bunch of babies will never have a real chance of a bcs championship. there in a weak conference where they belong

  18. DanRooney, are they thugs because they are black? These two young men are excellent football players. Out of curiosity, what do you think of the Big Ben situation? 49ers 4 life!!!!!

  19. So who gets to explain to him that when Sing says “Hit em in the mouth” it is only a metaphor..

  20. With all those draft picks and UDFAs the 49ers can beat up every other NFL team if they meet in the parking lot.

  21. All the RB’s in the world won’t help Alex Smith succeed. He sucked with Gore and Coffee he’ll suck with Dixon and Blount.

  22. If this guy won’t behave for Singletary, he’s not going too for anybody…I’m not a 49ers fan but I hope he can leave his troubles behind him.

  23. Tebow goes in the first round and Blount goes undrafted? Nice to see the NFL playing its KKK card here.

  24. # DanRooney says: April 24, 2010 8:55 PM
    Team full of thugs now with both him and Taylor Mays. League should investigate.
    Maybe they’ll actually win something now. The Seattle game will be a donnybrook. Cant wait to see Mays lay out Houshmanzadeh…..

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