Jon Gruden takes a day off

The man with the legendary work ethic was oddly absent from ESPN’s draft coverage Saturday.

Jon Gruden was scheduled to appear on ESPN’s main set for day three, but ESPN called an audible.  Todd McShay replaced Gruden at Radio City Music Hall.

So what gives?

We caught wind of a rumor that Gruden simply decided he didn’t want to participate in the day reserved for the diehard draftniks.  Contacted about Gruden’s absence, ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer confirmed Gruden was indeed scheduled to be part of the draft.

“Draft producer Jay Rothman gave him the rest,” Hofheimer told PFT via e-mail.  “It was a mutual decision. Jon could have gone but both he and Rothman knew that ESPN’s coverage would still be in great shape with the existing teams in Radio City and Bristol.”

Maybe Gruden would have showed up if the draft started at 4:00 a.m.

38 responses to “Jon Gruden takes a day off

  1. He was probably sick to his stomache from listening to the dumbass Steve Young for 2 rounds. I know I was.

  2. I don’t know if Gruden got scolded for his A-hole remark Thursday night, but a few things I noticed Friday evening. He was very quiet in the times I watched, made a remark about ” if I ever get a NFL coaching job again…” and gave that chucky sideways look one time..really looked pissed. I think someone set him off and he said see ya

  3. Rumor has it…………that Rapistburger met him last night in a bathroom stall at Applebe’s……

  4. Gruden took the day off because he was done with Mel Kyper Jr. Watching day 2 early in the broadcast a great discussion about if Braford should start entailed between Young,Gruden, and Jackson. Kyper had to chip in his 1 cent worth and of course he knows more than those three. After that, watching Gruden his body was turned away from Kyper and was very short with his answers and replys. Infact they all were except for Kyper. Mayock is much better!!

  5. Mayock took the day off too. The new draft schedule makes it pretty tiring for the analysts, actually.

  6. Gruden’s insight and knowledge of the game was sorely missing from espn today. All those stupid muppets wanted to talk about was 2 backup QB’s in Clauson and McCoy. They skipped many mini-profiles of players who were picked and how they affect the teams that drafted them. We missed out on learning more about unfamiliar players who could help the teams we follow. For what? More bullsh*t rehash about a couple of overhyped players whose destiny is a headset and a clipboard on the sidelines? Give me a f#cking break! I’ll just watch college football gameday for that. We tune into the draft to learn more about the incoming players to the NFL. ESPN really dropped the ball today.

  7. i thought it sounded like Gruden was losing his voice on Friday…….seems pretty logical to take a day off.

  8. Mel Kiper has said for weeks on his Saturday day that McShay was going to be on with him today. He never said Gruden wasn’t going to be on but he made it clear McShay was scheduled to be on set.

  9. ESPN probably favored McShay in the hopes he and Kiper would sit and shout over each other all day. In the grand ESPN tradition.
    Watched it again this year on NFL Network in order to escape The Worldwide Leader in Stupid.

  10. If ESPN lets Steve Young and Mel Kiper do next years broadcast I wont even watch it on TV. I cant remember being more thoroughly annoyed by a pair of commentators in my life. I think Steve Young has gone off the deep end, and someone needs to tell Mel Kiper that when he’s wrong about a player (Jimmy Clausen) not to keep talking about he should have been the 1st overall pick. I think Gruden took the day off because “There’s no f’ing way I’m sitting in between those f’ing clowns for 7 f’ing hours tomorrow. I’ll f’ing kill them both if they f’ing interrupt me 1 more f’ing time”.

  11. I absolutely think it had something to do with Steve Young. You could see Gruden sneer whe ever Young would launch into one of his innane self-absorbed comments. Gruden is a very intelligent man and Young sounded like a high school senior sitting next to him.

  12. He just got sick of hearing Mel Kiper claiming he knows everything there is to know about football and that he is the ultimate football authority

  13. he was tired of listening to all the nonsense that made no sense outta steve concussion…uh I mean seve young

  14. “Gruden, who gets up every day at 3:17 a.m., an arbitrary time he picked many years ago.”
    That’s just plain crazy. 3:17 a.m. is the middle of the damn night! How is he not coaching? He’s damn sure better than half the guys with jobs. Chan Gailey has a job and Jon Gruden doesn’t?!

  15. Gruden and Mel seemed to go together about as well as caviar and ketchup…that might have been it. Do you think their relationship got any closer when they were on the phone with Clausen and Gruden said, “Hey Jimmy, your agent Mel Kiper is here” OUCH….you RAWK, Chucky!

