LeGarrette Blount disses Niners, joins Titans

On Saturday, Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount continued his draft slide, passing through rounds four, five, six, and seven.

After we learned the identity of Mr. Irrelevant, Blount agreed to terms with the 49ers.  But he didn’t sign a contract.  So he was free to change his mind.

And he did.  Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Blount will instead sign with the Titans.

Of course, until Blount actually put his Herbie Hancock on a contract, he’s free to change his mind, again.

62 responses to “LeGarrette Blount disses Niners, joins Titans

  1. this is a steal, that clown from Boise St. had it coming, dude folded like origami…
    This guy will be the next Jamal Lewis (felonys and all, unfortunately )but will produce in the NFL..
    you can take that to the proverbial bank

  2. That’s a shame. He was a perfect fit for the 9ers. Singletary often says, “we’re gonna punch them in the mouth.”

  3. He probably knew that “punching a defenseless player” BS wouldn’t fly with Singletary.

  4. He probably figured if he were to punch his head coach, he would have a better shot of winning the fight down in Nashville than in SF.
    He is a punk, who would want him in the locker room?

  5. Once a turd, always a turd. He’s not a pro player. He’s missed his chance. He needed that last year of college ball to be a pro.

  6. Jimmy Smith your an idiot who deserves to be b*tch slapped for saying such stupid things

  7. Hey Chiefs, except for the fact that Jamal Lewis ran a legit 4.4 forty yard dash coming out of Tennessee and was an athletic freak for a man his size.
    Blount is a big slug. The dude looks like he’s wearing cement cleats.

  8. I’ll take him in the locker room. To me you need some people with ruthless aggression. If he could only channel it better.. This games getting more and more for pansys.

  9. I don’t blame him, he’s starting out 4th at best on the depth chart. Wish he woulda stayed but I understand his thought process, especially with Lendale leaving.

  10. He heard Eric Green was still on roster (Sodemized a Tranny) and didnt want to see Singletary drop his pants in locker room in front of 53 men to motivate them! I dont blame him!

  11. Blount will never be more famous for football than he was for his fists. Oakland didn’t even look at him, and their coach is not shy about getting his message across.

  12. LeGarrette won’t fit very well on his new name plate at McDonalds… perhaps he’ll just put VP of Fries

  13. I’m sure there are a lot of defenders who can’t wait to punch him in the mouth, NFL style.

  14. Gah, its John Hancock. as in the president of the second continental congress. You know the guy who was the first to sign the declaration of independence?

  15. For a guy who already had major character questions, reneging on a verbal agreement with the 49ers was not a good idea.
    He better hope he makes the Titans, because I doubt there will be teams lining up to give him a second chance if he doesn’t.
    Players who’ve actually accomplished something in the league may get away with such shenanigans, but I doubt he will.

  16. he remembered singletary pulling out his member during halftime from a couple of years ago and wanted to punch the coach!!!! good call leaving before you gave him a cheap shot!!!

  17. Too bad he didn’t go to Carolina, we’d see if Steve Smith’s anger management classes were successful.

  18. Dumb as move! shoulda stayed with the niners!! this guy has all kindsa skills just no F/n Brains….Singletary woulda straightened him out!

  19. He should of stayed with the 49ers. I was his best situation as a player and a Man. Gore is aging and it would of put Blount in the best position to have a mentor in Singletary.

  20. The Titans are a good fit for him. He’ll do well now that White is gone it opens it up for a Bruiser to come in and punish the defense while Johnson outruns it. Great choice Blount as long as you took something out of your mistake it’s O.K. to make them. Much luck in Tennessee..

  21. I hope haynesworth goes back. They can swap techniques on punching and stomping people in the face!

  22. Didn’t make much sense for the niners to get him any way since they already drafted another bruiser Anthony Dixon. Regardless I think he will be a good ball player for the short amount of time he is in the league… Stay classy LeGarrette, just remember your not in the Pac 10 anymore, they hit a lot harder and are much faster than your slow a$$

  23. A few things: First, I’m sure Florio knows who John Hancock is you guys who responded to that got trolled. Second, when the 49ers head coach pulled down his pants he had long underwear on (responding to jay1237). And third, I think it will be tough for him to make the Titans but it would have been tough to make the 49ers as well. They have Gore of course, and Coffee (who probably isn’t going far just yet) and Robinson (pro bowl special teams and 3rd down guy) and then he still has to beat out Anthony Dixon (who the 49ers clearly think is better than Blount). So it would not exactly have been a cake walk. Remember this guy hasn’t actually proved anything yet, he had a solid year at Oregon sharing the carries and then we all know what happened the next year. I think he has become a little overrated due to his novelty/infamous status. That being said, I still (as a 49er fan) would have rather have him in our camp than anyone else’s. At least he is going to a team out of division and conference so its not like we have to rehash his leaving twice a year if he ends up being good.

