Colt McCoy will spend his rookie year on the bench

Cleveland Browns front office boss Mike Holmgren and coach Eric Mangini say they drafted quarterback Colt McCoy to develop him over the next few years, not to put him on the field in 2010.

“I don’t expect him to play this year,” Holmgren said of McCoy, per James Walker of “We did not draft him to play this year.”

Mangini agreed with Holmgren’s assessment.

“I am completely comfortable with a quarterback coming in and spending time to develop his craft,” Mangini said.

Jake Delhomme is likely to enter the season as the starter, with Seneca Wallace as the backup and McCoy as the No. 3.

26 responses to “Colt McCoy will spend his rookie year on the bench

  1. Best move Holmgren the Hutt has made in a long time. This way, McCoy doesn’t get killed until 2011.

  2. How many times have we seen the Brown QBs get hurt or taken out of the game, because of teams like the Squeelers sp? and Ravens? I see Brown fans screaming and yelling McCoy by week 4. McCoy will be the starter by week 6.

  3. Of course Mangini agrees. He knows that if his starting QB utterly fails this year (a strong possibility), Holmgren’s given him job security with the pick of McCoy.

  4. This is the proper way to develope him. It seldom works to just throw a guy in there right off the bat. I didn’t say it never works, (Matt Ryan) but is usually doesn’t. The Browns ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, so bring him on slow, while they build the rest of the team. I believe that this time, the Browns really are headed in the right direction.

  5. “I am completely comfortable with a quarterback coming in and spending time to develop his craft,” Mangini said.
    Mangini said WHAT???
    Isn’t that the same guy who let his QB competition go until right up to the regular season, then said that he would stand behind the guy who won, only to break his word and bench him 2 games later.
    I wouldn’t feel to secure if I were a QB on the Browns.

  6. In the days before all the high money rookies, sitting on the bench for 2-5 years was common, and the failure rate of top rate QB’s was less. These guys are getting thrown to the wolves way too early and it is hurting their careers.
    This is a good thing for McCoy, but still may not be enough time to absorb and learn.

  7. I think the draft was an overall success. But really concerned about the Hardesty pick. If you’re going to trade up like that, why not use those picks (plus a 2 or 3 for ’11) to trade up from 1:7 to 1:4 and grab Berry?

  8. I’ll tell you what.
    McCoy may win the job outright.
    He won more games in college football then
    any starting QB EVER !
    This could be a kid you just can’t keep of the field.
    He is not injury prone, he just got hurt in one of the biggest games.
    Sam Bradford could get crushed in St. Budweiserville if he doesn’t learn how to fall.
    I wish them all the best though.
    I think Santa Clausen had an attitude problem.

  9. It may sound like a good plan, but nobody holds the clipboard for long in Cleveland. He might want to, once he sees the WR list: Massaquoi, Stuckey, Robiskie. Hello, running game!

  10. You have to understand something about Colt McCoy, he has never faced real adversity in his life. His great HS record numbers were in a rural low level conference in Texas. His coach was his Father. At UT he puts up great numbers.
    In a conference that doesn’t play Division 1 defense and he is surrounded by great offensive players, many who are in the NFL.
    Aside from his physical limitations, he will be going to Cleveland , Ohio. Very much of a cultural change for young Colt, to try and compete against conference foes, Pittsburgh and Baltimore on a regular basis. And he has never had to withstand criticism from that which can emerge from the Cleveland fan base.
    Good luck Colt and Brown’s fans.

  11. good draft by the Browns? Gosh, people in Cleveland crack me up. By my take they got out drafted by all three teams in their division.
    There’s a reason McCoy fell. He’s a 2 year project… if that. The Browns will take a QB #1 next year after their inevitable 3-13 season.
    Steelers had a solid draft. Ravens drafted the defense like wizards, and even the Bengals came out smelling like roses. Heck, the Bengals took a bunch of dudes they didn’t even need except for Gresham. Yeah… that’s how the times have changed.. the Bengals draft was for depth.
    Sort of funny how the shoes switch feet. Except for the Browns, who have been limping on one shoe for the better part of most people’s lifetimes.

  12. The key word is EXPECT and they would rather he sit. I listened to the press conference (go to their site). Of course, the hacks want to foresee 9 months in advance and make it law. He’s like any rookie, come in and learn. There are alot of variables. Why people have such a NEED not to let things play out is beyond me.

  13. “emmac13 says:
    April 24, 2010 10:50 PM
    All you Browns haters can wait in the bathroom. Ben will be in soon.”

    HA HA HA HA HA HA. One of the single-handedly greatest posts ever made! Love it! I love how everyone loves to pile on Cleveland, but I GUARANTEE YOU 98/99% have never been there. They figure “hey, if I make fun of Cleveland, I’ll look cool…or people with think I’m funny.”

    Problem is…you’re not.

  14. I don’t think McCoy is the quarterback of the future. He could make a solid backup. I like him a lot better as a late #3 pick as opposed to a high 2nd. Hopefully, he will fair better than Quinn did.
    The 2nd round picks in Cleveland really escaped me. I would have gone with Mays and would not have traded two #5’s to get Hardesty. I did like some of the later picks ( Mitchell and Gathers). Why draft a back who has had three knee operations?

  15. OH NOOOOOOOOO, look out!!! The CLOWNS got Colt ,lmaooooooooooo….what a joke Holmgren is, as well as the whole organization!!! I’m glad my team is in the same division as these turds…2 victories a year,yesssssssss..(don’t mention last year, we’ve owned your asses for so long, you could win the next ten in a row and it wouldn’t matter)

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