Seahawks acquire Leon Washington from Jets

We’ve got the most surprising veteran giveaway yet on day three of the draft.

Leon Washington is headed to the Seahawks in exchange for a fifth-round pick. The Jets selected Kentucky running back John Connor with the pick, and also sent a seventh-round pick to Seattle in the deal. 

What a steal for the Seahawks.

We don’t understand this one from the Jets perspective.  Washington has been one of their best players over the last four years, and performs a variety of roles well.  Washington was recovering from a compound leg fracture and apparently the Jets did not want to give him a long-term deal.

The Jets have replaced Washington in this draft with USC running back Joe McKnight, who is a similar-style player.  Connor will add further depth.

Seattle suddenly has a revamped backfield with Washington and LenDale White added Saturday.  (They will need to work on a nickname.)  Julius Jones is probably not long for the Seahawks roster.

38 responses to “Seahawks acquire Leon Washington from Jets

  1. “Julius Jones is probably not long for the Seahawks roster.”
    Never should have been there in the first place. another stupid move by Ruskell. Pray he doesn’t sign on with your team Bears fans.He will destroy you, just like he destroyed the Hawks.

  2. “Leads one to wonder about the future of Seahawks veteran Julius Jones.”
    Trade him for someone!
    Leon Washington will be a COMPLETE Stud RB for the Hawks once that broken leg heals up.
    Justin Forsett, Lendale White and now Leon Washington…….DAMN, LOOKING GOOD!
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I had the Jets taking John Connor as soon as I heard that Fat Rex watched Terminator last night while stuffing his stapled stomach with a box of Twinkies on Twinkie at a time.

  4. Not rocket science. Jets are going to run the ball straight down hill.
    Dolphins don’t have a real nose tackle, neither do the Bills. Patriots didn’t draft anyone to replace Seymour.
    They’re taking the ball out of Sanchez’ hands and plan to ground and pound.

  5. I can’t believe the Jests traded away Washington.
    As a Pats fan he was one player that had me worried every time he touched the ball. When he got hurt last year I breathed a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to face him in the 2nd game.
    If I were a Jests fan I would be very disappointed with this move.
    I love it and Monday when they cut Faneca.
    The Jests window of opportunity just became smaller.

  6. Jones had some bright spots playing behind a horrible o-line. Don’t get the feeling Carrol or McD know what they are doing.

  7. HEEEELLLLLLL YEEEEEAAAAH!!!! The 3-headed MONSTER! Smash, Dash, and Crash! PC and J. Schie are owning this draft! GO HAWKS!

  8. really good deal for Seattle if he recovers, but the Jets wanted to deal a guy who they clearly were no longer willing to extend.

  9. This is an unbelievabe steal!! I have no dea what the Jets are doing getting rid of Washington and Alan Faneca. Thats about 3 steps backwards in the last 3 days.
    Thomas Jones, Faneca and Washington were not the 3 guys they could afford to get rid of.
    Damn the Colts for laying down in week 16!!

  10. In all honesty Seattle has to be one of my least favorite teams in sport…not just football.
    That being said they are getting it done this year in the draft and with trades. Julius Jones`house will be on the market soon.
    Bash with White and then speed with Washington.
    Okung, Thomas, Tate….three starters for the next 5 years.
    The Carroll era has begun.
    What are the Jets doing dumping Washington and possibly Faneca

  11. Dude, learn how to spell players’ names. Seriously. It’s pathetic.
    There are draft guides everywhere. Do your homework.
    It’s “Rolando,” not “Rolondo.” It’s “Mardy,” not “Marty.” It’s “Conner,” not “Connor.”

  12. new nickname – blimp and gimp. But seriously, they should have a lot better running game this year.

  13. Seattle has done a phenomenal job re-doign their roster. What the F with the Jets? Leon is a fantastic player & they just sent him away. Good luck with the Charger & Brown re-treads…can’t wait to kick your asses week one!

