Jacques McClendon goes in fourth round without a combine invite

Jacques McClendon was not invited to Indianapolis for the annual scouting combine. But on Saturday he got a much more important invitation to Indianapolis.

The Colts selected McClendon, a guard from Tennessee, in the fourth round of the draft, making him the highest-drafted player who wasn’t invited to the combine.

Gil Brandt of NFL.com notes that in addition to McClendon in the fourth round, five players not at the combine were taken in the fifth round, 11 were taken in the sixth round and 22 were taken in the seventh round.

Among the notables to be snubbed for combine invitations but still get drafted were Jonathan Crompton, a Tennessee quarterback taken by the Chargers in the fifth round; Fendi Onobun, a former college basketball player and tight end prospect taken by the Rams in the sixth round; and Tim Toone, a wide receiver from Weber State who became Mr. Irrelevant when the Lions took him with the final pick in the draft.

17 responses to “Jacques McClendon goes in fourth round without a combine invite

  1. Happens every year. It only proves that real scouts and GM’s know more than some idiot pretender draft “guru” with a web site who can’t mock draft beyond the first round.
    How about counting the number of players invited that were not drafted??

  2. That is incorrect- I believe the Patriots selected Sebastion Vollmer, OT in the second round last year. Vollmer was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.

  3. Leave it to Bill Polian. 21 of 22 starters on this year’s Super Bowl team acquired via draft. He was probably glad the guy didn’t get an invitation to attend.

  4. Sebastion Vollmer was drafted in the second round last year and wasn’t at the combine either.

  5. Still not as good as William and Mary CB Derek Cox drafted in the third round by the Jags last year after being snubbed by the combine.
    Go Tribe!

  6. I don’t think this is accurate. Skins’ 4th round pick, Perry Riley, was not invited to the Combine and was selected earlier.

  7. Correction – my wonderfully talented Raiders drafted Mike Mitchell in the 2nd round last year after no invite.
    Guess I should take a one week break from ripping on them though since I actually liked this draft.

  8. interesting tidbit about mcclendon…he was sent home in the middle of the night during his recruiting visit to notre dame and had his offer pulled immediately… rumors of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault were flying around…
    it’s interesting because brian polian was the special teams coordinator, and brian’s dad bill was the guy who drafted him…

  9. 49ers fans can help me out here but wasnt shawntae spencer picked in round 2 of 2004 without getting a combine invite?

  10. um…i thought that Marcus Easley, WR from UConn didn’t attend the combine and he was drafted #91.
    Oh, well…let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

  11. Osi Umenyiora was not invited to the Combine and went in the second round to the giants in 2003. You needed to clarify, highest non combine invite drafted this year….

  12. Ok everyone, even though he wasn’t clear, MDS was talking about JM being the highest drafted player THIS year without being invited to the combine.
    Check the link in the article.

  13. Please re-read the story people, at no point does it imply McClendon is the highest drafted player EVER who wasn’t invited to the combine. Multiple non-invites have been drafted higher in the past, including 2 second rounders last year. The link also makes it clear they are only talking about this year.

  14. dcsween Perry Riley was invited to the combine. You are thinking of the skins 5th round draft pick this year TE/FB Dennis Morris who wasn’t invited to the combine despite being a beast.

    Amazing a guy this great at blocking, catching and running and had 12 tds last year as a TE did not get an invite to the combine.

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