Tony Pike joins Clausen in Carolina

The Panthers just doubled down on rookie quarterbacks.

Carolina selected Tony Pike with the No. 204 overall selection Saturday, a compensatory pick in the tail end of the sixth round.

Often projected as the fifth quarterback in this class, Pike wound up being the tenth selected. 

Michael Smith of ESPN writes the Panthers were targeting Pike if Clausen hadn’t fallen to them, and they thought he was too good a value to pass up this late. 

Clausen and Pike figure to compete for the backup quarterback spot behind Matt Moore.  Clausen is the heavy favorite, but Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn can attest that your draft slot doesn’t guarantee anything.

26 responses to “Tony Pike joins Clausen in Carolina

  1. LOL @ Carolina drafting 3 QBs in this draft (yes I realize one is more than likely a WR convert, but still…)

  2. And here come ridiculous, unsupported the “Pike will be better than Clausen” posts.

  3. pretty good stategy by carolina, qb’s are hard to read as far as success at the next level, you have to think that at least 1 of the 2 will become decent.

  4. Pike throws the better ball and is 6’6″, moves better than he looks. Just needs a year or two in an NFL weight room

  5. I know Moore has been in the league for a few years, but can he be a mentor to two rookies? If Fox gets canned after the year or gets desperate to save his job midway, the qb situation could get interesting.

  6. @SterilizeTHenry
    So your opinion is right, but everyone else’s opinion is wrong? Tony Pike won more games and had more touchdowns in their final season and Pike was on a worse team. Pike is also taller. If their schools were switched Pike would probably have been a 1st, 2nd round pick. The only thing that makes Clausen better is that he is “pro ready.” If they both have to wait though I think their is a good chance Pike outplays Clausen in camp.
    On a related topic, does anyone else think its weird that Carolina drafted 2 (in a half) QBs when they have Matt Moore on the roster. I don’t if Matt Moore is going to be great but he showed signs of promise and he is young. So are you going to have 3 young QBs on the depth chart? Get a veteran and carry 4? Or dump on of the young QBs you drafted. It makes very little sense to me.

  7. Should be interesting to see who the #1 #2 & #3 QBs are in Carolina during Week 1.

  8. Armanti Edwards put up better numbers than every qb the panthers have… but, he’ll have to play wr. One of these might be trade bait.
    Buffalo should have taken Pike

  9. @ this class sucks
    Thank you for proving my previous post right.
    Mel Kiper and Todd McShay just said Clausen is the better QB. So maybe you will listen to their opinion if not mine.
    And there are the 32 GMs that certainly had Clausen rated higher than Pike on their board.
    And Clausen had every single college school recruit him, while Pike settled for lowly Cincinatti.
    But you’re right and all the college recruits, GMs, analysts, and me are all wrong.

  10. Tony Pike has work ethic problems. He was a bum his first two years in college, he was the #5 QB on UC’s depth chart. I bet no one can name the QB’s before him. Brian Kelly came and got him working and ended up being Kelly’s starting QB. Pike was in a very friendly QB system where he didn’t have to change any plays or progress through reads. A lot of the time he just through the ball up, like Marc Bulger, and hoped that someone came down with the ball. Also, Tony Pike NEVER showed up in the big games; Against good defenses he absolutely got grilled. In fact, UC wanted to bench him in favor of Zach Collaros when UC was only down by 2 scores against Florida. This kid has the physical look of a QB but a lot of QB’s have but that doesn’t correlate to being a solid NFL QB. I wish him luck, but I really don’t see this kid making an NFL squad. Chris Mortenson tweeted that a lot of NFL teams that had him in don’t think he will make any NFL team.

  11. Nice move. And whichever one they don’t keep will probably be tradeable to someone who needs a QB.
    Nice rebound after tossing out Delhomme. I think they’ll be fine at QB.

  12. Pike throws a more natural and fluid long ball than Clausen. But Clausen is a better passer than Pike in all other aspects of the passing game.

  13. Tony Pike isn’t as NFL-Ready as Claussen, but to act like the guy was garbage is just completely ridiculous.
    He only lost 2 games in 2 seasons at “lowly” Cincinnati. Both seasons resulted in BCS bids.
    As for “throwing the ball up”, you apparently didn’t actually SEE any UC games. The Cincinnati receivers as a whole are undersized and slow (see: Gilyard, Mardy) and definitely weren’t of the “go up and get it” type.
    The worst thing about Tony Pike is that he’s streaky, and gets flustered against fast defensive lines. Those are big problems, but he’s no scrub.

  14. @sterilize
    Would it be the first time 2 QBs went and the one that went later turned out better?

  15. If Jimmy Claussen is a savior, then why did Carolina’s front office feel the need to draft Pike as well? Carolina has other needs that weren’t addressed over the past 3 days! I think Todd McShay reminded them that Notre Dame’s last 2 good QB’s who made it in teh NFL were Steve Beurlein & Joe Montana which was decades ago!

  16. I remember the 93 (?) draft Heath Shuler and Gus (?) QB out of Tulsa were both drafted by the Washington Redskins. This was a big mistake, they were both fighting for snaps and as soon as one would make a mistake the other would come in. I don’t think it is good for Clausen to have Pike in the mix. It will take plays away from him not to mention the confidence factor with them drafting another QB. Shuler ultimately was flushed out of the league never having done anything. He was a major flop, but all the scouts had him rated as a top QB prospect. You never can predict how these guys will pan out. Gus (whose last name escapes me) was a better pro, had a long career with several starts and several years in the league. He was drafted several rounds below Shuler who was a first round selection. Just like Tebow this year who knows what will happen down the road. He might be out of the league in a couple of years or he might develop into the pro he has dreamed of becoming. Drafts are a crap shoot at best. One bad lick in training camp and it could be all over. I wish the best to all those drafted and all those who will be free agents. They are all living out their dreams.

  17. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Carolina’s QB situation is much better than it was a week ago.
    Hopefully Matt Moore is our guy, but if not then maybe we have some other options…

  18. I don’t know. Does that matter?
    I’m just saying that Clausen is the better QB and that 95% of the scouts, GMs, and analysts would agree with that.

  19. “If Jimmy Claussen is a savior, then why did Carolina’s front office feel the need to draft Pike as well”
    it’s called, backup quarterback!!!! Matt Moore is on a 1 year contract, if he has a bad year, Clausen takes over and Pike’s a young backup. And by the way, to the one who thought Pike was the best thing for Cincy, re-watch the games where Pike did NOT play due to injury, they looked good without him, Brian Kelly’s system is quarterback friendly, Clausen is a GREAT value, Pike’s going to backup Clausen/Moore, i think Moore starts and if he struggles Clausen takes over.

  20. @this class sucks says:
    April 24, 2010 4:01 PM
    You may be right but can I point you in the direction of Joe Flacco as evidence that you’re more than likely wrong?

  21. @ This class sucks:
    Pike, in time, will be a better pro QB than Clausin. I agree that if Pike was on ND he would be a 1 or 2 round pick. Needs more weight and learning. And Cincy was way better than ND. Undefeated in 09, back-to-back Big East champs, and went to the Orange Bowl in ’08 and Sugar in ’09. Yet you think Clausen played on the better team. ND lost to the last 4 BE teams they played. lol
    I digress, Pike will be a good backup for a couple years, and become a solid starter in 2-3 years. Mark my words.

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