Pete Carroll brings LenDale White to Seattle

The Tennessee Titans have traded LenDale White to the Seattle Seahawks, reuniting the hefty running back with his USC coach Pete Carroll.

The Seahawks traded a fourth-round pick (104th overall) and a sixth-round pick (176th overall) to the Titans for picks 111 and 185 plus White and defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson. Essentially, the Titans gave White and Vickerson away in exchange for getting to pick a little earlier in the fourth and sixth rounds.

White, who was phased out of the Titans’ offense in favor of Chris Johnson, had made no secret of the fact that he wanted to be traded, and the Titans had made no secret of the fact that they were willing to get rid of him. The only question was whether another team was interested in his services.

It turns out that the Seahawks were, and Carroll will see if he can turn White into a productive NFL running back.

24 responses to “Pete Carroll brings LenDale White to Seattle

  1. Now the Hawks have the full complement of veteran no-marks in that position. It’s been a good day…

  2. Pete C and John S are putting one hell of a draft together. I couldn’t be happier as a Seahawks fan.

  3. “And Carroll will see if he can turn White into a productive NFL running back.”
    The Seahawks new strength coach NEEDS to ride his ass this off-season so this guy is ready from game 1.
    If he stays in shape, this is a great move for the Hawks. White should be motivated now that he is reunited with Pete.

  4. @ MNFANINAZ – You’re never going to get shot for knowing too much.
    We moved up 7 spots in the 4th and 6 spots in the 6th to get Lendale and Vilfork (DT – 6-5 305lb)
    Yeah, Pete’s really putting his neck out there, reaaaall big risk trade.
    Best draft in the NFL so far. Get over it.

  5. The nearest McDonalds franchise to the stadium in Seattle is the real winner here….There will be a HUGE demand for cheeseburgers once he gets to town.

  6. Great trade for the Seahawks. White can be a very solid contributor. He’s not going to be one of the best in the league, but he’ll be solid between the 20’s and a very good short yardage and goal-line back.
    Coming out of college I thought he would be a better back than Reggie Bush, and up to the point Chris Johnson arrived I think that was the case.
    Should be an interesting season. Bush looks like he’s learning to put his head down and become more physical and White has another opportunity to pick up a lot of carries.

  7. That is fine that the Titans traded Lendale to move up in the rounds but to get rid of Vickerson with nothing else in return is a huge mistake. This guy can play his ass off and stuffs the running lanes. I am dissapointed with the Titans for this one. They better get a big DT in the 5th round to fill that void or they will be in trouble.

  8. reo says: April 24, 2010 11:24 AM
    “fattest finesse back you’ll ever see”
    Like Bettis, without the discipline or the effort. I am awful glad the Steelers didn’t trade for this tub-of-goo today.

  9. S’long, Lendale.
    Ruh roh…what will Vince Young do without his go-to best bud and #1 defender as teammate? White was one of the first Titans to speak up for VY to become the starter last year. The’ve always been tight, on and off the field, since the draft, and since that Rose Bowl.
    Best of luck in rainy Seattle, sunshine.

  10. It’s flawed to assume Pete Carroll will somehow “motivate” LenDale to be a great pro RB.
    Last time they were on the same team, LenDale was motivated to make it to the NFL and get drafted as highly as possible. Pete Carroll just happened to be the coach.
    LenDale doesn’t have a fire in his belly, he has a bunch of cheeseburgers.

  11. THIS IS A FANTASTIC TRADE ! We were hoping to get a 5th for Lendale and we got a fourth and a 6th . KV(no B) was a decent player , however with Morgan taking over the outside edge Jacob Ford and Willie MAYS Hayes will both go inside easily replacing Kevin . If we do pick up anything else it should be a Tight End and maybe a backup G , a better sized LB wouldnt be bad – but then again we still have an offer to Keith Bulluck so if he comes back – SHUT DOWN THE LEAGUE .

  12. Wow … I just reread the trade agreements ….ummmm … did they at least slide The Titans some vaseline first ?

  13. LOL @ Tennessee_Titan
    I was against this because I read the trade the same way you did.
    Yeah Pete Carroll is buying used cars that need a little work at wholesale!

  14. White has been a bust so far with the exception of one season in which he wasn’t the main star.
    Maybe Pete can get him going attitude-wise but that is it b/c he has had issues eating and working out

  15. Great trade. We give up a couple spots, not picks, and get both White and KV.
    If PC can get White motivated it will be an outstanding trade. If not, it’s still a good one.

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