Report: Failed drug tests caused Aaron Hernandez's draft fall

A. Hernandez.jpgOnce thought to be a borderline first-round talent, Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez fell to New England at pick No. 113 in the draft.  Now we may know why.

Albert Breer of the Boston Globe reports that Hernandez failed “multiple” drug tests for marijuana use at Florida.  He reportedly admitted to the failed tests at the Scouting Combine.  Hernandez passed the test given in Indianapolis.

“These kids, they don’t get it,” an AFC personnel director told the
Globe. “[Hernandez] cost himself a lot of money.”

Despite the issues, everyone that talked to the Globe said Hernandez was a tremendous value where he was drafted.  But the failed tests scared teams away.

“He’s not a bad kid. He just has an issue,” one executive said.

Hernandez won’t be enrolled in the league’s substance abuse
program, but he could be subject to extra testing.

60 responses to “Report: Failed drug tests caused Aaron Hernandez's draft fall

  1. Florida players always smoke pot…..(cept Tebow)
    Marcus Thomas dropped in the draft because he got caught smoking the reefer, he was their best player back then.
    Eh, who cares if they smoke dope, this Hernandez is like a WR in the spread offense.
    Just sucks i have to hate him now that he is a Patriot.

  2. “Albert Breer of the Boston Globe reports that Hernandez failed “multiple” drug tests for marijuana use at Floria.”
    As a graduate of Floria State I say those bastards in Floria are nothing but pot smoking hippies.
    Floria State for life, go Beavers!!!!!!
    Seriously though, not the best way to start your pro career. You gotta be a veteran before you succumb to the chronic.

  3. smoking pot means you have an “issue”? Don’t think so, now if he smoked before practices and games then yes we have a problem.

  4. Mr. Godell suspend this man 6-8 games for substance abuse now!! Keep on track with the disciple actions! No charges 4-6 games, admiited to smoking weed, 6-8 games! No favororites now….

  5. Wow, college kid smokes pot! There is a scoop. Luckily, it’s legal in MA. Welcome aboard Mr. Hernandez.

  6. No AFC Mr. AFC personnel director. You don’t get it. Money isn’t everything. Just ask Ricky.

  7. So if the marijuana had no effect on his peformance, then what’s the problem? Shouldn’t the league legalize marijuana, you know, under the table. I’d much rather have a guy who smokes a joint at night than a guy who’s getting plastered on alchohol every night.

  8. Why doesn’t the NFL just do what the NBA does and not have marijuana as a suspendible substance as part of their drug policy? We all know that ALOT of these guys smoke weed, just the dumb get caught. I would rather the NFL have a strong policy against performance enhancing drugs, including a blood test for HGH and other like substances since that does actually impact the play on the field.

  9. If you fail one test and can’t quit you have a problem. If the head coach takes no action after multiple failed drug tests, he has an issue. Good thing Breer doesn’t work for a Florida newpaper, or he’d have Urban Meyer in his face yelling at him sometime soon.

  10. Young kids don’t get it…?
    The difference of hundreds of thousands or millions… so i can hit the chronic. No i am not a dumbass!

  11. “He’s not a bad kid. He just has an issue,” one executive said.
    ” Everyone cheats”, the Patriot executive added.

  12. Really, who cares if he smokes weed. I don’t think its an issue. If he was doing black-tar heroin or PCP that might be an issue, but weed? Meh

  13. # funi says: April 26, 2010 9:47 PM
    Mr. Godell suspend this man 6-8 games for substance abuse now!! Keep on track with the disciple actions! No charges 4-6 games, admiited to smoking weed, 6-8 games! No favororites now….
    Dude stop crying, jesus.

  14. Real Shuxie sounds like a whiny little USF student who has Gator envy.
    Bill Cervone sure kept all this on the hush hush, as usual.

  15. He has a major issue its called STUPIDITY !
    The idiot cost himself millions of dollars over some weed…LOL !
    What a fricking moron.

  16. FreeAgentPro, you have somehow figured out how to come across as a sniveling turd that definitely sits down to pee, I mean tinkle. A feat not easily accomplished by simply typing, well done miss.

  17. Did he rape anybody while in Florida? Nope. He smoked a little pot. Well, boys, I smoked pot all through college and left it behind once I became a professional. It’s called growing up. Maybe some of you that roll out that tired bullshit should try it.
    The kid is now playing for a first class organization and if his pot smoking caused him to drop in the Patriots lap, I say tough shit for all of you whiny little boys.

