Jaguars bid farewell to John Henderson

John Henderson is about to leave the only team he’s ever played for.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jacksonville will release Henderson today.

The Jaguars had been shopping Henderson in a trade, and Schefter
reports that the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants had expressed
some interest. But now he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

The Jaguars used their top two draft picks on defensive tackles, which made it clear that they wanted to get younger at the position. Henderson had two years and $11 million left on his contract.

The 31-year-old Henderson was drafted by the Jaguars in 2002 and has been a starter on their defensive line ever since. He has missed only four games in eight seasons, but now he’ll have to find a new trainer to slap him in the face every Sunday.

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  1. *Singing reuninted* Come on home to your old coach Mike Smith! Atlanta make a move damnit!

  2. I love the video of this dude getting ready before a game by getting slapped by what looks like a trainer.

    6’3 335 Pounds, Having both Henderson and Jamal Williams to rotate at NT would keep both fresh through the season and reduce the risk of injury to Williams in case the Broncos make the playoffs.
    Henderson and Williams could also allow the Broncos to throw out some 4-3 sets with serious muscle in the middle.

  4. Hopefully John can sign to a team that is ready for a SB run, he still has a few good years left but is not the pro bowl DT he once was.
    We’ll miss you in Duval Big John.

  5. If the Browns don’t make an effort to pick him up in the midst of Shaun Rogers’ drama, someone will have failed epicly.

  6. If the Browns don’t make an effort to pick him up in the midst of Shaun Rogers’ drama, someone will have failed epicly.

  7. Can Henderson play the NT position in a 3-4 defense? He looks to have the size and ability to pay the nose.
    If so, Miami could use him for the next few years to clog up the middle.

  8. I’m not a Redskins fan, but I’m intrigued by putting him next to his college DT partner (assuming they keep Haynesworth).

  9. Back when Delhomme was a Panther, he could’ve paid me to slap him in the face every day. But now I think Holmgren will do that for me.

  10. The fact that the Jaguars could get a 5th for Groves, but couldn’t even get a 7th for Henderson, should show you what the league thinks of this guy. He’s been going downhill for years. He’s no where near the player he once was.
    And no, he can’t play the 3-4 NT for those wondering.

  11. It’s a young man’s game. He may have only missed 4 starts, but there were quite a few games where he was just going through the motions as he was having a lot of personal problems that he brought to practice and ultimately to the game. He crossed Del Rio like so many of the players did and Del Rio called him out.
    Don’t like the way Del Rio did it, as he plays the media way too much here, but as you can see, Marcus Stroud, Mike Peterson, Gerald Sensabaugh, and now John Henderson are gone and Reggie Nelson better make sure to check his lease.
    Hell, who know, it seems as if Del Rio is relying on Kampman to be his Tory Holt and Reggie Heyward to be his Tra Thomas in that he’ll teach the young guys how to be professional football players and Heyward will serve an emergency backup role. Anything close to 10 sacks out of Kampman is a bonus this season.
    Every time I see the face slap clip, I am immediately reminded of “chopping wood” when Del Rio brought in the axe and our punter damn near severed his leg.
    Broncosfan, try 6’7″. Personally, I’d like to see him in DC and if they could get Haynesworth’s head on straight, man, that’d be a fearsome D line.

  12. After that disaster of a draft the Jags just had I would think anyone would be happy to leave Jacksonville.

  13. I love how everyone is so anxious for their respective teams to sign a guy that the Jaguars couldnt even get a 7th round pick for in a trade. He must really have a lot left in the tank.

  14. 2 down huge DT. there isn’t a market?get real..
    This guy is a beast that could help anyones’ team in running situations. he’s not a nosetackle though & doenst have the sand to make a shitty DL into a great,, one but he could make a good DL even better with size and power.
    There wasn’t a lot of size in the draft & if you look at the NFL very few people who have this guys’ size and power. + he’s a mean MoeFoe and can attack the line of scrimage.
    make a bid philly or washington & NYG will.

  15. No, he’s 6-7 335, not 6’3. He’s a two gap plug the run DT that can collapse the pocket. He was okay at DE in a 3-4, but he’s better at 4-3.
    Knighton was our NT when we ran the 3-4 look last year.

  16. John Henderson is purrrrrrfect for the Atlanta Falcons: he’s played under coach Mike Smith when Smith was in J-Ville and even though not the player he once was can still line up & start next to UT Jonathan Babineaux and help out during J.B.’s upcoming mandatory absence. TD should be on the phone already, sure Corey Peters was added during the draft but a veteran presence would be nice to pair or replace Thomas Johnson.

  17. Mean D says:
    April 26, 2010 9:04 AM
    After that disaster of a draft the Jags just had I would think anyone would be happy to leave Jacksonville.
    Was it a disaster because we did not pick up any name players, because we did not draft Tebow, did not draft a quarterback in an obviously weak crop, or because we pretty much stuck to a defense only draft, which was what Gene Smith said he’d do? Only name players who went to BCS conference schools and were drafted in the first 3 rounds succeed in the NFL right? I think I’d trust a GM who nailed pretty much every pick last year AND got production from some undrafted free agents more than some douche on ESPN who if he were so good at his job of prognostication, would have NFL teams calling him for their personnel department positions.
    I look at the Jags draft and I see a team that is built for the long haul. (Go ahead with the long haul to LA jokes, I can take it). Smith has shored up the defense which was absolutely emasculated against pretty much everyone last year. When your secondary is pretty much running a 40 every play, they tend to get tired. We’re not the proverbial “one player away”.
    If anything, I think you’ve got to hand it to Smith that in 2 years, he has turned 3 glaring weaknesses into areas with depth: WR, D line and O line. I can’t and won’t call them areas of strength until the guys get on the field. Couple that with a solid pick up where in effect we traded Quentin Groves for Kirk Morrison, or in effect, we just got a 125 tackle a year guy for a ham sandwich, and now linebacker is a strong position again, especially if Durant can step up. I wish we addressed the secondary, but there’s only so much you can do in a draft. I mean we haven’t had a sack monster since Tony Brackens and that was what 10 years ago?
    Who knows, we just may sneak up on some teams this season. At the very least, we may get a quarterback on his ass for once.

  18. I’ll miss ya in j-ville , Big John!!!Best of luck, whereever you go, as long as it isn’t the colts or titans.

  19. Henderson is so overrated. Really has been his entire career. His only success came when Macus Stroud was playing at a Pro Bowl level. Henderson looks big and intimidating but he plays high and soft. Not a good combo for an inside DT. He has been done for two years at least. Stroud is done now as well and he was always a better athlete than Henderson. Sure he can give you 15 to 20 snaps a game but he has back issues and passion issues. Those snaps should go to someone who might actually help you, even though he won’t get slapped in the face before games.

  20. Henderson could be an asset for 3-4 teams as a DE. At 6’7 and 335 lbs he has the perfect size for the position. If he can find a team where he will play as part of a rotation it would probably help prolong his career and keep him healthy.

  21. BroncoBourque,
    we tried it last year for about 7 games. It was disastrous.
    He’s at a point in his career where he’s a complementary player in the interior. Plus there’s a lot of questions as to whether his head is in the game.

  22. Henderson’s contract numbers were too big for a team to trade for him. Look for a number of teams, including the Raiders who traded for Groves, to make a play for him. They play a 4-3 and would have him next to Seymore and Groves. He would fit right in.

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