Bears G.M.: "Who would not consider Alan Faneca?"

Alan Faneca is a free man. That means general managers are free to talk about him.  General managers like the Bears’ Jerry Angelo.

Who would not
consider Alan Faneca
if you had a need at the offensive line?” Angelo asked Saturday.

Considering and making a contract offer are two different things, but the Bears would make a logical fit for him.  Chicago would be wise to keep the failed Orlando Pace signing in mind when considering it.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin indicated on ESPN the team wasn’t interested in bringing Faneca back to Pittsburgh.  Faneca’s former coaches Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm would make logical suitors.

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  1. I think Faneca would be good in Pittsburgh. Veteran leadership on a line that could use some help. Maybe a stopgap until the Steelers decide to commit some more high draft picks on the offensive line.

  2. I don’t understand the Jets cutting Faneca this early. He’s due 7.5M, but 5.25 is guaranteed, so this saved 2.25M. It’s an uncapped year, so why not keep Faneca around and see how he does in OTAs/camp? There has to be more to this.
    The Jets have an awesome OL, and while Faneca’s play may not be close to what it once was, his experience has made Mangold the player he is today (he was good prior, but now he’s all-pro).
    In a capped season, I can see… but in an uncapped year, 2.25M is not huge savings. I know he would not reduce salary, which seems to me to indicate he wanted out. Then again, Jay Feely said how awesome it was to be with the NYJ, but didn’t take a discount.

  3. “Who would not consider Alan Faneca if you had a need at the offensive line?”
    YOU have a BIG NEED on the offensive line.

  4. Re: “Who would not consider Alan Faneca?”

    Who wouldn’t? Even if they needed someone? A cheap owner! Like Mara’s son of the Giants!

  5. Tomlin – this is one area where you have been too bull-headed for your own good. What happened when Faneca left? The Steelers’ short yardage run game when to sh!t. How did the Jets get to the AFC title game last year? With road-graders like Faneca and Brick clearing room for the 2-headed running back wrecking crew, and a lot of defense.
    Just because Faneca questioned you getting the head coaching gig over Russ Grimm – I would imagine he’s over that by now, since Russ has had plenty of success in the desert and has probably moved on. You should let bygones be bygones, and stop thinking you have to prove yourself as “better” than Cowher by getting rid of the “Cowher guys” from the team – clearly you have already proven that by winning at a much earlier stage of your tenure.

  6. Hey Ra-tard Rosenthal, you would be wise to keep the Reuban Brown signing in mind when make your expert opinions. Just like everything else they all can’t be winners! Don’t know till you try.

  7. Come to where you should have come in the first place, Grimm and Whiz will welcome you in with open arms!!!! Ye-uh buddy!!! Go Cards!!!!

  8. Hell noooooo……….He’s all about whining like a Browns player….We don’t want him,hes washed up.

  9. Faneca wouldn’t go to the Burgh. He hated it after Cowher, Whiz, and Grimm left, and made sure to light all the bridges afire on his way out of town. Arizona maybe, or Minnesota, if Favre is coming back.

  10. the steelers the jets the packers the giants the lions the vikings the 49ers the redskins the seahawks the texans the rams the dolphins the jaguars the bucs the colts the saints the cardinals the patriots the bills the panthers the raiders the chargers the cowboys the titans the ravens the bengals the browns the chiefs the broncos the eagles the falcons would be the teams not interested in faneca

  11. I don’t think it was because of the money. I think it had more to do with his horrid pass blocking. I could be a better pass blocker than Faneca. He was once an elite run blocker also, now he is just above average. The Jets are looking for a little more balance at that position.

  12. Having watched every Jets game last year, Faneca was clearly their weakest lineman. He’s still a decent run blocker, but his pass blocking is awful. 7.5 million for that, no way. How he made the Pro Bowl the past two years is beyond me.

  13. When’s the last time he made a block? Willie Parker’s 75 yard TD in Super Bowl XL? Seems like it…

  14. Tomlin doesn’t want him back because he’s an idiot and by looking at the Steelers pathetic draft (again) is no judge of talent. The Steelers should have drafted a coach!

  15. What would Faneca’s asking price be? If he wants to come in and take nothing more than the Bears paid Reuben Brown for those average-solid years he provided in his last years in the NFL, the Bears should pick him up even if his skills are waning.
    The Chicago Bears simply lack a true project player at either guard position, their left guard has been a thing in question since Brown left, and Faneca won’t be much closer to retirement than the other 2 interior starting linemen (Kreutz and Garza). With all their picks in the upcoming years, the Bears can return to a more regularized pattern of drafting, which should include a strong emphasis on interior linemen on both sides of the ball.
    If the Bears clean house in the office and in the coach box, maybe you’ll see a draft by next year’s regime similar to the draft Mike Singletary had: 2 o-linemen with the first two picks even though the franchise left tackle is already present

  16. @ Robert Ethan…..
    That is not what happened with Faneca in Pittsburgh at all. The Steelers leaked it to the press that they expected a “home town discount” and Faneca’s agent had a sharp response to it.
    Al backed him up and that was it. The guy still has a multi million dollar charity in Pittsburgh so to say that he has burned his bridges is horseshit.
    Keeping in character he told the Jets to GF themselves when asked for a paycut. I agree completely with him. They give huge dollars to LT and others and then ask him to work for less.
    Would you?
    @Italian Army Guy…..
    I hate to admit it but I agree. Tomlin might be a little to “open” with his opinions as I am sure that every guy in that locker room would love to have the monster back. Tomlin will be gone with another year like that.

  17. It was 7 sacks he gave up. Pro Bowl status = sham. I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  18. Could you imagine the line of: Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Alex Mack, Alan Faneca, and Tony Pashos?


    Come to Cleveland…teach what you have left to our young 4th round pick G.

  19. This move negates everything they’ve done right this offseason for me ,this stinks of when the Jets realesed P Kendall in 07 and never recovered that season. Dumb move tannenbaum , still have to pay 5.25 mil , 2 mil more we keep him in a uncapped year when were trying to win it all now, makes no god damn sense…

  20. If he only gave up 7 sacks last year he could probably play LT for the Raiders and be an upgrade over Mario Henderson.

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