  18. Funi – How can you compare Rape with smoking pot, and punishing a guy more for a lesser offense? You just sound like a bitter Rapistberger supporter….
    On a more relevent note, Hernandez is a pretty damn good receiver and will help the Pats tremendously, burnt or not!

  19. Yaaaawn. So he smoked pot? This is not, and should not, be an issue.
    I for one would MUCH rather have these kids using pot as a recreational substance than going out and getting hammered. We hear about NFL players getting into alcohol related trouble all the time, DUI, domestics, getting underage girls drunk and raping them, fights, shooting people. When is the last time you heard of an NFL player smoking pot and committing a crime (besides smoking or holding pot)? Time for the NFL, and this country, to smarten up.
    And BTW, marijuana is NOT legal is MA. It has been made a misdemeanor, worth a $100 fine if you are caught with pot on you. That is, if you aren’t near a school. That also doesn’t mean the NFL wouldn’t come down on you for what they, and certain other people consider a dangerous drug. Getting plastered is acceptable, smoking for some reason, isn’t.
    Almost all the illegal activity related to marijuana use is directly related to marijuana itself being illegal. Maybe one day this country will smarten up.

  20. If I had Hernandez’s gifts and knew I had a chance for the NFL, I can’t begin to tell you how quick I’d quit the weed. I don’t know what the kid paid for his weed, Hernandez just added to the cost of his smoking pastime a few million dollars. It’s not like the NFL weed policy was unknown for the last few years. Dumb.

  21. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK says:
    April 26, 2010 10:32 PM
    Dave’s not here, man
    How about the lame attempts to link weed with cheating? Unless the Pats are going to participate in wing eating contests in lieu of football, I don’t see the connection.
    Another interesting contest idea: FreeAgentPro vs. Mean D in a “Who Has More Sand in their Vagina” contest.
    Three rings bitches.

  22. Belichick loves potheads. This roster is full of them, always has been. The champions though, have to be Wille Andrews and Belichicks kid. I love being a Pats fan. Burn on.

  23. #1 everyone smokes and if not pretty damn close
    #2 this guy is a moron bc you stop smoking for a couple months and that would have led to many, many more millions of dollars
    #3 i agree to legalize, bc weed seriously is BS. I agree to test for PED as well as substances, but weed is ridiculous.
    #4 the only reason why weed isnt legalized yet, is bc the govt hasn’t found a way to tax it on a large scale.

  24. he has issues? They make it sound like he’s freebasing coke. Nothing wrong with a little weed, not like its performance enhancing unless the football has chocolate inside

  25. After several weeks of visiting numerous sports forums looking for intelligent conversation, it is apparent that this is a vast wasteland. Those of you who have to hate other teams in order to support your favorite need to get a life. It’s a game for crissakes! And then there is the absolute absence of any knowledge of how to construct a sentence. I have seen whole paragraphs without so much as one bit of puncuation. No capitalization, no periods, no commas, etc. No one can spell anymore. Reading half this cr*p is like trying to read a foreign language. If these forums required giving your real names, half of you wouldn’t have the stones to participate. I guess this is expected after having fifty plus years of liberals running the education system. A bunch of dumbas*es who cannot express themselves.

  26. OH NO! NOT…POT?!?!?! Maybe if BigBen in Pittsburgh smoked pot instead of drank alcohol, he would have played Call of Duty and sat on the couch and ate some taco bell instead of being in a dark bathroom in the middle of nowhere Georgia.

  27. A guy named Hernandez smokign pot on numerous occasions! Who would have thought that?? Susoend him 6-8 games now!!!

  28. Dick goes to sports forums in search of intelligent conversation. Methinks Dick lives alone in his mommy’s basement cashing unemployment checks and ranting on Redstate when he isn’t assembling the 200 Clone Troopers he purchased at Toys R’ Us last weekend.

  29. The NFL’s policy on marijuana is the most moronic thing ever. Just wait until California legalizes it in 2010 (or at the latest 2012). There’s 3 NFL teams in Cali. You gonna suspend the star player of the Chargers/49ers/Raiders for 4 games for participating in a legal activity? Really? Good luck with that.
    It is obvious to anyone that is paying attention that the NFL’s draconian marijuana policy is not long for this world. With old refer madness people dying off and being replaced by young people with very progressive views on cannabis, the political climate on this issue is shifting rapidly. Eventually, even a stodgy old organization like the National Football League will be forced to change.

  30. You’re right on Bossman. Hernandez Will burn THE Jets over THE middle. Good luck Jets with your 5,11 and 190 pound cb’s. Go Pats.

