Heap could be feeling the Heat in Baltimore

T. Heap.jpgBack in January, our old PFT buddy Aaron Wilson speculated that Todd Heap may have played his last game as a Baltimore Raven.

The events of draft weekend certainly support that theory.

Baltimore drafted back-to-back tight ends: Ed Dickson in the third round and Dennis Pita in the fourth round.  (The Ravens were reportedly set to take Dan Williams, but wound up with Sergio Kindle, Dickson, and Pita as the bounty of the Tim Tebow trade.)

Ravens coach John Harbaugh says the team still expects a “great year” from Heap, but their actions spoke louder. They took two versatile tight ends that will be weapons for Joe Flacco.

Heap is due $4 million in 2010 and will have to stay healthy to avoid being phased out in Baltimore sooner than later.

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  1. Aaron Wilson speculated wrong as far as Todd Heap playing his last game as a Raven. Perhaps they drafted two tight ends because of the fact that they only had two tight ends on the roster prior to the draft. Those were Todd Heap and Davon Drew (a 5th rounder from last year that spent the entire year on IR). Todd Heap played more plays than any other tight end in football last year, so maybe he needs a bit of a breather now and again. The Ravens needed to look to the future and add depth, but that doesn’t mean Heap is on his way out just yet. I believe this will be his 10th year, so he’s definitely on the back couple of years on his career, but he’s not being cut or benched.

  2. I have seen Heap play a lot over the years (I’m a Steelers fan) and he has been a quality TE. But if your paying the guy $4 M this year, and you are going to be paying 2 TEs from the draft someone has to go.
    I think it was a great move to trade those picks to Denver. Now they just doubled their chances of finding a solid TE for Flacco.

  3. I’d say he is in a ‘heap” of trouble of not making the team next year.
    They should have cut him two year ago anyway.

  4. he is not going anywhere,if they did it would leave them with only 2 and one on practice squad,are posts like this just to generate people talking so it creates news instead of just reporting news,its weird hom the media is now a days,whether he gets ut or not,why cant we just wait to see,is it just sso you can say “hey i guessed that a week ago”,dumb

  5. Let’s see how good the draft picks are before we get rid of a frequently hurt, but a solid Raven playmaker for years. This just gives him a reason to stay healthy.


  7. It’s funny how NFL fans are so quick to move on. Is “Heap” closing in on the end of his career, sure! But let’s see, he has the most receptions, TD’s, and receiving yards in Ravens history )and a lot of that was with Kyle Boller hanging him out to dry. The Ravens are preparing for the future and if either one of these two new TE’s(whom look like great picks) are better than Heap than they’ll be on the field. If not he’s got a few years left.

  8. @BudRavensFan1
    i agree with u. dont forget of the different offensive coordinators and having another rookie QB in Joe Flacco. But i do think heap needs to step up to stay in B-more and be healthy . this year should be a make-or-break year!

  9. Way to jump the gun. If anything this move is remeniscant of when Heap was drafted. The Ravens had Shannon Sharpe that year. Heap set behind Sharpe for a year and the year after Heap was drafted Sharpe was gone. Thats likely what is going on here. Heap isnt done yet though, he’s got some gas left in the tank and frankly his injury history is overstated. He’s no worse than Anquan Boldin in that aspect. Heap above anything else wants to win. I think he will retire a Raven, he’ll take a paycut after the season and come back ready to kick butt.

  10. As much as it relates to his injury history, Todd refuses to take pain medication for injuries, because of his religious beliefs. Supporters of Todd support his standing up for his beliefs even though it may impact him negatively in the game he loves, and also in his wallet. Detractors say that this is the reason he misses many games and that with pain medication he would be able to help the team more and play in more games. Not taking a side either way, but just thought it should be out there.

  11. First of all, the Ravens drafted the tight end from BYU (Pitta) and not a pocket bread (Pita).
    Secondly, the Ravens used three guys at tight end last season other than Heap – L.J. Smith, who was hurt more than a nursing home patient; Chris Chester, an offensive lineman by trade; and Edgar Jones, a special teams guy who is mainly a backup linebacker.
    So the Ravens needed two tight ends to go with Heap, no matter how you slice the Pita bread.

