Offseason moves help Jets odds

With the draft in the rearview mirror, 2010 season predictions won’t be far behind.

The fine gentlemen at have updated their Super Bowl odds after the draft and free agency, with the Jets and Redskins being among the big risers since February.

The Jets have moved from 25:1 to 12:1 to win the Super Bowl.  The Redskins have moved from 50:1 to 28:1 after the Donovan McNabb trade.

The odds reflect where money is going, and are an accurate way to see how the public views teams.  Here are the top ten favorites (with ties) to wind up champions in Dallas next February.

For entertainment purposes, we like value of Baltimore (18:1) and Tennessee (25:1)

Indianapolis Colts — 8:1

New Orleans Saints — 9:1

San Diego Chargers — 10:1

New England Patriots — 10:1

Dallas Cowboys — 11:1

New York Jets — 12:1

Green Bay Packers — 14:1

Minnesota Vikings — 14:1

Pittsburgh Steelers — 18:1

Philadelphia Eagles — 18:1

Baltimore Ravens — 18:1

53 responses to “Offseason moves help Jets odds

  1. The Patriots are living off their fading legacy. Nothing the Pats have done in this offseason has significantly improved the team that collapsed ( AT HOME!) in the playoffs last season. But they remain among the favorites until playoff time, where their 0 – 2 streak in their most recent playoff appearances will be more closely considered.

  2. 10: 1 New England Patriots
    Is that contingent on new methods of cheating being factored in?

  3. Vikings fans have to be just shocked by this, listening to them talk you would think 2-1 odds. It is shocking considering they have a QB who has dominated big games for the past decade with clutch plays.

  4. Steelers in the top ten without their starting QB for 1/4 of the season? One year after missing the playoffs??
    Highly unlikely.

  5. FreeAgentPro…what was the Colts record in the playoffs in recent playoff games before their super bowl trip last year? How about the Saints? Not saying I disagree with you, just that your reasoning is retarded.

  6. I’ll drop a little bit on the Bears at 35/1. Usually do just for kicks, believe its close to last years.
    Who will be the starting QB for the Denver Broncos Week 1 of the 2010 Regular Season?
    All wagers have action.
    Kyle Orton -150
    Brady Quinn +125
    Tim Tebow +5000
    I’ll bet my ball juice on Tebow here.

  7. Gregg can we assume that you will not be picking the Skins to win it all this year like your homeboy Florio did last year?

  8. Patriots should not be ahead of the Jets and Ravens. Thats a joke. The Patriots were AWFUL in the playoffs last year, and they haven’t gotten any better. The Jets and Ravens both improved a ton via free agency, trades, and the draft. The Steelers are WAY too high on the list. No chance they win the Super Bowl without Big Bensarapist and Holmes.

  9. I don’t agree with pats that high
    They have done nothingggg recently
    They lost the gems they had earlier in the decade
    You can see it by the drafts,
    They rack an insane amount of picks, majority are out of the NFL
    Pats had an amazing run, but they are no longer the bulls in the league, not even in their own division
    Jets are not as good as they thing they are, but talent wise they are superior to pats
    The pats were always great because of great players and comrodery, which has been lost since they lost they key parts- brush, seymore, Samuel, law, Harrison, etc…

  10. the only thing you all need to bet on is Favre returning and leading the Minnesota Vikings to a never-been-tasted Super Bowl victory down in Dallas. and that the jets will finish third in their division thanks to sophomore slump of Sanchsleezy.

  11. “Those are sucker bets and vegas loves taking peoples money on futures bets”
    You’re right – not because they’re ‘sucker’ bets, but because if one put down money now, they’d get 9 months use out of your money. Sort of like a free loan.

  12. first off, where are the raiders on this list. Second, most importantly, does anyone think Mark Sanchez is good enough for the Lomabardi? I dont.

  13. Steelers favored to win AFC North without Ben shows what the line knows.. EVERYTHING! Pitt goes 3-1 1st 4 games of not 4-0 with that defense and Troy back! Scores could be like 17-13 weekly, however a steeler win is a steeler win baby!!!!
    AFC Finaly North standnings
    Balt 10-6
    Bungals 6-10
    Clowns 3-13

  14. I don’t see how giving away Faneca and Leon…as well as acquiring Santonio for 12 games and a beat up LT2 does much to improve things.
    A little too much hype on this team for my liking. Sanchez is still a dirty little snatch as well.
    I can see Miami leap-frogging them.

  15. Of course you’d post that….they’re an East Coast team.
    The Jets have become the Redskins of the new decade-all the talent in the world, but no chemistry. Ryan is so pompous he thinks he’s thought of something no one else has before…he expects to be a HOF coach after the first year. Arrogance runs in that family, all right. Think he’ll ever punch one of his coordinators on the sideline? Can you imagine the fine THIS commissioner would issue for a stunt like that?? No Waffle House for a year.

  16. This Jets team reminds me of the Redskins the last 5+ years. Loading up with old has beens and now they’re “Super Bowl Favorites”. Gimme a break. They’ll realize real soon how important Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and Alan Faneca were.
    6-7 wins. Write it down.

