Matt Millen apologizes for calling Jaws a "Polack"

Even though Matt Millen no longer is in position to screw up a war room on draft day, he still has found a way to do something stupid during the league annual selection meeting.

Earlier today, Millen called ESPN colleague Ron Jaworski a “Polack” while on the air.

Moments ago, Millen apologized for making the remark, explaining that the comment reflected his close, collegial relationship with Jaworski.

And then Millen tried to draft a receiver on behalf of ESPN.

66 responses to “Matt Millen apologizes for calling Jaws a "Polack"

  1. Matt Millen just apologized for a Polish comment! I am just waiting for him to do the same to Lions fans. Millen is a piece of SH*T

  2. If I had a dollar for every time somebody called me a polack, I’d have like $247.00.

  3. florios jokes are never funny… “and then millen tried to draft a receiver” stick to sports not comedy

  4. Just calling a guy a polack isn’t that offensive is it? unless the guy isn’t actually polish..
    Oh and on the reciever comment: Nice!

  5. Why did he need to apologize for this? Ron JAWORSKI is Polish. They are friends. It was a joke.
    Did Jaworski take it the wrong way and burst into tears? Not from what I saw.
    The Rooneys condoning James Harrison for beating his girlfriend (allegedly?) is a lot more offensive than one guy calling his POLISH friend a Polack.

  6. Dude…enough with the “Millen drafts a receiver” jokes. The man deserves your scorn and I’d stab him with a steak knife given the chance…but honestly, this one’s played out.

  7. hahaha love it… I bet he spent all day thursday trying to convince ESPN to trade up so they can make sure to give away more money to these poor receivers who can’t cut it in the NFL. It must be so frustrating for everyone who worked with him in Detroit to see that isn’t too bad as an analyst…

  8. In a related note, Millen did not take the time to also apologize to Lions fans for all the draft blunders he made in his several years running that franchise (into the ground).

  9. “huh huh huh, huh huh,huh. Poles.”
    -Butthead of “Beavis & Butthead”


  11. I was definitely suprised to hear that come out of Millen’s mouth when it was live. I took it as two guys jawing at each at each other. When I heard it live, it was a bit of an “UH OH…” I’m guessing he doesn’t want to drop a “polack”. Not a big deal though, but then again, I’m not Polish.

  12. As a life long Lion’s fan, thank god he’s ESPN’s problem and no longer that of the Detroit Football organization.

  13. Yeah PSU versus Youngstown State was such a hot rivarly…..You never knew who was gonna win…..(eyeroll)…..That being said…..Who cares if he called him a polack, he didn’t say dumb polack and jaws should have called him a stupid mick…I found it funnay as hell

  14. Why is this guy still in a position to make a fool of himself? To paraphrase Mark Twain, “should I be silent and remain the fool, or open my mouth and remove all doubt”. I guess if Matt was silent he would be out of a job.

  15. Joey is also offended, who cares that he said it.But Millen is still a piece of shit!

  16. The fact that ESPN employs Matt Millen proves to me that they are clueless f&cktards and not worthy of generating any revenue from me.

  17. Hey let’s not discount his statement to Jaws. Let’s face it, Millen does know a lot about being stupid.

  18. Why is this a big deal? My Mother’s side of my family is from the same area that Millen is from and “Polack” is used a lot in that area. You know why? There are a lot of Polish folk in Northeast PA. My Uncle Stan’s favorite thing to say is “You dumb Polack”. The use of this word is not that big a deal. Actually its no big deal.

  19. How many Millen’s does it take to screw in a light bulb…. or screw up a football team?

  20. I wouldn’t know, because the second I see his face or hear his voice I either change the channel or push the mute button. Far better people have gotten far less rope than this guy, but cronyism prevails in the end.

  21. And what is Millen? Neanderthal? Australopithecine? Cave-dweller? Surely, no nationality would want him. Maybe the truth is this: Millen is nothing. Absolutely nothing. And a really stupid nothing to boot. He’s the dumbscat of the Nothing Tribe.

  22. ya im offended cause millen is dumber than a polack so hes no allowed to use it.

  23. Newsflash:
    In English, “Polack” is an offensive term for a Pole. It is an ethnic slur.
    It isn’t “P.C. bullshit” to avoid using ethnic slurs. It is a matter of decent society. It is a matter of not sounding like a bigot.
    Millen already can’t help being a douche bag. He can least try to not sound like a bigot.