  24. Looks like the Titans are gonna make guys compete for backing up CJ..Ringer, Stafon Johnson, and now Blount..should be interesting

  25. I would have loved to see him broken in an offseason under Singletary, but I don’t fault him. He’ll probably take over Lendale’s spot and the Niners already have 4 RBs (incl. new draftee Dixon, a bruiser for short-yardage.)

  26. “this is a steal, that clown from Boise St. had it coming, dude folded like origami…
    This guy will be the next Jamal Lewis (felonys and all, unfortunately )but will produce in the NFL..
    you can take that to the proverbial bank”
    A steal? If he was that good, he would have been drafted, in spite of being an asshat, see Pacman Jones. I could produce in the NFL too, produce lots of bodily fluids seeping from my body. Define “produce”.
    He dropped the guy because it was a cheapshot. He’s like the many of those Oregon players, overrated and a punk.
    Not even close to Jamal Lewis. Hell, this guy is closer to the next Lawrence Phillips than Jamal Lewis.
    Glad I don’t bank where you do if you think this guy was justified and it was manly for him to hit a guy who wasn’t even looking. Your bank is about to be closed.

  27. The 49ers should be happy. He’s already exhibited the behavior patterns of a sociopath, now he reneges on a verbal contract? Sure, its his right to do so, but this guy was undrafted and suspended for punching someone on the field. I foresee criminal charges for this punk in his future. I’d bet money that he beats a girlfriend or some random woman at a club.

  28. Blount will not last as long as Pacman in the NFL.
    BTW… Chiefs2010 (1st post in thread); The kid from Boise St was trash talkin’. Yet, he wasn’t the cowardly one in that incident.
    I’ve never been to the proverbial bank. I tend to go with past performance. Blount has a history you’ve yet to discover but the Titans soon will. Hell, they’re already busy with problem child Chris Johnson.
    If I was competing for a spot with Blount, I would simply call his mother some names and he’d lose it and be forever gone. I’d get over my black-eye, take my contract and move on while Blount runs his mouth to nobody.

  29. Oh, I see…he’s black, so his signature is a “Herbie” Hancock, not a “John” Hancock. You’re so hip and cool, Florio. You and your feminine little heart-shaped face are gonna get bi*chslapped someday.

  30. Don’t worry Florio, for those of us that have seen Tommy Boy, we got the reference! “John Hancock! Everybody knows it’s Herbie Hancock!”…lol

  31. He had no realistic chance with the Niners. He’s not going to replace Frank Gore. And the roster is full of large, one-cut, run-between-the-tackles backs.
    Smart of him to move on to a different team. One where he can have an actual chance of getting some touches instead of sitting on the practice squad and having everyone forget about him…

  32. Too funny. Now all the 49er fan boys can stop liking this punk. Yeah… you kissed his butt… and got what you deserved. Too bad you weren’t classy…. now you’re little b’itches.

  33. Condolences to all the 49er fans who lined up to kiss his b’utt and swallow their pride. Looks like you all crawled for nothing. Next time stay classy.

  34. He’ll be on a short leash in Nashville with Fisher…After the coach had to deal with Pac Man,
    I was surprised to hear they signed Blount. I hope this kid finally “gets it” and makes the most of his chance. The depth chart with the Titans gives him a better chance than in San Francisco in my opinion…

  35. BigBear123, you hit the nail on the head. He does not want to play for coach Mike because he is scared that coach will pull his pants down and punch him when he is not expecting it. I am glad this pos did not get drafted. Loser.

  36. the punch at the end of the game was awesome. How does anyone know what was said to reach that point. sometimes people just need to get popped for runnin their mouths.
    The point where he attacked the fans at the end and had to restrained by cops is another issue. He was flippin out with no control. That was like ten minutes after the first punch. You gotta be able to chill & realize the entire nation is watching.
    This kid is a good ball player though & i believe he will make the team and get time this year.

  37. GAH , Veritas Amber …Just a little history for you , Hancokc wasnt the first one to put his name on the Declaration , however his signature was the largest and most prominent , which is why the phrase is what it is now . . . However I am somewhat suprised that you would commend him for his badges yet would be so off on such a comment .

  38. To those of you correcting Herbie Hancock….its called Tommy Boy…great movie check it out….then come back and have a laugh.

  39. Krow- just because he didn’t sign with us doesn’t take away from him being good. The guy is a very slow yet powerful back, that was never a secret. I guess it was never a secret that he isn’t a classy guy either, saying one thing and doing another that is what disappointed niner fans. The guy isn’t good enough to be doing stunts like that, not when you go undrafted.

  40. dmcdonoughjr – “you r a DUMBA$$ who deserves to be b*tch slapped for saying such stupid things to JimmySmith.” Either that or yo’re Blount’s college roomie.
    Plenty of folks agree with Jimmy thinking Blount is a POS:
    “He is a punk, who would want him in the locker room?”
    “Another example of his “anger management” problem.”
    “I am glad this pos did not get drafted. Loser.”
    “He’ll be susupended for domestic abuse and DUI soon anyways.”
    “All the Titans did was the ‘thug shuffle’. Blount for White…”
    And the best one – “Dude is a straight shibacle… “

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