Bears front office shakeup continues

The expected changes in the Bears front office are underway.

Chicago fired director of college scouting Greg Gabriel Tuesday, according to Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears fired longtime pro personnel director Bobby DePaul in February and have been consistently linked to former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell as a possible hire.

29 responses to “Bears front office shakeup continues

  1. Seems like everyone in the Bears’ front office is getting fired except for those who DESERVE to be fired!

  2. You would think you would do that BEFORE the draft. A week after the draft you fire the top scout, makes no sense.

  3. Doesnt matter, Vikings are going to keep winning that divison as long has Favre plays for them. Then after he leaves, Green Bay will be winning that Divison.

  4. Good thinking. Fire the people who didn’t screw everything up, and hire someone who will. Sadly, these moves will buy Mr. Angelo a couple more years of multi-million dollar salaries.

  5. “Crewman, have those 50 deck chairs refinished then move all of them up to the Lido Deck. The First Class passengers.have been complaining about not having enough deck chairs there.”
    “Yes, Captain Smith. And may I say that it is a privilege serving aboard the RMS Titanic.”

  6. @Tcostant/Irishgary-
    firing them before the draft would have been even worse, bring in a guy with only hours or days to prepare for the draft? Gabriel has been at it all year long, fire him imediately after and give the next guy ample time to prepare for the 2011 draft.

  7. You’ve got it wrong. Why would you fire him before the draft? Don’t you want his input? You’ve paid him all this time, you might as well get what you paid for.

  8. you’re all morons. you’re really expecting the bears to fire the scouting dept before the draft? They’ve been paid all year to do the scouting for this draft and they’re just gonna fire them and go in blind?
    NO! You go through the draft, then fire them. Then you hire a staff for the upcoming year so you have the scouts looking for what you want them to look for, then it all culminates in the draft. It’s standard operating procedure.
    It’s great there’s so many armchair GMs out there that really have no clue how the business works, but they’ll make dumb comments like all the ones above.

  9. Yeah… fire the guy because he didn’t bring in enough talent… after you trade all your draft picks away.
    Who’s running that circus… Barnum or Bailey?

  10. This isn’t any surprise, since Tim Ruskell has been rumored to be coming to Chicago from Seattle for several months.
    It would have been foolish for the Bears to fire their scouting director before the draft. Not only do you lose all of the information that he has collected over the year, but you could take it to another team in the league.

  11. It’s great the @Levito isn’t one of those armchair GMs and he actually KNOWS how the business works.
    Time to get back to your car wash buddy, my Mercedes needs a waxing.

  12. Chicago fired director of college scouting Greg Gabriel Tuesday

    3 days AFTER the draft??????
    Isn’t that called, “closing the barn door AFTER the horse ran out and away?”

  13. Regardless of rather you should keep a guy on thru the draft, this is still hilarious!
    I thought you were supposed to give a draft class 3 years to prove itself. Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha!

  14. Fire scouting and personnel people after the draft, classic move under the Angelo, Lovie regime.

  15. Angelo should be gone in this house cleaning as well. Look for them to fire him and then have a new GM hire all new scouting and front office. Look for an entirely new coaching staff next year, which is long over-due. It’s been great for us non-Bears fans.

  16. This is the way it’s done. Last year Pioli waited until after the draft and then cleaned house and brought in his own guys.

  17. It’s amusing to hear people talk like they know who’s making the mistakes in the franchise. Maybe it was DePaul and/or Gabriel making the dumb moves and personnel decisions. JA and Lovie aren’t exempt, but the Bears scouts have failed miserably the past few years as well as the GM and coach.

  18. The only Eagles fan I know,
    Are all of you guys arrogant asses? @Levito hit it right on the button, he was exactly right. Yet you bash him as if this is opinion. No wonder the Eagles make questionable decisions on draft day, your probably one of their scouts!

  19. Anyone else thinks the Bears may be vying with the Lions this year in a close race for the cellar of the NFC North?

  20. JoeSchmoe says:
    April 27, 2010 3:49 PM
    Regardless of rather you should keep a guy on thru the draft, this is still hilarious!
    I thought you were supposed to give a draft class 3 years to prove itself. Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha!
    You’re not real bright. Word of this was all over the place well-prior to the draft. Gabriel’s release has nothing to do with the results of the draft- the Bears want to go in a different direction, nothing more than that.

  21. Don’t be confused in thinking Ruskell built the Seahawks Super Bowl team…..this guy makes horrible picks in the draft, will let your best player go by way of the transition tag and will hire Jim Mora as your secondary coach next year.
    Good luck with this! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. The GM should have been fired for the Cutler trade alone which had them selecting their 1st pick in rnd 3. They have crap for WRs and have let the OL decline to one of the league’s worst. That is usally grounds for changes at the top.

  23. Why would you wait this long. Not picking til the third round of the draft anyways. Why even bother scouting?
    Great organization.

  24. Hiring his buddy Ruskell- how does this work with the Rooney rule? Good old boys network at work again because I have to believe there are more qualified candidates than Ruskells out there

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