  16. really missed him not being there.. rather then be stuck with a bunch of idiots who dont know what they are talking about like Mel Kiper, Steve Young and the rest of the ESPN crew.
    He shouldve stayed at NFL Network. atleast its more fun over there (With the exception of Michael Irvin(jerk)Marshall Faulk)

  17. Gruden could use the day off; with Steve Young yacking about who knows what and Berman constantly being annoyed with the production crew, it had to drive him nuts.
    On a side note, ESPN should trim the number of analysts they have on the draft panel. With all of the talking, they sounded kind of like these guys:

  18. Gruden is still trying to get over his image of being a scumbag as a coach. He hasn’t criticized anyone in over a year. Every player that is even mentioned, is in his words “my type of guy”, or “a guy I want on my football team”. It’s getting a little weak.
    When he used the dumbass coaches comment, ESPN probably decided to give him a day off from the festivities.

  19. Try the Veal….not funny.
    Why does anybody watch ESPN for anything other than live games? Everything they do is about cross promotion.
    Coverage on NFLN is light years ahead of that clown Berman and company.

  20. I think he was tired of dealing with the All World, All Universe, All Planets QB that Steve Young thinks he is…….

  21. I had to switch over to the NFL Network for their draft coverage.
    Steve Young loves the sound of his own voice too much, particularly when that voice is talking about Steve Young.
    Mel (Rubberneck) Kiper whips his head around constantly like a chicken pecking at feed (so we made a drinking game out of it).
    Berman couldn’t finish a coherent sentence. He is never funny. Also, you could see how he was constantly fuming at the cameramen or producers. As ungraceful he is under pressure, its absurd to make him ESPNs draft day anchor…
    Gruden was the only consistent commentator, love him or hate him.
    Next year, they should a) bench the Swami, b) bring in people with chemistry (ie actually like each other), c) Ditka, d) try Wilbon or Reali at anchor? Someone with a sense of humor, please. Reali seems adept at managing egos.

  22. He probably has a stomach ulcer from having to say so many positive things in one day.

  23. Gruden looked like he wanted to ring Steve Young’s neck all day long. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to the producers and said he doesn’t want to work with him anymore. At one point at the end of the telecast on Friday Young stuck his fist out to give Gruden a fist pound and Gruden gave kind of gave him a look and pounded his fist a little too hard in a “I don’t want your f***ing fist pound you overcritical egotystical douche” sort of way.
    I predict you will never see Gruden along side Young on TV ever again.

  24. Who would want to sit with those guys for 3 days? Geez.
    Get some rest Chucky. I think Steeler-lady & Deb are looking for your room though. Maybe even Foozie and Holeinone09 also.

  25. I agree it was because of Kiper or any mock draft “guru”. Their projections suck and Kiper and Mcshay have very differing opinions on qbs and players—- why would Gruden want to listen to more BS and draft nerds— but…. on the other hand he invested a lot of energy in claiming Tebow is a winner and that he would want him on his team to play qb— too much energy.

  26. I do not mind Mel Kiper/Todd McShay. They are relatively accurate at analyzing college players and projecting them at the professional level. No, they are not 100%, but overall pretty insightful. I enjoy listening to coach Gruden. Tom Jackson is harmless. He seems to always be looking forward to the next commercial break so he can run off set and smoke a cigarette… But, as others have stated, Steve Young is a pompous self-absorbed idiot. Plus, Chris Berman appears to be angry at everyone around him, and 90% of NFL fans are sick and tired of his overused cliches and interrupting with useless information. I also agree with others’ assessment of day 3 coverage. They(especially Kiper/McShay) talked incessantly about Tebow, Clausen, and McCoy. I wanted to here about the players drafted in rounds 4-7. Many of these players will become valuable special teamers, backups, even a few will start and have pro-bowl careers. Kiper/McShay, if you have ever looked at their pre-draft analysis books, have indepth knowledge/information on not only the Bradfords, Suhs, and McCoys of college football, but also, late round picks and non-draftees(free agents). Yet, other than a select few like Myron Rolle, 95% of saturdays picks were barely mentioned. Unfortuneately,I do not have access to the NFL Network. I am stuck with ESPN’s coverage. Hopefully, next year, Steve Young and Chris Berman will not be participating. ESPN has many football analystists and experts on their payroll. It is time for them to incorporate “new blood”.

  27. ESPN just OWNED this terrible post on Suck it Florio, you got nothing and you know it!!

  28. Who really likes Mel anyway? Disagree with him,
    about which team should take who, when and he
    gives your team a bad grade. Ain’t like it matters anyway. As for Gruden, he has a reserved parking space at Ricky’s(Raider’s Bar) in San Leandro, which I use as a urinal opening weekend
    every year.. Thanks Jon!

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