Welcome to the NFL, Mardy Gilyard

As the Rams look to regain NFL relevance, they apparently have landed a wideout with a big personality.

And we like it. 

In his introductory press conference with the Rams, Mardy Gilyard showed off a sense of humor that could serve the struggling franchise well.

For starters, he said he planned to celebrate the news by going crabbing.
“Crabbing is an old school way of catching crabs,” Gilyard explained.  “I’m from the backwoods and we’re country folk back here, so we’ll be in the backlands or the backwoods here in Florida not to far from where my parents stay at.   It’s just old school — chicken necks, string and netting — just kind of catching crabs.  Go for what you know.”

Later, they’ll be having a celebration in his honor.  “We’re actually throwing a big party for
me here in a couple hours, so I’ve got to be the man to bring back some
crabs,” Gilyard said.

Asked to describe his hometown of Bunnell, Florida, Gilyard said, “Do you have a pen?   A piece of paper?  Take your pen and just dot the paper, and it’ll be the [size of the] dot in comparison to the paper.”

Most importantly, Mardy loves his mother.  “That’s my ‘sugar wooga ooga booga,'” he said.  “She’s my everything.”

Gilyard’s “sugar wooga ooga booga” is proud today.  And we’ve got a feeling Gilyard will be making her proud at the next level.

And the Rams have high hopes, given that they didn’t hesitate to make him the first pick in round four.

“If the grades are relatively close you can make a case for a guy that is maybe graded slightly lower,” coach Steve Spanuolo said.  “But, the grade we had on Gilyard was so much higher than the next group of players, it made it easy.  In fact, there was a call this morning made about trading back, but we didn’t want to lose this guy, again, because his grade was significantly higher than the next bunch of players.  So we decided to just stand pat and take Gilyard.”

9 responses to “Welcome to the NFL, Mardy Gilyard

  1. It’s amazing that every 4th and 5th round pick is always “rated so much higher”….Hell skip the first 3 rounds and just draft diamonds in the rough

  2. if he’s as humble as he sounds, seems like a great pick
    you don’t need to find marquee players every time

  3. Watched him play for the last 2 years. Sideline leader and was essentially the voice on the field during games. Was hoping the Bengals would pick him up, but the size and speed issues – at the combine I might add- really hurt him. Nevertheless, he was an excellent reciever for Cincinnati, ran good routes and has great catching skills.

  4. Done that knee deep in mucky water, string, chicken neck, and net crabbing. Great fun, except for the bugs. Gilyard should be a nice catch for the Rams

  5. Done that knee deep in mucky water, string, chicken neck, and net crabbing. Great fun, except for the bugs. Gilyard should be a nice catch for the Rams

  6. St Louis fans you’re going to love this guy’s personality, he’ll be missed here in Cincinnati. Just a fun guy.
    Best wishes Mardy.

  7. wow.. okay, i gotta say , I like his attitude.. sounds like he’s gonna be a _Great_ soundbite in interviews

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