Alan Faneca lands in Arizona

fanecax.jpgThe Alan Faneca free-agency tour lasted only three days, and it didn’t turn out nearly as well as it did in 2008, when he signed a five-year, $40 million deal with the Jets.  Still, Faneca quickly has landed a new gig, with the Cardinals.  According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Faneca agreed to terms on a one-year, $2.5 million deal, which includes a $300,000 signing bonus and a $100,000 workout bonus.

Some had speculated that he’d be willing to take a one-year deal for the veteran minimum, since he’s already getting $5.25 million in guaranteed base salary from the Jets.  But if he wanted to take the veteran minimum, he could have accepted whatever the Jets were offering to pay him over and above the $5.25 million he’s getting from them regardless of whether he’s on the team in 2010.  Presumably, his agent shopped the Jets’ best offer quietly to other teams before opting to draw a line in the sand.

Other teams that reportedly were interested in Faneca included the Bears and the Texans.  Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Saturday that Faneca’s former team wasn’t looking to bring him back; it’s not surprising, given that things ended between the two sides in somewhat ugly fashion.

But he’ll have a partial Pittsburgh reunion in Arizona; former Steelers offensive line coach Russ Grimm has the same job with the Cardinals.

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  1. Look for the Cards to get back to the Big Game this year. They’ll get a lot of mileage out of Faneca and J Peezy

  2. i like faneca but his pass protection slipped a little bit last year so signing with the pass heavy cards surprised me but i guess they wont throw as much with the loss of old man kurt

  3. Damn. $499, ooo cheaper than the starting left guard in Dallas, who is also on the last year of his deal, Kyle Kosier. Wish he were a Cowboy. He could have helped us.

  4. The Cardinals badly needed some veteran leadership on that O-line.
    If they want to have any semblance of a ground game, this signing was essential.
    Perhaps Faneca can also coach up the youngsters.

  5. I didn’t know NFL head coaching gigs were as easy as just grabbing every former Steeler you can get your hands on.

  6. Wow the Bears are going to be terrible this year! That oline is going to be garbage once again! I guess Lovie and Angelo don’t mind getting on unemployment at the end of the year.

  7. Good spot for a good guy. Back with Whiz and Grimm. It was either that or go to Minny to help out his buddy Favre, but I guess there was too much uncertainty there.

  8. Good thing Washington didn’t sign him. Cuz they don’t need any offensive linemen or anything.

  9. Have a feelin’ it’s going to be another Cards/Steelers Super Bowl this year. Cards have all the pieces.

  10. Damn. I was hoping he would end up in DC. Makes sense that he reunites with Ken Wisenhunt. Wish him best of luck.

  11. is anyone aware of the fact that faneca let up the most sacks at his position last year? when a team cuts a player like this who has been so good for so long, its because they dont have much left to offer.

  12. What are the Jets doing? Check the stats Faneca was rated the worst Guard in the sport when it comes to pass protection. He’s a great guy but he’s close to done. That’s why they got rid of him and that’s why the Steelers weren’t jumping at signing him a few years before that.

  13. i dont get this move for arizona. they are a pass first offense and faneca’s weakness is pass protection. i mean, it was the reason why the jets cut him! at least leinart is a lefty. that way he can at least see the defensive lineman that will routinely beat faneca.

  14. Yup, Cards have all the pieces for another superbowl run. Well besides QB, a Defense, or depth.

  15. This makes sense. Its not going to win them the Super Bowl but a 2 year rental of a future hall of famer can help with Beanie and Matt’s progression.

  16. Cards WERE a pass first team ya bunch of dips. You simply HATE the fact that this organization isn’t run the way it used to be. To start the season 3 of 4 on the road Faneca was a good pickup. Run first. As the season goes on, the playbook opens up more. Defense will be a top 10 this season, member that. Keep hating, you know our season will bring more wins than any of your teams. In Whiz We Trust.

  17. Why would he take a one year deal for veteran minimum? His agent would never let him sign for less than he can earn, after all that’s his paycheck too.

