Florio flaps his gums on NBC

As Florio mentioned earlier, he appeared on NBC’s Sports Update with Jimmy Roberts earlier Sunday.

We’ve got you covered below if you missed the segment.

And MDS and I have Florio covered as he tries to break the record for most broadway shows seen with his family in a 24 hour period.


25 responses to “Florio flaps his gums on NBC

  1. Mike is overlooking a couple of things here regards Carolina. Firstly, it is not just the head coach who makes personel decisions. Particularly if that coach is in a tenuous situation. Secondly, Jimmy Clausen can play NOW. John Fox gets probably 12 starts this year from his rookie QB to justify the selection. If Clausen is as good as I think he can be, that may be enough to give Fox job security to be able to see him mature fully.

  2. Florio, I hate to say this, but you really do have a knack for television. Congratulations on not sounding like a total retard.

  3. Florio – your thinking is retarded in regards to McDaniels staying on as a Denver coach forever, just because he drafted a project QB in round 1.
    The guy is on the hot seat right now for it. If Tebow doesnt show anything in the next 2 years, and especially if Denver doesnt win anything during that time, McDaniels is out and so is Tebow.
    Stop making things up.

  4. congrats u were on at 3am, not one person was up to watch you. you know you are a media whore when you will go on at 3am to talk about something know one cares about, like your opion

  5. Michael, that was horrible. You did yourself a disservice. I just lost a lot respect for your football opinion. You might be able to comment on trends, and the underbelly of the NFL, but you clearly know crap about what goes on on the field. Sorry.

  6. ProFootballTalk.com brought to you by NBC Sports and Manhunt.com
    Looks like this site just got that much “gayer”

  7. I think Carolina had a good draft. Whether Fox is here or not next year we still needed talent at QB and mid 2nd and 6th round picks for Clausen and Pike are good value picks. The next coach will be a young coordinator who is probably with the Panthers now and will use what Hurney and Mr. Richardson tell them to use.

  8. So, I’m at the gym, on the tread mill (trying to keep my Hypertension under control) and who’s face pops up on the TV monitors? Mike Florio! Good grief! Next thing I know, I feel like Superman, and I ran another 2 miles…..
    No matter what we all say: PFT is a life-line.
    Hey, Mike…. thanks for motivating me to run another 2 miles.
    With the 88th pick in this year’s draft, The Arizona Cardinals select: Andre Roberts, WR, from The Citadel!!!!! That’s two Bulldogs on The Cardinals, Nehemiah Broughton, the other…. but then again, so was Stump Mitchell and Greg Davis….
    Home of Marc Bouniconti… The Citadel!

  9. Mike, is the glue from your rug seeping into your brain? You think that Josh McDaniels is now assured of being HC at Denver for the next 5 or 6 years? Huh?
    Just see what happens if Denver starts weak in 2010 after collapsing in the second half of 09. If the Broncos’ collapse cotinues, that evil child’s only soundbite in November 2010 will be ‘Would you like fries with that sir?’

  10. Considering what Ben Roethlisberger was flapping in that cheesy saloon men’s room, I’ll take gums any time.

  11. Ok, let me flap my gums for a moment.
    How is Colt McCoy falling to the Browns a great pick, but Clausen falling to the Panthers is a bad pick?? There is no way John Fox is any more of a lame duck coach than Mangini. Mangini barely made it back for this season.
    And you say McDaniels picking Tebow buys him 5-6 years of job security?!? That is insane. If the Broncos don’t start turning things around soon, McDaniels will be run out of town in 2 years…especially if Marshall and Cutler start to tear it up for their new teams.
    Anyway, you contradict yourself again. If drafting Tebow buys McDaniels 5-6 years of job security, wouldn’t the same happen to John Fox drafting Clausen???

  12. I really have a hard time following your logic regarding Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow. If anything, giving up three picks to move up to take Tebow will put more pressure on McDaniels to win. Otherwise, he’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Why would you think that Pat Bowlen is going to give him a pass for 5-6 years? I’ve got to agree with SwervinMervin.
    I’m not a Tebow hater by any means either.

  13. Did Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Cincinnati do worse than a B+? Uh, no.
    I understand that the Dez Bryant pick was great but Jerry Jones said he was going to focus on how they lost the Minnesota game during this offseason. They cut Hamlin, the safety who wasn’t the one getting burned throughout that game. The cut Flozell Adams, the tackle who was injured in that game.
    Then, they get in this draft and add a corner-safety who they admit might not be able to be active much this season.

  14. Really Florio?? you give the Panthers a D grade in this draft because of a 6th round pick??? I think they got a steal in Clausen and one of the best wide outs in college football last year in LaFell, who has never had a decent quarterback.

  15. Let’s mention trades that were part of the draft the made teams better: Raiders, Seahawks, etc…Florio, Jags had THE worst draft end all.

  16. Florio is a widely known Clausen-Hater. Even he will admit that. Whatever team drafted Clausen was gonna get a poor draft grade from Florio.

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