Cowboys, Bills expressed interest in Jared Gaither

Though draft weekend came and went without anyone making an offer for Ravens tackle Jared Gaither, it’s not as if no one was interested.

We’re told that the Cowboys and the Bills sniffed around the restricted free agent in the weeks preceding the draft.  The Ravens had applied a first-round tender to the former Maryland Terrapin, but the team had made it clear that it was willing to consider a lower level of consideration.

It’s rare that a starting-caliber left tackle is available, since they’re so hard to find.  The problem for the Ravens is that they have two of them, and that they apparently believe 2009 first-rounder Michael Oher will become the better player, sooner rather than later.

So the question becomes whether the Ravens will move him for whatever they can get, or whether they’ll keep him for another year at a salary of $2.5 million, and then watch him leave as an unrestricted free agent.

14 responses to “Cowboys, Bills expressed interest in Jared Gaither

  1. Add to the Bills list of “Good intentions; Failure to deliver” list…

  2. Tebow?
    The Broncos made it pretty obvious they wanted Tebow for 2 weeks leading to the draft. McDaniels has no poker face at all.

  3. I feel like posting a few thoughts on a book called THE BLIND SIDE.
    – It’s one of those very rare books that I will read again.
    – Like Michael Oher himself, I haven’t seen the movie
    – I already agree with the movie critic who said that the book is about very many things, but it’s not about Sandra Bullock
    Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. How can Oher be anything other than a bad-ass butt-kicking Raven? No disrespect to Gaither — I’m a QB wannabe who’d trust him to watch my back — but damn.
    Nice problem to have.

  4. I thought when they were “willing to consider a lower level of consideration” they said that they still wanted a late first or early second round pick. I think teams stayed away because the price was still to high. I think Dallas would have offered a 3rd round pick and TE M. Bennett but had to use there 3rd round pick to trade up for Dez Bryant. When the Ravens drafted a TE in the 3rd round Dallas was out.

  5. Just look at this PFT Deion Sanders tried to do the same thing with Micheal Crabtree last yr but teams didn’t fall for it he tired to spend time with the kid n be seen with the kid as much as he could then that’s when all the talk about Crabtree being a problem child start come’n out So teams wouldn’t pick him but it back fired n SF took him anyway it may not be true but I’m just say’n he was tryn to get this kid for Dallas and now this Dez Bryant thing has got me think’n mayb Deion be friended Dez Know’n that Dez was struggle’n to keep up his Grades in school n told him not to worry all u have to do is be seen out wit me n act like a bad seed then u will have to sit out a yr nobody will Draft u but the cowboys u don’t have to go to the combine and take the wonderlic test and nobody will ever know u can’t read and Jerry n I will make sure u have sum money till u get drafted by us Damn we need scouts like Deion or I’m I that pissed that we didn’t draft Bryant mayb it’s a little bit of both (Lmao!!!!!)

  6. Good intentions failure to deliver??? Did we forget what shanahan did in Denver, or what cowler did in Pittsburgh?

  7. Big Deuce – Dont hate on the Cowboys because your GM didnt pull the trigger. Dallas would have stayed at 27 if the Packers didnt take Bulaga. When he came off the board Dez Bryant was the highest value left. If you are right about Dez Bryant and he purposly threw his proday and caused off field problems just because J. Jones said he would draft him. Dez Bryant is the luckiest man in the world. I love the Cowboys and J. Jones as a owner but that man will lie right to your face as would most owners when talking about or to players.

  8. I may be the only Cowboy fan who isnt sold on Dez Bryant being drafted @24. If Dallas wanted a WR they should have signed B. Marshall to a RFA deal on the first day of free agency. Whats a better value B. Marshall for a 1st round pick or D. Bryant for a 1st and 3rd round pick? I say B. Marshall is the better move but hide sight is 20/20 I guess.

  9. “I say B. Marshall is the better move but hide sight is 20/20 I guess.”
    pretty sure it’s “hind-sight”…. stupid cowfags fan!

  10. J-Star, Dallas passed on Randy Moss years ago because of Michael Irvin’s problems. I believe they passed on Brandon Marshall because of what they experienced with TO. Brandon Marshall is a very productive WR who will one day fall apart like a $2 suitcase.

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