  24. Millen speaks out when everyone else says it behind closed doors! I guess no one writing these blogs never said the N word, called a I talian a WOP, a mexican a spic! Lokk at what Chris Berman did when he spoke of Japs!!

  25. ESPN’s draft coverage has been downright depressing.. Millen’s idiocy aside, notice how Chris Berman looks like he’s about to blow his stack any minute?

  26. “Polack” is considered derogatory, the correct term is “Pole”.
    But Millen deserves scorn, particularly so I don’t have to deal with him (I don’t want him on my TV).

  27. Uhh, Im Polish and I take no offense…this Country is becoming such a joke with all u “politically correct” morons running around taking offense to any remark…get a life

  28. I’ll bet not one of you would have the balls to say one of these comments to Millen’s face.
    Plus, he earns more than probably all of the haters put together.
    Who’s stupid?

  29. Sheesh. Even all the potato-eating, drunk Irishmen know better than to stereotype people anymore.

  30. What a joke he is, and what a joke he’s making out of the ESPN network – although their highly paid decision makers are blind to it. Seeing Millen on the air, having anything to do with “expert draft analysis” is enough to make any informed viewer instantly change the channel in disgust.

  31. WetHog says:
    April 24, 2010 2:37 PM
    NEWSFLASH!!! Grow a set.
    Is that how you determine whether someone has a set, whether they engage in bigoted speech?
    Is that how you speak? Indeed, is that how you think?
    Grow a brain.

  32. In Europe, dutch people are considered the butt of jokes because they’re viewed as backward.
    In the immortal words of Rowdy Roddy Piper, “You, you’re okay. You, formaldehyde face.”
    From “They Live”

  33. i know lots of polish jokes, their called my family….what do you get when you cross a polack with a gorilla? a retarded gorilla!

  34. boisebob says:
    Why is he even on the air?
    A: Because it’s ESPN. Nuff said.
    Somebody pass Audient a hanky.

  35. Millen and Jaws may be friends, but you would think that Millen would have more sense than to drop this on-air blast. His presence on-air shows that sucking up to the right people and being well-liked is infinitely more important than any actual demonstration of talent.

  36. “And then Millen tried to draft a receiver on behalf of ESPN.”
    I actually laughed out loud. Well played, Florio.

  37. I’m sure he said “Ya big old pole-axe”, as a term of endearment.
    But hopefully he doesn’t verbalize his close collegial relationships with the black guys on the crew.

  38. It was all a misunderstanding. He was actually referring to 2005 Bengals 1st round pick David Pollack.
    But, seriously, “Polack” is a derogatory term with connotations that “Polacks” are dumb. It’s wrong to use that term. “Political correctness” and “grow a sack” have nothing to do with it. I agree with Audient there. And, of course, Millen is certainly not in any position to call anyone else dumb.

  39. WALKEN says:
    April 24, 2010 4:16 PM
    The Polish Rifle? Was he ever called that?
    it was his nickname in his playing is said his wife still refers to him by that name..on occasion

  40. Shame on ESPN for employing this guy. All jokes aside, he has a horrible track record on evaluating talent. He got the Lions fined for not interviewing a minority for the head coaching position. He called Jonnie Morton a f****** f*****. You have to know he’s gonna say something ignorant sooner or later. This man has no credibility. Shame on ESPN!

  41. As a Polack and a Lion fan I felt like Millen was looking right at me through the camera and telling me to F-off. I don’t accept his apology.
    I’m not at all offended by a Polack joke. Growing up in the Midwest there are Polacks everywhere and I’ll admit we’re real loose with the ethnic slurs (especially in Detroit after a couple of pops), however we wouldn’t drop them on TV, at a wedding, or in public.
    This guy is bulletproof. It’s amazing. I don’t even know who he appeals to as a broadcaster. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s proven it in the war room. This will not be the first time they have to defend him or make him do an on-air apology, guaranteed. I must say that I really do HATE him. I wish nothing but the worst for him and I don’t think I’m taking it too far.
    On a different note, has Steve Young taken too many shots to the head or is he just an uncomfortable Mormon to be around? He gives me the creeps. I think he was giving Chcky and Kiper the creeps too. There were so many times on Friday that he was just rambling on about god knows what and everyone else was looking away from him. It was like he was the only one that was drunk and everyone else was sober. He was in his own world. Why is this guy on TV still?

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