  12. I highly doubt that Heap is going to cut from Baltimore. He has lost a step, but he stayed healthy last year which really was a blessing considering that LJ Smith and Edgar Jones were the only other TE’s that we had. We had Davon Drew on the practice squad but he isn’t that good. We needed depth at TE and I see Cam getting all three(Heap, Dickson, and Pitta) some work in this season. I think that Heap and Pitta are more of the inline TE’s for us who can stay in and block and also be threats in the passing game, and while Dickson isn’t a good blocker, he is very athletic and I think you’ll see him spread out wide or in the slot and making some plays that way. I think all three will be huge targets in the redzone. No excuses for Joe not to have a better year throwing the rock. Can’t wait for the season to start. Go Ravens!!

  13. Yea good idea, let’s cut Heap and leave ourselves with 2 rooks who’ve never seen an NFL snap and a practice squad guy we cut last year, Detroit picked up, and then they cut him too! Heap has been quiet the past few years bc guys like Sypnewski, Jones and Wilcox have all been injured leaving us with one TE and in Flacco’s 1st 2 years he’s been there primarily for blocking purposes and done a bang up job too. If we cut him loose, which I do not foresee, we’d be making a huge mistake.

  14. Heap has consistantly rejected treatment for injuries because of his religious beliefs leading to protracted times off the field.
    Personally, if you are getting paid to play, I think you need to do whatever it is to get you on the field. I think the Ravens are tired of the whole song-and-dance.
    Translation: take the spike and get out there, Todd.

  15. darthokeefe says: April 25, 2010 10:53 PM
    I’ll set the over/under for your age at 12.

  16. They should do their due diligence and see how this pans out through at least training camp before making a decision. This guy may not be a superstar but the Ravens have gotten solid play out of him. Tight end is a rough position to fill sometimes, especially on a run first team who’s also trying to establish passing threats for a young quarterback. The Ravens and the Jets are in the same shoes when it comes to the passer situation – Flacco is further in his progression than Sanchez, and may ultimately be a better passer in the end. As a Jets fan I just know that Dustin Keller has been a good target for Sanchez when he gets himself into a rough spot earlier in a play, and Flacco hasn’t evolved into Peyton Manning just yet. A veteran TE might be worth keeping a round another year when the other options are rookies.

  17. The writing was on the wall before those two tight ends were selected in the draft. Belichick traded up to leapfrog Baltimore to grab Gronkowski because even he knew that Heap was on the garbage heap.

  18. Heap is not going anywhere. He will be a mentor for the young guys just like Shannon was a mentor for him. For all the people who complain about how he is always injured, the guy played almost every down last year when LJ worthless Smith was hurt the whole year and Edgar Jones and Chris Chester tried to fill in. Heap is in the November of his career. But he will be here this year as we make another playoff run.

  19. I am sad to say that Heap is not the same “Heap” that we loved so much 5 years ago. I still remember the game against the Steelers when he got hurt. The next play as they were clocking the ball some idiot from the steelers ( Joey Porter i think ) took a cheap shot on him knowing he was in obviouse pain and the Ravens were clocking the ball. But anyway back to Heap!
    Early in his career he was a game changing TE. Those out there that are saying he was never a “Top TE” are crazy. He was one of the best and possibly the best at his position early in his career. He was always up there with Tony Gonzalez in TE rankings and depending on the year he was either 1 or 2 in the Rankings. Sadly after that first injury it looked like his body just started to break down. I will ALWAYS be a HEAP fan. I think he could be an excelent mentor for these 2 young TE’s we have. They are alot like heap was/is deep threats, go up and get the ball type TE’s. Heap needs to teach them how to protect them selves as they already have the tools and talents to play the game!

  20. # jamaltimore says: April 25, 2010 10:42 PM
    ” ..but a solid Raven playmaker for years. ”
    Yea, at least he hasn’t murdered anybody.

  21. Heap is a big pussy. J-Peezy set him on his ass becuase he was faking. Typical Ravens player….they want nothing to do with Pittsburgh in fear of getting their fannies whipped. AGAIN.

  22. Heap isn’t being cut this year. They had no TE depth and now they do, simple as that. And hopefully one of these two will replace Heap when he is gone NEXT YEAR. As of this year, he is the starting TE.

  23. Let’s keep Heap around this yr to show the young guys how it’s done Heap has blocked very well for us but I will say since he got hurt he’s been play’n scared out there at times he won’t catch the ball bcuz he knows he’s going to get hit so he’s been gun shy but I do think he could use a pay cut but he should stick around n not start n retire as a Raven bcuz he sure played like one thanks Heap for all u done for us ! Go Ravens

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