Jim Schwartz is very excited about Jahvid Best

The Lions wanted Cal running back Jahvid Best all along. 

Coach Jim Schwartz told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports back in January that the Lions coveted Best as answer to their backfield problems.  So he likes Best.  We mean really likes Best.

“Some people watch adult videos on their computer,” Schwartz said. “I go to YouTube and watch Jahvid Best highlight clips. That’s what
gets me aroused.”

Lucky for Schwartz, now he can watch Best on film in the Lions facility regularly.  It just might be a little uncomfortable if there are other people in the room.

UPDATE:  First of all, we thought Schwartz was hilarious here.  It was a joke, people.  Second, Schwartz wants to clarify he didn’t say “aroused.” He did say the adult video part, but remembers saying, “That’s what gets me going.”  Silver supports this version.  So there you go.

72 responses to “Jim Schwartz is very excited about Jahvid Best

  1. He was asked about this comment on local radio and said he was mis-quoted. Apparently he used “excited” rather than “aroused”

  2. Another blunder by a reporter, Jim Swartz was interviewd today and was ask about this comment. He said Michael Silver needs to go back to his tape, because he never said the word aroused. He said “that’s what gets him going” But whatever Michael Silver needs to do to actually get his stories published. What a DB, (Michael I don’t mean Defensive Back)

  3. Chris Mathews has the same kind of problem with Barrack Obama……only his is a thrill.

  4. “Some people watch adult videos on their computer,” Schwartz said. “I go to YouTube and watch Jahvid Best highlight clips. That’s what gets me aroused.”
    …and that’s perfectly heterosexual behavior

  5. Oh god that’s weird. I really hope he was misquoted. Kind of a sad attempt at a joke. But I can never forgive Rosenthal for that mental image that he burned into my mind

  6. Well, its going to feel like a punch in the balls when Best is injured in his first season.

  7. Lions making some nice off-season acquisitions. NFC North is going to be the black and blue division once again.

  8. Doesn’t really matter what word he used. The context still implies that Schwartz masturbates to Jahvid Best clips.
    There’s gonna be one uncomfortable conversation the next time Schwartz and Best see each other.

  9. Could make film time quite awkward when Swartz tells the rest of the offense to clear the room, except for Best and pops in a video of Fried Green Tomatos.

  10. it doesn’t matter if he said aroused or excited the fact that he compared people watching porn on their computer to him watching RB film is extremely weird and gay.
    Gruden is right.

  11. Maybe he was on his way to a Burger King drive through with the old Lions assistant coach.

  12. Coach Schwartz, don’t forget to call a doctor if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

  13. These comments are jerks. I wish I had a coach who showed passion about his players.

  14. This Best guy must be what prompted that assistant coach to get naked and go to Burger King.

  15. So while all of America jacks off to internet porn, Mr. Schwartz does it to Jahvid Best highlights. Wow! Stay classy Detroit!

  16. Hey, the man can do whatever he wants if he’s going to bring some more wins to Detroit. He’s turning things around (and I don’t ever say that about the Lions).

  17. whether or not he used “aroused” … he still compared watching Jahvid Best to watching pornography

  18. Unless he is Barry Sanders, Best is not going anywhere. I saw Best beat the hell out of the gophers, and he has insane athletic skill, BUT
    You have no offensive line, coach. Best is going to be doing all his fancy juke work in the backfield.

  19. I enjoy the humor on this site.Obviously,”jim gets aroused by”,has me thinking: wtf? oh i get it this is a comedy site about sports,afterall, i’ve never read about tom coughlin being “aroused” by a player, a fish, a dinner. Can anyone imagine Tom Coughlin, with a straight face stating: “I’m aroused with jpp, our hatian hitman”.

  20. It was a solid pick, and a solid draft. Now, they just have to make sure that Stafford can stay upright. Jason Fox won’t be ready this year, and maybe not next year (if he even develops into a starting caliber LT), so they’ll probably roll protection over to Backus’ side quite a bit.

  21. I wonder if Schwartz gets as hot and bothered watching Jahvid Best as Joey Porter did when he kissed Bill Cowher on the neck on national TV.

  22. don’t look too highly into those highlights against the gophers. the gophers are the biggest joke in the big ten

  23. Last update: April 26, 2010 – 2:43 PM
    A 28-year-old Wisconsin man admitted Monday that he used the Internet and booze to coerce two northern Minnesota girls, ages 13 and 14, into having sex with him.”……….now ya know why Packer fans are considered the perverts that they are…….Packers are in real trouble if Schwartz were to become their headcoach.LMAO

  24. I’m going to go out on a limb and say these highlights don’t include Best needless throwing his body 8 feed in the air and landing on his head.

  25. If Jahvid Best’s runs are giving him wood that’s fine by me. As long as they start winning and he doesn’t try to play Catholic Priest with him.

  26. I lol’ed.
    Hope this doesn’t start a new trend of coaches telling us what they like to jerk it to though.

  27. I would rather have the head coach get aroused compared to actually wearing a woman’s dress. What is it with the NFC North divisional head coaches?

  28. I liked it a lot more when PFT was all about the SKINS…Let’s get back to those days…

  29. I wonder if the Schwartz happened to see Best’s LOWlight reels when Best faced defenses that had a pulse?
    Best – career versus ranked teams, avg. 52.3 yds per game.
    Got Concussion?

  30. Wow, a bunch of NFL fans and no one has a sense of humor?
    Also, he didn’t use the word aroused. He said it’s what gets him going, and he was totally kidding.
    Schwartz is a funny bastard. He’s great when he’s a guest on radio and TV shows. He just trying to get people to laugh and have some fun.
    He’s not gay. He doesn’t get “aroused” by youtube videos of his players.
    It’s called a joke. Frankly, when I saw the press conference when he said this, I laughed my ass off.

  31. Seriously people have a sense of humor. I love this freaking guy. He is gonna turn this franchise around. GO LIONS!!

  32. With the offensive line that Detroit has, I think it’s safe to say that Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, and Clay Matthews get aroused after watching Lion O-Line film.
    Best will be lucky to even have a career the way things are going in the NFL with concussions and the way they are treating them. Brian Westbrook anyone?
    Too soon?

  33. I laughed my ASS of when Gruden said “there are a lot of dumb-ass coaches in the NFL”…While always entertaining, Gruden falls squarely inter the DUMBASS category when it comes to popping off.

  34. guys its was a freakin joke calm down. and a freakin hilarious joke at that. get a sense of humor for crying out loud, i wish the coach of my favorite team made jokes like that. this should do down as one of the funniest soundbites from an NFL coach ever.

  35. You know the lions could make some real money off of this. They can make a booth in the lions facility with a lock on it that only opens when you pay a dollar through one of those soda machine slots that has a tv that shows Jevon Best highlights that goes off after five minutes of watching and will only turn back on when you insert another dollar. Of course they will have to pay the janitors a little extra to clean up the booth but that should be easily covered by all the money they make from Schwartz.
    Nah but for real all kidding aside I think what he said was hilarious and anyone who has a problem with it is either very insecure in there manhood or extremely uptight. Either way you should stop watching football immediately.

  36. I wonder if Insurance companies will stop covering Viagra and begin offering Best High-lites.

  37. I’m more of a rack man than a leg man.
    How about having dual screen action going, one porn one best. Heaven, I’m in Heaven…..

  38. I got aroused watching Jahvid Best highlights too.. so much so that I wanted the Vikes to draft him.
    Unfortunately, they traded their pick to the Lions who proceeded to draft him, so we could draft a white running back instead…
    Needless to say, I am no longer aroused

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