  17. brian91388, are you sure ‘ retarded’ isn’t too big a word for you to use? The Pats have been SB preseason favorites for years mostly based upon their success in the earlier part of last decade. Their current roster can’t be said to be any stronger than the Jets or the Phins in the AFC East, and the rest of the AFC is improving as well. Finally, the NFC has been pulling even with the AFC recently in terms of better team balance and competition, so my guess is the odds will improve for more NFC teams as the season progresses.

  18. Redskins always look Super Bowl bound in April. Then they actually play the games.

  19. despite their 9-7 season and picking up players who are pretty much done (LT and taylor) the jets will be able to use man to man cromartie better than sd did in 09
    the best pickup for them IMO, and what will make the 12:1 odds seem legit, is wilson in round 1
    best cover cb in the draft, to pair with revis, scary
    now let’s see if they can live up to the hype
    as a chargers fan i’d rather not play anyone in the playoffs from the afc east, if we should get back there, so hopefully indy can just do that dirty work on the jets again

  20. Philly at 18:1 with a virgin qb?
    Can I sell Philly short?
    Baltimore should have a big year, but is Flacco a guy who you want your money riding on during the playoffs?
    I love Arizona’s the Cardinals have a Super Bowl caliber defense. Too bad Warner retired and they have a college caliber quarterback.
    The Vikings should have won it all last year, but they self-destructed in New Orleans. Why will this year be different?

  21. Is that contingent on new methods of cheating being factored in?
    Ya know, they still film defensive signals and formations.
    They just do it from the press box now, where the rules allow.
    2 years trolling Patriots threads. Wasted.

  22. As in all sports, the early line is to reel in the sucker money based off of hopeless fans knowing very little outside of their fanatical belief that “their team” is the best. I bet the Saints, Chargers and Jets are not even in the top 10 for lowest odds come mid-season next year. It will include the other 7 teams in the top 10 but to bet on the Saints repeating after a lucky year is sheer stupidity, the Chargers have no offensive line, and even less of a defense with a rookie rb and the Jets will implode by mid-season. Go ask the notorious Danny Synder how well the chemistry has been on his teams in the years that he out-spent everyone else when it came to bringing in big name free agents. The Jets will sorely miss T.Jones and Washington. My money is on Colts and Ravens in conference championship and Vikings v. Cowboys with SB being Ravens v. Vikings.

  23. The Patriots are living off their fading legacy
    Like being 09 division champs?
    That fading legacy?

  24. The Jets had a lap band head coach who never won anything, a 2nd year qb, too many egos wanting the ball, 2 guys (cromatie and Holmes) who combines as enough kids, legitamate or illlegitamate, to start an offensive football team and will be adding on in the New York area and were 9-7 last year and Peyton Manning let them in the playoffs, do anything this year? Once they lose to Balt and N.E at home then go to Miami and lose, media and foreman Ed will turn on Fta ass Rex like a pitbull on his owner!

  25. The Ravens will be to the 2010s what the Colts and Pats were to the 2000s. Not saying we will win 4 Super Bowls but we WILL be the class of the NFL over the next decade. As for this year, I love getting my money down at 18:1 because those odds will only go up when we hang 30 on Rex and start 3-0 in the division.

  26. so because the jets lose alan faneca, thomas jones, and leon washington the suddenly have chemistry problems? LOL! leon was on IR when they made their run to the afc championship!
    here’s the way i look at it as a jets fan:
    1) alan faneca was terrible in pass protection and nearly got sanchez killed a bunch of time. his replacement will be no worse at pass protection and will be at least as good in run blocking
    2) thomas jones was TOAST at the end of the regular season and playoffs. tomlinson isnt replacing him as the starter, but as the back up. shonn green is a bigger and faster version of jones. oh, and at least LT can catch the ball out of the backfield unlike TJ
    3) we upgraded at corner with cromartie and wilson, got rid of kerry rhodes whom revis didnt even talk to since he hated him so much, replaced david clowney with santonio holmes, added jason taylor as a situational player much like tomlinson, and kris jenkins is back and healthy.
    the bills suck and the pats wont have welker for half the year. the jets and flipper will fight it out for the division.

    You are dead on!! I wouldn’t put a penny on the Jets this year, you’re better off lighting your money on fire. Theyre a complete overhyped joke

  28. “The Patriots are living off their fading legacy”
    “Like being 09 division champs?”
    No, like the Pats getting absolutely dominated at home in a playoff game by the ravens and not winning a superbowl in 5 years

  29. Wow so many Jets haters… Why don’t you ask Chargers and Bengals fans if the Jets are legit. Predicting 6-7 wins for a team as good as the Jets just shows that you have absolutely no knowledge of the game of football. If you want to hate than hate, but at least give credit where credit is do. The Jets ARE a contender. They made it to the AFC Championship with a rookie QB. How many rookie QBs have won their 1st 2 playoff games? TWO Qbs have done it in the history of the NFL. And please stfu about “character” players. Didn’t the Steelers win the Super Bowl with Ben “the rapist” Roethlisberger and Santonio “bake n wake” Holmes? Didn’t the Giants win the Super Bowl with Plaxico “I shot myself” Burress? I’m so sick of hearing about how teams need character players. Stop making excuses for why the Jets can’t win. If the Patriots were bringing in the same players, people would be praising Belicheats brilliant moves. Funny how the Jets signing Holmes is a problem because of his “character” but the Patriots trading for Randy Moss was a brilliant move.

