Josh McDaniels says Tim Tebow will only play quarterback

Tim Tebow is capable of playing fullback or tight end or special teams or even defense, but he won’t in Denver. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels insists that Tebow is a quarterback, period.

“He’s a quarterback,” McDaniels said, per Bill Williamson of “He’s a quarterback. That’s all he’s going to do.”

McDaniels said Tebow will compete with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn for the starting job.

“Like everybody, he will be competing for a job,” McDaniels said. “I don’t care if a guy is a rookie. If he’s earned the job, he’ll play. That goes for any position. But I’ll say this, he has a long way to go to get there. But he is starting the process.”

Although McDaniels is open to broadening the definition of “quarterback” enough to let Tebow take some snaps in the wildcat formation if he doesn’t beat out Orton and Quinn, he repeated his opinion of Tebow three times: “He’s a quarterback.”

44 responses to “Josh McDaniels says Tim Tebow will only play quarterback

  1. I’m starting to like this kid, McDaniels. He’s putting his money where his mouth is – very rare in the “Not-For-Long” league.
    He’ll probably flame-out and be homeless within 18 months, but it will be fun to watch!

  2. Ahhhhhh. No he ‘s not. I still think the best post was that he is a mile closer to heaven though.
    Hey Denver fans, who should Denver have taken?

  3. Good for you! Honestly, I questioned this pick, especially how early it came. But it made perfect sense and it also showed the relationship Josh McDaniels has with his mentor, Bill Belichick. I think this was all mapped out. The Patriots created a smoke screen, wining and dining Tebow in NE and make it look like the Patriots in fact was going to draft him, however I think Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick were simply two extra scouts for an old friend. I have respect for McDaniels (if you’re wondering, I’m a Patriots fan) out of all the other former Patriots coordinators because while the previous ones were quick to bash Bill Belichick, McDaniels said flat out, he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Patriots and most important, Belichick. That’s true respect. I see Belichick in him. He’s going to be a great coach in the future. Also, you have to remember, this guy McDaniels coached Tom Brady. He’s going to work wonders with Tebow…in a couple of years. I don’t think he’ll win the job (Quinn will) but it gives him a chance to understand the game and be better. Tebow will be an elite QB one day.

  4. yea…not good enough to make an impact as a fullback in the NFL. Save that job for the LeRon McClains of the world

  5. Josh is by far one of the best QB coaches in the league, if anybody can coach this guy up to an nfl level of play he can.

  6. Their other first round pick sounds like a bit of a tool. He says he doesnt know if he is a better receiver than Dez Bryant. But he does know he is a better person.
    Little presumptuous dont ya think?

  7. Josh, I hate you for no reason what so ever than you coaching the Broncos but this is a classy move!

  8. McDaniels stressing that Tebow is a quarterback seems to be for reassurance to his own sanity. The new coach shipped out stardom and is praying he wins in the next 2 years or he’s a dumbass.

  9. Tebow will be the starter before the end of the season. Bring it, Tebow haters (same turds who said he wouldn’t go before the 7th round.

  10. Mean D says: April 24, 2010 7:43 PM
    “Tebow will be the starter before the end of the season.”
    Tebow’s a three time child molesting, church robbing, child support skipping, pedophile, serial rapist, tax dodger. I said so.

  11. @Andrew_G19
    Yeah that sounds like Bill, cheating. You know two teams can’t collude in the draft right? I am not saying they didn’t I just wouldn’t want to push that idea if I was a Pats fan who was sick of defending his team when people called them cheaters.

  12. If you take the time to evaluate the qualifications of all of the TV talking heads, and the PFT posters who have judged Tebow to be incapable of playing quarterback in the NFL one thing becomes crystal clear…………not one of them……..not a single one…….possesses the qualifications to back up their predictions. They all sound like a bunch of drunks in a gin mill (including the TV talking heads).
    If anyone is fool enough to listen to the “bozo bashers” I have some beach front property in Arizona I would like to sell them.
    They all need to STFU and let the boy play!

  13. that raiders D is gona destroy tebow, Raiders have a better defense that the ravens 00 team, The most dominate defense in history

  14. Tebow will be fine. I don’t like all his religion/god talk. But I watch football, and so much of what we hear about Tebow is absurd. Throwing motion. Fullback. Give me a break. The man is a very good QB, and he will be a very good NFL QB. He can play football. He will never be as good a runner, passer or thinker as Steve Young, but Young is HOF. He’ll be dogged and determined like Favre, but will never throw like Favre. That said, Tebow will be better than half the starting QBs in the league. Maybe 2/3. That’s the important point. He’ll win lots of games.

