Mike Mayock hits the injury report, web

This is the day Mike Mayock lives for.  It’s where he sets himself apart. 

That’s why it was difficult to listen to the NFL Network analyst struggle through the start of Saturday’s draft coverage as he lost his voice.  He had nothing left.

Mayock has since jumped off the air, and is now providing his analysis on NFL.com from the league’s green room.

“I’m disappointed not to be on the air today as part of NFL Network’s
draft coverage, because I lost my voice, but I’m glad I can be here
sharing some information with everyone today,” Mayock wrote.

With Mayock out, Corey Chavous will get a chance to shine on the television coverage. We’ve always liked Chavous’ approach. This is a day he’s been building towards for a long time.

19 responses to “Mike Mayock hits the injury report, web

  1. Corey Chavous is doing a great job! He’s doing exactly what the NFL preaches….stepping up when he gets his opportunity. Looking forward to hearing more of his perspective over time.

  2. Love Corey Chavous’s analysis.
    And when he predicted Montario Hardesty to the Browns, what a call. He’s excellent.

  3. Mayock may be a great analyst, but he’s the Joey Sunshine of the NFL draft. Every pick is loved.

  4. Mayock could have just stopped screaming at the camera and he would have been better.
    If he stopped trying to convince America he is 100% right all the time and just talk about the players without bias he’d be as good as he was 2 years ago.
    Instead he’s trying to compete with Kiper/McShay, where before there was no competition.
    Either that or he’s trying to get an NFL job.

  5. I could listen to Chavous, Mayock, and Charles all day. They are very good. I don’t like having Mack Brown on there. He is using it as a recruiting tool. Not fair.

  6. What’s he talking about John Harbaugh throwing him under the bus? what did Harbs say???

  7. Anyone who knows anything knows Mayock is #1, Kiper is #2 on analysis…and the rest are just wasting our time. How they act on TV is a whole other matter.
    The one thing I like better about Mel is he tells it like it is…no Joey Sunshine about him.

  8. Mayock is the best draft expert he may favor the SEC but without a doubt he knows what hes talking about.

  9. These guys simply gather the information on the players. As anyone can see, they’re useless as far as predicting the draft.

  10. Why can’t there be anyone decent doing analysis anymore.
    Chavous sucks at broadcasting even more than he did on the football field.
    NFLN has gone down the tubes like ESPN.
    Isn’t there anyone capable of speaking the English language anymore??

  11. Maybe the Lord shut his stupid mouth for speaking the blasphemy and lies about Tebow…ha, ha, ha…Deserved it!

  12. Corey Chavous has a great football mind and great player analysis. Unfortunately, the only thing holding him back is his public speaking ablility…or the lack there of. He lacks clarity and diction, which in the field of analyzing players is extremely important. But it is not something that couldn’t be coached.
    When Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice entered the league they were hard to understand. Jerry sounded “Backyard Mississippi” and Deion sounded southern with little diction. Words slid out of his mouth like ice on a slide on a how summer day. It was cool-speak, hood speak. Not professional at all. Look at the two of them now. Though Jerry Rice isn’t one of the talking heads on TV, he has grown to speak very clearly, which, if you heard him back around 1985 you wouldn’t think it was the same person talking back to you. Deion sounds very professional and clear…when he wants to, and has the ability to turn it on and off as you are supposed to. Using those two examples, the way they spoke when they entered the league gave the impression that they were uneducated, though that wasn’t the case.
    The same goes for Chavous. If he gets a speech coach he should be fine because his analysis is on point and has been for a while. He has been doing this for free on his own for more than a few years. When he was playing for the Vikings he helped out one of the networks doing analysis. You should have seen his face when his team drafted Troy Williamson 7th overall. Give him time, he’ll be good.

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