  30. everyones saying how the jets r getting older, but they got rid of Thomas Jones (32) and Faneca (33)… Could it be that people envy what the Jets are doing???

  31. Wait a second. The Jets have better odds than the Ravens?
    Based on division alone the Ravens should be ahead of the game compared to the Jets. At the very least even.
    I don’t think I’d be the first to say that the Ravens had a better offseason than he Jets have had so far.
    Add to that they have a quarterback in Joe Flacco who is more proven than the Jets have in Sanchez and it’s easy to question how the Jets have better odds.
    Then add the schedule.
    Then add the past 2 years performance.
    I could go on further on why the Ravens odds are equal to or better at reaching the Super Bowl.
    We’ll find out a lot more come the first Monday Night game.

  32. By the way, the Jets would remind me of the Redskins if it weren’t for their coaching staff. Sure, they’ve loaded up on older veterans on defense, but they have a head coach who knows how to properly utilize players in the NFL.
    The Redskins haven’t had a proper up to date coaching staff in years.
    The Jets got a good one last year. That’s the key difference.

  33. AFC east is getting better and it’s about time. That being said, the Patriots were AFC East champs last year – and 11-5 the year before during 2 REBUILDING years.
    As a long time Patriots fan, it would be ridiculous to expect super bowl contention every single year.
    But given my experience in the 80’s and 90’s – I’ll certainly take it with a smile.

  34. The Saints have done nothing but gotten stronger defensively by picking up Wilkerson, Brown, and the fine draft choices. I would put them at about 6:1 right now.

  35. @4evrnyt and Dylan
    Hey I thought Ben was a game manager who only won games because of the Bus. Or was it his D? What changed? His second SB? Throwing 503 yards in a game? Throwing for 4000+ yards? Having 4 seasons above a 98 passer rating? Having the best 3rd down completion percentage out of the last 6 years? I don’t get it. Now we can’t win without him? Oh thats right just had to find something wrong about Ben earlier in his career because he was winning to much. Now that he is a rapist according to delusional, jealous fans, the game manager myth is forgotten. Oops.

  36. The Jets & Dolphins are the teams to beat in the AFC East. They are built the same, the only reason the Pat’s are high is because of Brady as it should be.
    Good OL and running games, young QB’s, Nolen(Rex’s old boss) wil play the same pressure D as the Jets. Both terams have ?’marks, WR vs DB’s both ways.
    I dont know who will win but Miami has won the last three.
    Odd’s are only a indication of ther sucker’s(Fan’s) putting money down and have nothing to do with how good a teams is. The goal of the book makers is to get the same amount of money bet on both teams and they drag thier 18%. All that the books do is pay the winners with the losers money keep thier 18%. Betting is a tax on the stupid.

  37. You know what I find odd (pun intended) is Donovan Mcnabb helps increase the Redskins odds by 22 points but only drops the Eagles by 2 points.
    So bodog and the betters either think Mcnabb sucked in Philly and will do really good in Washington or they feel good about Kevin Kolb. I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.
    Eagles were at 16/1 and now are 18/1
    Redskins were 50/1 and now are 28/1

  38. Kris Jenkins is a Grizzly Bear says:
    April 26, 2010 10:50 PM
    “The Patriots are living off their fading legacy”
    “Like being 09 division champs?”
    No, like the Pats getting absolutely dominated at home in a playoff game by the ravens and not winning a superbowl in 5 years
    I agree with you Krisjenk that the Patriots are rated to high and arent the same team they use to be but like someone else said I dont agree with your arguement. 2 years ago the Eagles put up 50 and blew out the Cowboys and stole there playoff spot but then look at what the Cowboys did to the Eagles in week 17 and the wildcard round last year.
    The injuries the Eagles substained last especially in the later weeks before they played the Cowboys killed them and the Cowboys really exploited it. The same thing happened to the Patriots before they played the Ravens.
    My point is just because the Ravens beat up on the Pats last year doesnt mean the Pats wont do the same thing to the Ravens this year. That goes for every team. So much changes from week to week and year to year every game is really like playing a brand new season.

  39. Those odds seem about right. Unlike most of you, the people who put that together have a functioning brain.

  40. “Offseason moves help Jets odds…”
    You guys aren’t even trying. The original report this is based on merely states where the money is flowing. People still seem to forget that the Jets were a mediocre team who happened to get hot at the right time. They won’t be getting past the Colts until Manning retires.

  41. I don’t care what anyone says but luck IS a factor in the game of football. Especially in a game where players get hurt on a weekly basis. How does one team remain relatively healthy while another experiences a rash of injuries? In ’08 the Fish had almost no injuries and went 11-5. In ’09 the Fish seemed to have half their team hurt and went 7-9. So to put odds on how well a team will do now is a bit crazy.

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