  31. Hey Dick (your name says it all…),
    Go throw yourself off a bridge, will ya? Nobody wants you here.
    All of PFT
    (P.S., you misspelled the word “punctuation” in your tiresome rant, you tool. Trig Palin spells better than you.)

  32. I’m glad Aaron Hernandez smoked pot. That’s what enabled him to be a highly discounted draft pick like the rest of the Patriots draft picks this year.
    We’ll laugh all the way through Dallas and back to New England with the Lombardi trophy and we won’t miss a thing. We have the best video equipment on the planet and we know how to use it. Suckas!

  33. As long as he can stretch the field and be a threat in the red zone, doesn’t abuse women or drive drunk I say pass that Doobie Aaron !@
    “none of these guys are Choir Boys now”
    -Bill Parcells

  34. Maybe he fell in the draft because he’s nothing more than a slow wide receiver with good hands.

  35. the eagles passed on warren sapp because he smoked weed,that move alone cost the birds at least one super bowl

  36. The attitude towards marijuana in the U.S. is beyond pathetic. The stereotype is completely off, as most who smoke aren’t stupid and lazy. If if anything, it ‘s the people who buy into this B.S. that are stupid, and their lazy for relying on propaganda to judge those that use it. For this kid to fall in the draft for this reason only, shows just how shallow and moronic so many still are over this substance. Even worse, is there are a lot of good people that get held out of good jobs just because they test positive for marijuana. All due to right wing propaganda and those who profit from it being illegal. (Labs make billions each year from drug testing and kick some of it back to insurance companies so they keep pressure on employers to keep the free money flowing. This is all payed for by the consumer and the tax payer. This madness needs to come to halt as it does more harm than good to the average American)
    Decriminalize marijuana!!

  37. Im not sure whats less impressive, a college kid smoking weed, or the stale as hell “cheatriots” comments from the other 3 afc east teams jealous fans.
    Its old, its boring, and taping something a coach (and 80k fans) can stand there and watch from the sidelines isnt exactly cheating.

  38. Maybe he needed the pot to put up with Tebow.
    In all seriousness, pot is the easiest drug or vice to give up. Warren Sapp slipped because of the same issue. Not a big deal.

  39. First off, I never smoked pot…I hate smoking in general. Second, I say that we should not only legalize pot, but we should encourage all men between 18 and 30 to use it regularly. There would be a whole lot less issues than there are now from those same hormone fueled morons when they get drunk. I’m only half kidding.

  40. Guess Tebow isn’t such a great leader, because he shouldve led A. Hernandez away from the weed.

  41. Perhaps the NFL should add driving behavior to their personal conduct policy and we can see if a top prospect falls out of the 1st round because of a couple speeding tickets!

  42. NFL should embrace marijuana
    Peyton could probably use a hit or two so his sphincter loosens up a little.
    Reid and Tomlin always get down on the dutchies
    . notice Tomlins dark shades and Rieds party animal Hawaiian shirts and red face/

  43. Only the religious and conservative care about this stuff. I could care less. If he’s not a character issue and can keep from getting arrested over it, I’m happy.
    This bible-humping country really needs to smoke some pot and relax.

  44. Um… smoking weed that causes you to lose millions is really not making a good case for it not impairing your mental capacity. Having said that, it is ridiculous that this is still illegal and warrants so much money spent to try and stop it. Amazing – think of the tax dollars saved, not to mention the number of companies who would have their profits explode: The amount of Twinkies, Doritos, Fritos, Cupcakes, Snickers Bars, etc consumed would be enormous

  45. The Patriots were aware of this issue before they drafted him. So enough with Belichick only drafting players with a PAtriots mindset. Oh wait….the Pats have had a series of players with drug issues…isn’t cheating accptable in Foxborough? They believe ‘ everyone does it’.

  46. HaHa….someone named Noisewater who is obsessed with how I pee…how fitting. Don’t I just love it when a Cheatriot fan takes the bait and starts whining. GO JETS!

  47. FreeAgentPro says: April 27, 2010 7:26 PM
    HaHa….someone named Noisewater who is obsessed with how I pee…how fitting. Don’t I just love it when a Cheatriot fan takes the bait and starts whining. GO JETS!
    Oh, you’re a Jets fan. Never mind, you don’t really count. And I’m not concerned with how you pee, I was merely stating the fact that you sit down when you do it.

  48. If the NFL let’s potheads play, the Patriots would doctor their game balls with Cheetos and other hardwired munchie craving scents and gain an unfair competitive advantage.

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