Jags withdraw RFA tender from Clint Ingram

Recently, plenty of players have been signing their restricted free agency tenders.  Now, one team has decided to go in the other direction.

The Jaguars have withdrawn the offer given previously to linebacker Clint Ingram, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  Ingram recently underwent arthroscopic knee surgery.  He had been offered a one-year, $1.266 million contract.

The Jaguars drafted four defensive lineman over the weekend, but no linebackers.  (But, as Rosenthal has reminded me, they traded for former Raiders stalwart Kirk Morrison — which should have prompted Ingram to immediately ink his tender.)

A four-year veteran, Ingram started 12 games in 2009.  He’s now free to sign with any team.

11 responses to “Jags withdraw RFA tender from Clint Ingram

  1. Oh no, we’ve run out of linebackers! I guess were gonna run the 7-4 defense; 2 ends, 5 tackles and 4 guys in the secondary!
    While true we did not draft a linebacker, we have a plug and play starter in Morrison from Oakland.
    Ingram was good as gone anyway.

  2. You forget that Central Arkansas DE Larry Hart will play linebacker some so while he did not play linebacker in college he will play it some in the Jaguars scheme. So they sort of drafted a linebacker.

  3. Morrison, Smith and Durant are three solid linebackers. It allows both Smith and Durant to focus on OLB with Morrison now inside. They both have flirted with ILB the last two years. Alualu, Smith and Knighton provide a solid three man rotation inside at tackle and add in Attiyah Ellison or Montaveus Stanley for depth. Harvey and Kampann on the ends on run downs and Larry Hart and Austen Lane battling for snaps on passing downs to replace Harvey. Inside have D’Anthony Smith, Alualu and Harvey rotating on passing downs. We needed to become a more physical defensive front and we needed to jump start our pass rush. The Jags did that. They are so much more physical in their front 7 then they were last year. And they can’t be worse than 14 sacks in the pass rush. Put it this way, the first time the Jags come after a passer in 2010 the entire front four will be new faces from the last time the Jags rushed the passer in 2009. 3rd and 8 in the 1st game against the Broncos the Jags will have Larry Hart/Austen Lane at LE and Alualu and Smith inside at DTs and Kampmann at RE. And you throw in Derrick Harvey and Reggie Heyward occasionally inside at DT on pass downs. All of a sudden they are young, physical and athletic in their fron 7. With depth. Last year, they were old, soft and slow up front on defense.

  4. JaxJagtixholder says:
    April 26, 2010 9:55 AM
    He’ll be back.
    Where, in Section 106? I hear he does a hell of a pig roast.

  5. “But, as Rosenthal has reminded me, they traded for former Raiders stalwart Kirk Morrison — which should have prompted Ingram to immediately ink his tender.”
    You could make the case that the signing of Morris gave him exactly what he wanted, and that is a chance to be an unrestricted free agent.
    The signing of Morrison greatly reduces Ingram’s chances of be a starting linebacker next year with the Jags. So if Ingram wants to be a starter it seems like his best chance of doing that is with another team.
    Also its obvious Ingram didnt want to play under that contract or he would of signed it. So he probably figured the trade for Morrison will get him what he wanted from the start which is a chance to be an unrestricted free agent. Which brings alot of advantages that he wouldnt of had if he signed his tender.
    First off now he has a chance of getting a multi year contract. Which we all know is better then a 1 year deal. What if he signed his tender and got injured this year that could really hurt his long term career. While on the other hand if he finds a team willing to sign him to even 1 more year it gives him that much more of an insurance policy if he gets injured.
    Secondly the tender he was offered wasnt much money so if he signs with a new team he wont be losing anything. Its possible that he could make even more money now.
    Thirdly you also have to think about the timing. The draft is over and now teams who didnt come away with what they wanted at lb will be looking for help in the open market. Ingram is a proven veteran who can come in and compete for a starting job. He can also be a competent replacement in case of injury. All of that makes him a viable option for a team who just realized they still need help at linebacker.
    Finally he gets to make his choice of where he wants to go. Before it was either sign his tender or hope for a trade to a good team. Now he gets to choose which team fits him best out of whoever is interested in him. Which could be a team that is either willing to sign him to more years or to a team where he has a better chance of starting.
    None of this would have been possible if he signed his tender. Now its not guaranteed that these things will happen. But it also wasnt guaranteed that he would get a contract with the Jags or any other team after the 2010-2011 season. I got say though after looking at all of these advantages I think the odds of him signing the deal he wanted in the first place just went up.

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