Jevan Snead heading to Tampa Bay

Former Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead, who left school early only to be passed over in the NFL draft, is heading to Tampa Bay.

Adam Caplan of is reporting that the Bucs have agreed to a deal with Snead.

Snead played briefly at Texas as a freshman in 2006, then sat out 2007 after transferring because he didn’t want to languish on the bench behind Colt McCoy. He started to generate buzz as a future high draft pick with a big season in 2008, but he was a disappointment in 2009, completing just 54.4 percent of his passes and having 20 touchdowns and 20 interceptions.

Snead has a good arm and might eventually develop into an NFL starter, but he learned the hard way today that NFL teams think he has a lot of work to do. At least now he knows that Tampa Bay is where he’ll do that work.

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  1. Jevan Snead, who left school early only to be passed over in the NFL draft, is an idiot. Wow what a screw up on his part.

  2. When I heard him declare for the draft, I thought, “Wtf is this dude thinking??” No team in their right mind would draft him, just off the Cotton Bowl performance alone.

  3. Too bad the Bucs don’t have an “actual” QB coach or a good veteran to mentor these young guys.
    “Greg Olson and Jay Gruden don’t count because their horrible”

  4. Yet another reason players should NOT LISTEN TO AGENTS when in college
    If he stuck around and went out ON TOP rather than at the lowest point of his college career…..he may have gotten drafted

  5. What people don’t understand, cause none of the sportscasters tell you, is that he did not leave early. He graduated with a 4 year business degree. To stay, he was faced with the fact that 21 of his starters were graduating also and that included their star WR Hodge, and star RB McCluster, plus most of his right side O line. He already suffered a poor year since the most experienced on the left side was a sophmore with not much experience. You lose Michael Oher protecting your blind side and see how you do against the SEC defense. The other issue IMHO is that Nutt has never been known to produce an NFL QB. Snead did set records at Ole Miss. Two consecutive Cotton Bowl wins, 2009 & 2010 (not done since Notre Dame did it first in 78-79). Two seasons with over 2000 yrds passing. Second only to Eli Manning in a lot of stats. I’ll admit not a great season last year, but a durn sight better than some of the QB’s they drafted above him today for sure! And 2009 season was better than what he could ever expect to have in 2010 if he had stayed a FIFTH year. Give the TX boy a break.

  6. Darius Walker is somewhere laughing right now. And, Mitch Mustain called. Said that Snead should have stayed and transferred somewhere else.

  7. Yawn……
    Sorry. What was that? The Pens and Senators are going into OT?
    Holy crap….I fell asleep. I almost missed the hockey game because of this useless information.

  8. Been an Ole Miss fan for 50 years. IMO, Jevan Sneed has as much physical talent of any QB the Rebels have ever had – and that is counting six-eight all Americans including two named Manning. His confidence is completely gone. He lost a heck of a lot more in protection from his soph to jr year than Michael Oher including two other starting OLs and the best blocking fullback in the SEC (like a guard in backfield) – all three year starters. He was running for his life the first 2-3 games of the season, and it didn’t get much better but still managed a 9-4 season.
    If TB can resurrect his confidence, Jevan will definitely start someday in the NFL, if not at Tampa, somewhere else. TB made a wise investment IMHO. ReBell

  9. “the bleacher report” ran a article listing the top 10 teams, for free agent signings of undrafted players and the BUCS were #1 mostly because of the Sneed pick up.

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