Jason Taylor has $100,000 incentive to work out, can trigger $10 million roster bonus

As the debate continues regarding whether the Miami Dolphins made a legitimate effort to persuade linebacker Jason Taylor to return for another season (Taylor’s agent insists they didn’t), we’ve tracked down the full details on his contract.

In 2010, Taylor’s base salary of $1.75 million is fully guaranteed.  The amount drops by $100,000 if he doesn’t participate in the balance of the offseason workout program, which likely means that his base salary will reduce to $1.65 million.  Last year, Taylor walked away from millions in D.C. in order to avoid the offseason program.

In 2011, Taylor’s base salary moves to $2.275 million, with $750,000 guaranteed.  The guarantee voids if he has fewer than seven sacks in 2010.  It increases to $1.25 million if Taylor has 10 sacks.  The guarantee increases to $2 million if he has 12 sacks.

There’s also a whopping $10 million roster bonus in 2011 based on playing time and individual performance levels.  The payment, due on the fifth day of the 2011 league year, is aimed at giving Taylor a crack at the open market next year if he has a strong season in 2010 — or leverage to secure a raise in New York.
The fact that Taylor will receive $1.75 million from the Jets in 2010 means that kicker Jay Feely also received total compensation of $1.75 million (or more) from the Cardinals.  Under the “Final Eight Plan,” the Jets’ were prevented from exceeding the first-year compensation paid to Feely, the only unrestricted free agent who has left the team during the uncapped year.  The increase from $1.75 million to $2.275 million matches the maximum 30-percent raise that Taylor can be given under the “Final Eight Plan.”

16 responses to “Jason Taylor has $100,000 incentive to work out, can trigger $10 million roster bonus

  1. JT–I hate your bald dancing ass. You blow and are one of the most arrogant over paid losers in the league. F off

  2. I think Jason is working for Parcell’s and is a special agent from the Dolphins, he will be in off season workouts and stealing our plays and sending them to Nolan and staff back in Davie, Fl. there can’t be any other reason the Dolphins treated Taylor like they did, unless they are really that classless? hmmm I wonder…

  3. And in other news from”fantasy land ” Ben Roethslesberger will be on Abc’s The Bachelor……

  4. The fact is Jason Taylor is to old and slow to play at the level that he thinks he can play. That’s why the Dolphins don’t want him anymore. He wants the income of a prime time player. In the NFL and other sports the older one gets the less effective they are. In tennis most guys are done by the time their thirty……and so it goes, Jason and the Jets just don’t know it yet.

  5. Gary Clark,
    Regarding the “bald dancing ass” i wonder if you would appreciate his ass more if was hairy?

  6. The fact that the Patriots did not get involved in trying to get Taylor and the Fins let him walk should tell what his real value is.
    The Jests have pushed ALL THEIR CHIPS to the middle of the table for their run this season.
    We will see how it turns out but with an overly emotional coach and a group of immature diva receivers and RB ( LadyT) I can’t wait to watch them implode. Mark Sancherception= Matt Leinhart, meidocre QB
    Say what you want Jests fans but if you don’t win it all the season will be a complete failure.
    Happy 41st and let all dogs take a leak on Firehydrant Ed.
    The red headed stepteam from the metro NY/NJ area. Always have/always are !!
    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason

  7. He’s going to wish he had that “easy” money at some point. He’s a pro athlete and he’s walking away from millions because he doesn’t want to work out with the team? What an idiot. But hey, he can dance…lol

  8. Why are NFL players being given 100,000 to work out?
    Let’s play payers to honor their contracts- more garbage from pro sports.

  9. Isn’t it getting old, talking shit about the Jets? Everybody is hating on them just because, on paper anyway, they are a hell of a lot better than anybody else in the league right now. That defense, not even Peyton Manning will be able to throw on it for more than 200 yards. They’re gonna be sick.

  10. SMITHOPHER-i really dont agree with the jets being a hell of alot better than a lot of teams on paper or especially on the field. they have a strong defense and what was a strong rushing attack you guys can gush all you want about l.t. but you need to look at his carrer stats vs. the afc east and that was when he was suppose to be so great. now he’s at best on the decline if not damn near done and lets be real about sanchez he’s got some growing to do he’s not ready to take over a game he doesn’t scare anybody.but the colts,saints,cowboys,ravens and yes i’ll say it even my dolphins who did get by you guys both times last year and have improved thru the draft & f/a look better than the jets do right now

  11. So L.T. is going to be a suitable replacement for Thomas Jones…REALLY? Jets fans are lying to themselves if they think that. L.T. is a wuss who isn’t anywhere near the RB that Thomas Jones is. By the way, u guys also released Leon Washington who’s a notorious Dolphin killer. Good luck.

  12. ampats – Love how you keep saying happy 41st when its been 37 years since Miami won a SB HAHAH
    2001 was also your last playoff win HAHAHAHAHA

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