B.J. Askew heading out of Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will release fullback B.J. Askew today, his agent told the Tampa Tribune.

Askew is the second Buccaneers veteran to be let go today, following the release of defensive tackle Chris Hovan.

Askew has started 15 games at fullback in the last three years for the Buccaneers but has been limited by injuries. His 2009 season ended in October when he sustained neck and back injuries in a car accident.

Chris Pressley is expected to go into 2010 as the Bucs’ starting fullback.

10 responses to “B.J. Askew heading out of Tampa Bay

  1. Chris Pressly was the better of the two FB’s in training camp last year, smart kid, bruiser, could do worse Tampa, if Graham is not used as a true fullback (which I would suspect)

  2. Sorry, in Bengals Training Camp, Pressly was the best FB. I was very surprised to see him cut in favor of Vakapuna and the fatty, well as surprised as one can be that Mikey and Co. made a dumb decision about a guy with a bad track record (JJ).

  3. Man, I hope BJ can catch on with another team. I went to high school with his brother Rayshawn (who I thought was more athletic than BJ) and my brother in law was going to play with BJ at Winton Woods until BJ transferred to Colerain because Brandon Miree had a lock on the starting running back job. So we had a vested interest in the kid sticking in the NFL, since we knew him or in my case, his family. Consequently, we were geeked when Brandon Miree was playing with Brett Favre in 2006 in Green Bay and caught a couple passes, it was like a kid we knew catching a pass from a legend, pretty cool stuff. Hope BJ can find a team like that too, like Indy or something, so he can catch passes from Peyton Manning and we can get all excited for him like we did Miree.

  4. That’s probably because I couldn’t give two squirts of piss about the Bucs and only care about what happens to BJ Askew, with a large helping of hope that he gets to continue his career period, with a small slice of wish fulfillment being that he gets to continue it with a great player like a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady so that I can get excited that a kid I saw grow up from a family most everyone at school knew ended up playing with a living legend, like what happened with Brandon Miree.

  5. jfd117, for real? I had Vakapuna and he mixed up? So we cut and then signed Vakapuna duringt he season huh? OK, I’ll admit to ignorance in that department and defer to you.

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