Incorrect report flies of Matt Birk trade

Several readers have brought to our attention a report from ESPN 1500 in the Twin Cities that St. Paul native and long-time Vikings center Matt Birk has been traded from his current team, the Ravens, to the Steelers.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell us that it’s simply not true.

Said one source on the topic of whether a trade has occurred, “Sh-t no.”

Besides, the Steelers have a center in Justin Hartwig.  And they drafted a center (who’ll play guard, at least for now) in Maurkice Pouncey.

So that’s that.  Birk is a Raven, and he won’t be a Steeler.

35 responses to “Incorrect report flies of Matt Birk trade

  1. really? who actually believed this…? the steelers and ravens r one of the biggest rivalarys in football y would there be a trade? thanks for wasting my time florio

  2. If it’s incorrect, we are certain to read about it on PFT. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all untrue rumors, Florio.
    Is Bradshaw still dead?

  3. Wow, whats next, Eli for Peyton. I mean the media hears something anything, runs with it as an anoyonmous source, and then retracts headline 15 mins later. So if you gonna make one up it just as soon be a REAL hoot.

  4. AndyReidIsABadCoach…. hopefully, that would be a nice move. btw andy reid is not a bad coach lol.

  5. I saw this same trade talk tagged somewhere in Foxsports and was trying to find the whole story. Glad to hear it is not true.

  6. This site was founded on incorrect reports, and it seems to be doing pretty well.. Why wouldn’t ESPN 1500 want to cash in on that as well?

  7. Nice, Pelissero already screwed up a trade rumor – you should have stayed with the Gazette, Tommy.

  8. Yeah, who would believe this? Not like there has been any significant inner-divisional trades made within the last month.

  9. The Ravens dont trade within the division. In 2005, they overpaid to keep Chester Taylor from signing with the Browns as a RFA.

  10. Surprise, surprise. ESPN got something wrong again. Why does anyone put any stock in anything this network and their affiliates say or claim? Even their radio network is beyond pathetic. CowTurd admitted today, that if he can’t get a punchline from the Raiders, that he just doesn’t care to report on it. How professional is that? He admitted to bias right on the air. (Why was I listening you might ask? Well, I have a pathetic jock of a friend who has to listen to sports radio all day, every day. It was background noise for me, but that caught my attention.)

  11. # robmart0906 says: April 26, 2010 5:07 PM
    “disappointed florio? figures, since ur such a steelers fan..”
    welcome, is this your first visit to our planet?

  12. Birk beats steelers on the field. Harrison beats woman off it. “Zero Tolerance” policy my arse.

  13. All time records:
    vs. Bengals – Steelers lead 47-30
    vs. Browns – Steelers lead 60-56
    vs. Ravens – Steelers lead 16-10
    Who Beats Who on the Field?

  14. Why would anybody need to report Matt Birk’s flies? It’s Ben Rapelisberger’s fly everybody needs to worry about.

  15. Howard Cosell, I didn’t check the accuracy of your historical records, but I wouldn’t be tooting my horn too loudly considering your Stillerz only have a 6 game advantage over a team that just found it’s first real QB two years ago and only a 4 game advantage over a team that has completely sucked balls almost forever.

  16. Worked with Matt Birk in high school at a golf course, one of the nicest most grounded guys you will ever meet.
    wish he was still with Minny

  17. is Matt Birk a trojan horse and ray lewis jumps out of him after the trade??
    only way this makes any sense

  18. Like the Ravens would trade w/ the Stillers!? Besides, who do they have on their roster that isn’t a rapist/douche bag/wife beater/ girlfriend beater /pitbull owner that dog attacks your own son / scumbag? We don’t want anything they have, including their 5 of 6 tainted Lombardi’s (4 steroid filled trophies from the 70s & SB 40 when the Seahawks had to play both the Stillers & the Refs).

  19. I actually I saw different results on different sites, and I had to pick one (Wikipedia) All giving the lead to the Steelers. Feel free to post the stats that you have found and state your source.
    vs. Bengals – Steelers lead 48-32
    vs. Browns – Steelers lead 60-56
    vs. Ravens – Steelers lead 19-11 (that would be 8 games)
    Actually back in the day the Browns were a good team and have sucked lately. Lifetime 480-387-13. Close divisional records is what really makes rivalries great.
    Anyway you slice it until these team win more games vs. the Steelers. The Steelers have a winning record in the division.
    Not tooting my horn just pointing out to RAVNATION that the Steelers have a winning division record. And that can’t/won’t change for at least two years (vs. Browns) (3 to 4 vs. Ravens) unless these team face each other in the playoffs. Which won’t happen because the Steelers will never make the playoffs again. right?
    (Note that is a little sarcasm)

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