  14. Seattle has done very well in this draft…the only pick I don’t really like is the Golden Tate pick.
    What does it say when a team (KC) whose new offensive coordinator (Weiss) was Tate’s coach in college…and KC passes on Tate for both McCluster and Arenas, despite it being an obvious position of need?
    It appears KC feels better about it’s chances to convert McCluster into a slot WR, than it does about drafting the guy (Tate) who was projected by many as the draft’s best slot WR prospect…

  15. WTF?
    as a Patriots fan I think the Jets sending Washington to the NFC for a 5th rounder is good news.

  16. Leon Washington is the most overrated players on the planet. As a Jet fan I used to tout Leon until someone finally called me out on him and said “check the stats”. When I looked at the numbers I realized this guy is just a decent kick returner and a back up runningback. Media darling for some reason. Oh wait, I forgot he also had a catastrophic leg injury last year. Great job Pete Carroll, you’ll be 4-12. Welcome back to the NFL.

  17. Somebody must be smoking something the same color as the Jet’s uniforms over there. How do you trade away 2/3 of your dominant running attack like that?!
    Ladanian does not have as much left as these Jets seem to think, and Shonn, who admittedly is a beast of a RB, doesn’t have the durability to take this load. So what you’re going to end up with is a mediocre vet, a hurt star, and 2 rookies. Hope it was worth it.
    GO VIKES!!
    138 days until redemption

  18. mayb you jet haters dont watch football. you are absolute fools. leon washington is a good player but he broke his damn leg and it came out of the skin. he is a cutback runner incase you fools havent seen and that is an incredibly bad injury to come back from and play like nothing ever happened. the jets are a downhill running team and leon just didnt fit. we need a fullback cause richardson is prob playing his last year and we got the best one in the draft because we are a POWER RUNNING team. keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself if you dont know the jets. and faneca had a TERRIBLE year last year but none of you would know that because ur heads are too far up your ***’s, and he is due 8mil this year.

  19. joseferus just curious how many versions of leon washington we got, for him to be the most overrated players?

  20. oh i forgot to mention because you FOOLS know nothing of the jets…. we have to pay REVIS, MANGOLD, FERGUSON, AND HARRIS AT SEASONS END. this is a buisness and they are all probowlers (except harris) and we should keep faneca? and leon who a career changing injury?
    you jet haters know nothing, period.

  21. all offseason the jets seemed to be making good moves, with some sort of plan to follow. giving away jones seemed ok after getting LT, since Leon was coming back and Greene could get a better chance.
    Now, between Faneca and Washington, I have no idea what the hell they are trying to do, makes no sense whatsoever. Hope they have more reasoning than on the surface, since it seems like they have no problem throwing money at outside guys but won’t pay to keep the guys that got them where they are.

  22. For a nickname of White and Washington, you could call that backfield the White House.

  23. GO VIKES!!
    138 days until redemption
    I really hope no one believes winning game one of a regular season makes up for being defeated in a championship game.

  24. I like it. The Seahawks are rebuilding, and we need as many guys as possible competing in training camp. So far, I’m liking Carroll’s approach. The only move I haven’t liked yet was giving Burleson to Detroit.

  25. HellRelle24 is right. Leon was coming off of a compound fracture of the fibia, which is a really nasty injury, and he at this very moment is struggling to run in a straight line, let alone cut. I believe in a few years Leon will be back to being awesome, but not right now. He also has a terrible agent, and he just wants pay that he doesn’t really deserve. McKnight is an adequate replacement right now.

  26. I’m excited to have this playmaker on my team. Carroll/Schneider pulled of a classic draft

  27. Wow. I did not see this coming.
    Now the Jets do not have any bruiser on their team and with their run-straight-always type offense, not having Jones/Washington is going to REALLY hurt them
    McKnight is a Bush type RB and not a straight-up-the-middle RB that the Jets need

  28. ECS…..
    You slay me. You are a Seahawks fan. You spend more time in the Steeler blogs than commenting on your own team.
    I would say that the Steelers are more of an influence on you than your own team.
    Still bitter about the $5 you lost on SB XL?
    You suck…..

  29. bious….really? just really?

  30. Free grammar lesson (when you put something in parentheses) the period goes outside of them.
    I don’t know how important it is because they didn’t have LW last year and they did ok. I really don’t understand why they got rid of Jones.

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