  18. Agreed on the statement that the Cards “were” a pass first team. We’ll see what this year brings.

  19. Cmon – Faneca is a good player but the missing link? There’s no way that he’s the final piece of the puzzle for the Cards. The final piece is gone and his name was Warner.

  20. Cards will run more this year with Leinard at the helm, plus Faneca returns to his old buddy Grimm.

  21. Sinister79 – you called it! Yeah … those Cards have all the pieces alright. Seems to me more than a few pieces are missing – Boldin, Warner, Dansby, shall we go on?

  22. BigBaldPapaHawk says:
    April 27, 2010 7:45 PM
    Looks like a huge Obi Wan Kenobi.
    Too funny! “I crush you now!” (said my kids looking over my shoulder said that when they saw that pic)
    I was hoping the Bears because the only offensive confidence I have is the running game and his true dominant skill set is run blocking. That is what the experts say he still has in the tank… every true OG and Center is and I agree……but this is the NFL where pass protecton is what they want but draft interior o-linemen for the running game and expect them to last in a west coast offense. Better off drafting smaller OTs that you move to OG.
    Like Grandma in The Outlaw Josey Wales said: “but they died the best they could and thank you for bringing us to….” AZ???

  23. “Why are the cards taking all the former jets players?”
    Seriously? Why are the Jets taking all the Ravens players? It’s because they know the system. Whiz was Pittsburgh’s O.C. and he fits. Besides, how’s Pace working out for ya? Is he really worth all that guaranteed money?

  24. Arizona = Pittsburgh West. Oh wait, no they aren’t they’d have to have 6 championships to resemble the Steelers.

  25. ya i dont get this “cards are a pass first team”, sure they were but with no warner no boldin and beanie wells and hightower they are CLEARLY moving towards a power running team which is what whiz wants anyways, and i’m not even a cards fan and i can see this

  26. For Faneca to sign for that kind of money shows that the opinions of him around the league have worsened since that ridiculous Jets contract was given to him.
    Italian Army Guy…..
    Stop drinking the uzo. The Cards have lost Warner and Boldin. The only Big Game that they are going to is the Bocce Ball party at Leinart’s house on Cinco Demayo Day.
    Cards going to the Super Bowl. You made me laugh you silly twat.

  27. Look at the Steeler fans. their comments almost speak for themselves. Almost. No high ground there Steeler fans.

  28. NFL fans are idiots. It’s become fashionable to say Faneca’s play slipped in 2009, only because he was cut and that is the explanation that was given. Just zombies, or worse yet, foxnews viewers. “This is what we were told…it must be true…” Faneca made a Pro Bowl, and that Jets running game seemed to do well even with a rookie back starting. Mangold is great but its not as if Ferguson really deserved that pro bowl bid. The Jets just wanted to go younger.

  29. nfcbeast says:
    April 27, 2010 7:23 PM
    Wow, now he gets to guard another young QB.
    Except this one sucks….
    Wow, a non (I assume) Jets fan complimenting Sanchez.
    Jets got rid of him, TJ, and another guy or two in order to have enough money left to sign Revis, Mangold, and another guy or two to gigantic 7 year deals. None of the players have said anything about chemistry, instead they’ve said they’re all cool.
    Jets are making a transition from surprise contender to heavy favorite all in one year, lots of changes but the core’s the same.

  30. “Check the stats Faneca was rated the worst Guard in the sport when it comes to pass protection.”
    Faneca’s pass protection was always weak. He earned his money and his reputation as a run blocker.

  31. It’s not like a rookie qb was helping his sacks given up numbers either. Faneca is a solid pickup for a team looking to transition to a run first offense. The fact that the Jets were willing to let him go does say something, but still he is way better than any undrafted free agent they could have swooped up. I bet a ton of teams were trying to get him.

  32. Arizona: Steelers “light”. And by light, I mean, never going to be as great of a franchise, but you can have all our sloppy seconds.

  33. # danlinker says: April 28, 2010 1:09 AM
    Look at the Steeler fans. their comments almost speak for themselves. Almost. No high ground there Steeler fans.
    What the hell are you running your mouth about, jackass?

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