Bucs shopping Chris Hovan

With both a first-round pick (Gerald McCoy) and a second-round pick (Brian Price) devoted to the defensive tackle position, the Buccaneers no longer need a first-round pick of the Vikings from the 2000 draft.

Per a league source, the Bucs are shopping Chris Hovan.

After five years with the Vikings, Hovan has spent five seasons in Tampa, starting every game but one since 2005.

Hovan is under contract through 2010.  He’s due to earn a base salary of $4 million this year.

9 responses to “Bucs shopping Chris Hovan

  1. I heard that Burger King and Home Depot are currently the highest bidders…
    3 Whoppers
    2 Diet Cokes
    Home Depot
    Pacman Jones
    2 pieces of plywood

  2. Hovan is a great character guy and a great team player but it is time for him to be gone, if the Bucs are able to get something for him I wish him the best. Hell if we can get a 7th for Leftwitch, I could see a 6th for Hovan.

  3. he’d be a dependable back up anywhere. worth a 6th round pick, probably. but they will probably release him when nobody is willing to trade

  4. Hovan Super Pumped today hearing the news that he may go to a team that may actually have a chance to win a few games this season…….
    1 with a REAL “QUALITY” Head coach that can make a team be competitive and winners!!!

  5. Now that I think about it, we know the Bucs are going to keep at least one of their veteran DTs so why not try to trade or more likely cut Ryan Sims? Hovan is a good leader and could help our three young guys (Miller, McCoy and Price) grow into the NFL.

  6. I’m not sure it would yield a draft pick, but Hovan would be perfect for one of those grocery store jobs. Those jobs where the big, heavy, young guys are lurking about in the back, near the stockroom and the bathrooms. I don’t know if those guys stock shelves, cut meat, unload trucks. Who knows? But maybe Hovan could do that.

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