Pete Carroll calls Anthony McCoy Seahawks' best value pick

USC tight end Anthony McCoy was projected by many draft observers as a third-round pick, but he was still on the board in the sixth round, where the Seahawks finally selected him.

Whether his drop was related to his positive marijuana test or not, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called McCoy Seattle’s best value in this draft.

McCoy said after the draft that he was excited about being reunited with Carroll, his college coach.

“My head’s hurting,” McCoy said. “I’m over here shedding tears. I’m just real happy that if it’s anywhere I’ve got to go, it’s to be with coach Carroll again.”

As for the drug test, McCoy said he thinks it’s the reason he dropped to the sixth round.

“Really, I just made a mistake, and I regret doing it,” McCoy said. “Right now, I’ve moved past that. I’m just focused on helping the Seattle Seahawks organization, help them win football games.”

8 responses to “Pete Carroll calls Anthony McCoy Seahawks' best value pick

  1. Two thoughts. “anywhere I’ve got to go…”?
    Don’t make it sound like such a chore.
    “I’ve moved passed that.”
    No mention of LEARNING from that, just moving on.

  2. God forbid these guys from puffin’ during their leisure time. They should probably be thrown in jail. Hell, we should probably shut down congress for a day to address this hugely big deal.

  3. These 20/21 year old football players are kids. They don’t live in isolation. THey have plenty of college friends who live the college lifestyle. While it’s prolly a good idea to include marijuana among the illicit drugs that the NFL tests for, it is NOT a PED and clearly a mild social /recreational drug that is coinsidered less harmful than alcohol. If he dropped 3 rounds because of marijuana use, then the evaluators really need to grow up a little and face reality about college kids.

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