Brian Westbrook will take a physical in St. Louis

After a couple of months on the shelf, running back Brian Westbrook could soon be getting a chance to continue his career.

Jason La Canfora of NFLN reports that Westbrook will go to St. Louis today for a physical with the Rams.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether he can pass a physical.  Westbrook’s knee has been a major problem of late.  He also missed multiple games due to concussions in 2009.

The Packers also reportedly are interested.

6 responses to “Brian Westbrook will take a physical in St. Louis

  1. Just what he needs – playing on indoor turf – yeah right. Love BWest but his knees are shot and his concussions make him vulnerable.

  2. Philly never should have gotten rid of him. That is their dumb management for you. This is why those front running fans like Lowell Rikert better get use to last place.

  3. Walk away, dude. You’ve got plenty of money and you’re one concussion away from drooling in your outmeal.
    You’re not going to get a big contract anyway, what one year for 1 million? After you pay uncle sam and your agent, is what’s left worth risking if for? Especially behind St. Louis’s offensive line?
    Seriously, walk away.

  4. I agree with realitypolice-these guys with multiple injuries and concussions should just walk away from the game while they can still speak coherently and walk in a straight line. Westbrook would get minimum salary or close to it-not worth the risk.

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