  15. A QB that had to change his throwing motion before the draft….what a joke
    He has taken very few snaps under center….very few in a non-spread offense.
    He will need YEARS to just understand non-spread offense

  16. For the uninformed look around the internet and find some videos on Tebow’s new release and compare it to Clausen or McCoy. He holds the ball higher and he no longer has that long wind up. Clausen holds the ball low and on deeper throws drops the ball below his waist and does a windmill throw. Tebow has changed his mechanics in the matter of a few months to a closer to NFL mechanic. He has the intelligence and athletic ability to do whatever he puts his mind to as he has proven. The hate is ridiculous and only stems from where he was taken not the fact that he was taken. EVERY pick is a question mark and he is no different. Nobody can guarantee Bradford will be a star, look at how many QB’s taken in the first round become busts. At least Tebow possesses all the skills that CAN’T be coached and his weaknesses CAN be coached.

  17. Hey, raidersteve413’s mom: time to give raidersteve413 his medicine and tuck him in for the night.
    Tomorrow, he can go to church and pray to god for an ounce of intellect.

  18. @Drat – “I don’t like all his religion/god talk”
    How can any of you church-bashing idiots stand to watch a ballgame, where guys are crossing themselves and pointing to God every time they make a 3 yard gain or an ankle tackle? Or watch any player interviews, where 90% of them thank God and their mom’s?
    Ruminating about religious and ethical philosophy is not a waste of time – most of the early explorers and many of the modern heroes of our world have spent a bit of time in spiritual contemplation.
    Roethlisberger, my 14th favorite all-time Steelers qb (behind Kordell, Mark Malone, Kruczek, Maddox, Tomczak, Batch, Dixon, Bubby Brister, Stoudt, O’Donnell, and a few others I can’t think of right now in that order) might want to ponder some ethical and spiritual issues himself during a few sober hours of quiet reflection.

  19. “A QB that had to change his throwing motion before the draft….what a joke”
    “He has taken very few snaps under center….very few in a non-spread offense.”
    “He will need YEARS to just understand non-spread offense”
    Denver plays the spread dumb-ass.
    At 250 agile pounds he’s the fastest /strongest man to ever play NFL QB. He could step right in and play out of the wildcat.
    Want stats? How’s this while at Div-1 Florida:
    In 55 games-
    88 touchdowns against 15 interceptions for a QB rating of 176.0…..Must of had some kind of throwing motion don’t ya think??
    Oh, and he also rushed for nearly 3000 yards and 57 more freaking touchdowns.
    That’s 145 by god touchdowns in four years playing against Div-1 defenses.
    He won two Division-1 National Championships and the Heisman Trophy at Florida.
    “But can he do it in the NFL?”
    How do we know ANY player drafted can do it in the NFL? Because the pundits and press tell us so?
    But we do know he’s not coming off major shoulder surgery or a multi- game suspension. He has never been arrested or investigated.
    If he had been arrested or have a major attitude instead of a spokesman for Focus On The Family he probably would of been 1st overall.
    People need to think for themselves instead of parroting the media pundits. Tebow will revolutionize the position in four short years and McDaniels will have his legacy.

  20. It will be fun watching the Denver follies this year. Genius McDaniels got rid of the defensive coordinator Mike Nolan because he thought Nolan blitzed too much. Nolan is now defensive coordinator for the Dolphins. That move took about 24 hours.
    Hey, the owner hired him. He should get his moneys

  21. Being a Jets fan, the one franchise I’ve always hated is the Patriots, mainly because of the success they have had. The Jets run to the AFC championship aside, nothing made me happier last year then watching the Broncos fade at the end of the year after a great start. That A-HOLE McDaniels pumping his fist after they beat the Pats in Denver, then his team goes out and plays like garbage the rest of the way. He is a coach who is so damn arrogant that he thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants with whatever players he desires. This dip**** trades away a great QB before his first year, and then a big stud WR. Now he drafts a great college QB in Tebow, with the arrogance that he’ll make it work. NO WAY!!!!! Tebow is a good kid and hard worker, but he will be nothing more than an average QB at best in the league. McDaniels might very well be the worst coach in the league. I’d rather have Tom Cable or Raheem Morris.

  22. @ Beauregard & BroncFanOr
    you seem pretty high on him..I was hoping he would be drafted & was wishing him success…which is a little different than actually having him on my team
    I didnt see him play a lot but think that they can coach the release…from reading some boards & scouting reports they are all over the place as far as how good an arm he has…the few times I saw him he seemed to dink & dunk
    can he make the throws in the NFL?

  23. Tim Tebow is 6′ 3″ 240 pounds. His size alone gives him a chance.
    Also people bash his arm, but he has as good of armstrength as Orton or Quinn.
    He has a goofy motion yes, but he sure did win alot in the SEC didnt he, you know, the conference with the most NFL talent.

  24. As a Raider fan, all I can do is laugh my ass off of Denver selection (Tim Tebow)! The Broncos and Raiders have swap positions in the AFC WEST! Classic!!!!! You MULES!!!!!! 🙂

  25. I love it, Josh is going all in on this kid. You have to admire Denver for going after a player who personifies character and leadership. We are all rooting for you in my household! GO Tim Tebow!

