Herm Edwards: People are questioning Myron Rolle's passion

One of the most interesting players still available in the 2010 NFL draft is safety Myron Rolle, who left Florida State with a year of eligibility remaining and spent 2009 as a Rhodes Scholar.

Rolle is talented enough to play in the NFL, but there’s been some talk that teams think he’s more passionate about becoming a doctor and studying the latest developments in stem cell research than in becoming a football player and studying his playbook.

Former NFL player and coach Herm Edwards, working the draft as a commentator for ESPN, said Saturday that he thinks teams are, in fact, concerned about whether football is Rolle’s true passion in life.

“He went to Oxford,” Edwards said. “That’s scary.”

But Edwards believes Rolle’s decision to head to the NFL, when he surely has plenty of other job offers after studying at Oxford, demonstrates that football is, indeed, his first love.

“Here’s a guy that didn’t play his senior year, and I know a lot of people right now are questioning his passion for the game,” Edwards said. “But if you came out of Oxford and got a degree, you’ve got to have some passion, because you’re pretty smart and you’re talking about going to play football. So I think this guy has passion to play football.”

Edwards isn’t the first to bring the subject up. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers asked Rolle if he felt like he deserted the team by going to Oxford, and others have wondered whether Rolle loves the game.

For his part, Rolle says he wants to play in the NFL for a decade.

21 responses to “Herm Edwards: People are questioning Myron Rolle's passion

  1. I believe learning a playbook is much easier than studying at Oxford. These coaches who think otherwise are just that. A freaking coach who couldn’t touch this guys intelligence of learning a playbook. Hell he could probably rewite it and take thier positions.
    Nuff said

  2. Edwards is intimidated by people smarter than him is all.
    Most players spend their off-season screwing around: see Ben Roethlisberger. He will just spend his doing much better things.

  3. some guys deserted their team by living the thug life. kinda sad to question someone’s passion for the game, just because he took one year off BEFORE becoming a pro. and it wasn’t to smoke pot either. i guess some teams just feel more comfortable drafting potheads and Forrest Gumps….

  4. Has Herm went off the meds. he is shitting on everyone that pops into his head.
    herm is irrelevant….always was irrelevant….he should go away.

  5. i read about rolle a few months ago…this whole scenario really makes you realize how dumb most people in the nfl are. Herm: he’s ‘pretty smart?’ no, this kid is ridiculously smart. the rhodes scholarship is given out to under ten college students a year. that means that of the millions of students attending university in this country rolle was considered to be in the top ten. if he has the physical attributes to play football then i have no questions to ask.

  6. robert ethan says: April 24, 2010 12:32 PM
    Rolle isn’t outstanding as a football player or a scholar.
    Yeah, I’m sure you’re the president of Mensa.
    And it’s sad that the kid’s brains scare people. I’m highly impressed.

  7. Unless I read this article wrong it looks like Herm is defending Rolle’s passion as a football player! How is he an idiot for defending the guy?

  8. Teams worry and kids slide down because of perceived immaturity or behavior problems. What will make you slide more? Being a smart, dedicated student who likes studying cell research and wants to one day be a doctor after his stint in the NFL.
    You don’t get to be a Rhodes scholar without intelligence and dedication.
    He will be a great pickup for the team that isn’t afraid of intelligence.

  9. He is simply not ver good on tape and his measurables aren’t special. With that said watch the Jags take him in round 6. He is a Gene Smith kind of guy. And he probably is an upgrade from Nelson.

  10. Gotta love Raheem Morris and his intelligent questions
    First there was the “deserting your team” question for Rolle
    Then there was the “white RB” question for Gerhart
    Let’s not forget the “your mom’s a crack smoking prostitute” to Dez Bryant.
    This proves the effectiveness of the Rooney Rule in ensuring qualified candidates like Morris are not overlooked!

  11. On talent, this guy is a typical mid to late round player. Not expected to be a star but could certainly have a good career. I think any team that passes on him because he went to Oxford is foolish. I know of very few football players who live football 24/7 and they don’t have their passion questioned. How many top players skip offseason workouts? Or like Brett Favre, the entire offseason. I think it’s nice to see a football player whose off field interests won’t be incessant golf at best or nightly strip clubs and dogfighting at worst. And it’s not like he took his senior year off to backpack through Europe. He went there on a prestigious scholarship that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He can play 10 years and go back to school, but it’s highly unlikely he could have played a stint in the NFL and had a chance to go to Oxford after his playing career.

  12. Hell, the Tampa Buccaneers took a Wide REceiver who QUIT on his college team…
    And they’re worried about Rolle’s passion to play the game???

  13. yep, god forbid a player has enough brains to worry about life after football and take steps towards that goal. Guess its all about dumb jocks and thugs for the NFL. Unless your a QB that is.

  14. I saw Herm make the comment, and to me, it seemed like he was saying the guy was “scary smart,” not saying his intelligence should scare people. That’s why I don’t understand many of these comments.

  15. Heaven forbid a player have interests beyond the football field. This just goes to show what a joke the student-athelete moniker is in the NCAA. The media makes such a big deal about Academic All-Americans, but lo and behold, someone transcends that award to pursue one of the most prestigious honors an American can receive, and he’s chastised for it…I hope he sets the NFL record for interceptions and then goes on to cure cancer. And maybe then the NFL will claim credit (sarcasm).

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