Jaguars cut three more with Henderson

It’s officially dump your deadweight day around the NFL.

In addition to John Henderson, the Jaguars cut linebacker Brian Iwuh, defensive tackle Montavious Stanley and linebacker Tank Daniels.

None of the three players were significant contributors to the Jaguars in 2009.  Daniels’ only action in Jacksonville came in one of the more depressing games of the season: Browns vs. Jaguars in Week Seventeen.

15 responses to “Jaguars cut three more with Henderson

  1. Nice, I am glad to see the Jags doing some moving around. I like the Jags and ready for them to get back into winning status.

    i guess no one really needs a 6’6” beast that needs to be double teamed every play he’s on the field.

  3. I love my Jags and wished we kept Big Hen and got rid of Reggie Hayward, I don’t think he’s ever finished a season (Hayward).

  4. John Henderson hasn’t been double-teamed in two plus years. Last year toward the end of the season, teams were actually double-teaming the rookie Terrance Knighton, plus shifting the blocking coverage toward Knighton. That showed a complete lack of respect for Henderson. That is why Henderson is gone.
    The Jags couldn’t even get a seventh for him.
    That being said, I wish him the best.

  5. wont be long till kirk morrison will be released too…..didnt go well with j. porter and this is will end up the same….dont pay him too much, he’s a bad starter, good backup

  6. Big Hen must be tired of Del Rio and his mouth. Good for him. No pass rush for 4 years, it’s time for him to find a better place. Giants would be the fit with Coughlin, who drafted him.

  7. Yeah, he will meet with the Chiefs on Tuesday. But he is looking for more of a winning team. The Giants are the most likely case with the Falcons, Titans, and Saints, who all will be in pursuit of the big man.

  8. kosarsmyidol says: April 26, 2010 4:48 PM
    I think you mean “…thawed my balls…”
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  9. Henderson was on our sports radio station today, good sign KC will sign him tom, we have the money and need a big guy like him!

  10. I think you mean “…thawed my balls…”
    Internet Word Police
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    Very clever….

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