  26. The “Tebow can’t play QB in the NFL” mantra may or may not be correct. The observation(s) and criticisms of his mechanics are fundamentally based on the assumption that he is not a pocket passer, has mechanics ill suited to the pros and has operated out of a spread/spread option formation and will not be able to learn and/or adapt to the under center pocket. At least that’s how I read the talk.
    A possible problem with this argument is it assumes what is preferred today will prevail into the future. History has proven this line of thought to be sometimes correct but also repeatedly wrong. Were this logic to be correct, we’d still be running Statue of Liberty plays. What makes a preferred strategy and formation today will ultimately yield to a “counter” system. The West Coast Offense variant of the Air Coryell are genetically linked to the Spread/Spread Option. The Wildcat has emerged as an alternative formation that challenges the linebackers to adjust to a running back option pass. These alternate formations, emerging or not, all favor Tebow’s skill set. If the Spread and Wildcat formations expand in the NFL, Tebow is arguably the most experienced, talented and able QB in the nation to lead them. A variant of the spread that might also work is the “Pistol” formation that is out of the shotgun but with a back behind leaving available a double running threat.
    The minimal use of them in the NFL has to a large degree been a mix of habit/tradition, and lack of QB’s that can “Run an offense” (double entendre), pass and can adjust to defensive formations. In that regard, Tebow excels.
    Another argument made against Tebow’s NFL abilities is that he will not be able to run against an NFL defense like he did at Florida. No doubt this is true. However, can’t the same argument be made against all college running backs? Tebow didn’t just have some outstanding rushing games, he set records and beat Herschel Walker’s SEC record. Also, while he will face better defenses, he will have a better offense in front of him to counter the fifference. Unlike many QB’s, he can handle and will accept/take a lot of contact that most avoid, and avoid for good reason.
    Other curiuos/relevant issues might include the Pat’s sometimes spread offense played under McDaniels and the curious relationships between Belichick, Meyers and McDaniels. Hey, the Pats recruited 3 Florida players and the NFL drafted 9. The “market” (NFL) seems to like something about the Florida/Meyers program and may give an indication of where the “market” (NFL) sees the game going.
    Maybe, just maybe, the “market” is moving toward’s what Tebow excels at and his “needed changes” may be less significant than one is generally thought.
    Somehow I doubt McDaniels is as dumb as many posters believe. Whether he will be successful is a question, I agree. But for those who criticize Tebow for being willing to alter his mechanics for the draft combine, why not if it can make you better? Why not?
    The reality is that all we say here is just talk, the reality will come soon enough and that is what matters and that is what is interesting. We will find out if he, under McDAniels’ leadership and program will be successful in teh NFL.
    I like the odds of him succeeding as he seems to be heavily out of favor. When the majority line up on one side of a trade, they are almost always wrong. If not, everybody would be rich.

  27. This dip**** trades away a great QB before his first year
    Tell us one thing that qualifies Cutler as great.

  28. McDaniels seems to be the type of coach that wants all of the teams success to be contributed to him and his coaching style. He doesn’t want superstar players that might take the teams success away from him. If they win he wants all the glory to go to him and not the players. To me that is a very selfish person. He doesn’t get the fact the the FANS don’t come to games to see the “coach” coach a game,they come to see the players play the game and make spectacular plays. While the Broncos “might” have a good team,they are going to be very boring to watch. No big play players are on the team and thats the way McDaniels wants it. If the team does good all the credit goes to him,not the standout player.

  29. As a lifelong Broncos fan, I haven’t been too excited with McD. Then came the draft and the WR pick that seemed like a good pick but maybe a reach.
    Then came Tebow.
    My 1st reaction was: **?!?
    Then I started doing my own research and now I think this is indeed a risk but the payoff could be higher than any draft pick in the last 15 years… and I was/am a Cutler fan.
    Leaving Tebow out of it, our draft was rather good by itself. Since I have no faith in Orton…Tebow is a bonus that has a huge potential to make Denver a force for the next 10+ years.
    Not only that, since I live in Michigan I think Tebow will make the networks throw the Broncos on more nationally televised games. I like this idea since I won’t have to run out to a bar every sunday to watch the games like I do now. Oh well it’s a good reason for me to wear the brand new Denver Tebow jersey I received from for free.

  30. This dip**** trades away a great QB before his first year
    Tell us one thing that qualifies Cutler as great.
    Mr. Wizard – He was on pace to be a damn good QB in 2009 before he got traded to Chicago. I would say a majority of teams would have taken him as their QB. Granted he’s an ass, but he’s got big time talent. It doesn’t matter if he would have stayed in Denver, McDaniels would have **** it up. He’s that much of an ass. Most arrogant coach in the league.

  31. Yes I am late to this post, but it finally hit me that Tebow says that he is a complete football player but not willing to play another position so he can only concentrate on QB. Hum, I wonder what would have happened to some VERY good NFL QB’s like Joe Theisman or Doug Flute if they did not contribute to the team in other ways?
    Maybe Tebow is destine to be a pro-bowl ‘slash’ player like Randle-El.

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