Bears not expected to sign Faneca

Although Chicago Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo has expressed interest in free agent guard Alan Faneca, he apparently isn’t interested enough to get a deal done.

Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Angelo has talked to Faneca’s agent, but the Bears are not among the teams that have expressed the most interest.

The bad experience with Orlando Pace last year may have scared the Bears off from signing aging veteran offensive linemen. Faneca has more gas left in the tank than Pace, but he’s the same age now that Pace was when the Bears signed him a year ago, and the Bears may want to get younger on the line.

The Jets cut Faneca after he refused to take a pay cut. The Texans are among the teams that are showing interest.

18 responses to “Bears not expected to sign Faneca

  1. Why would they work on fixing their biggest need?
    Can’t say Faneca is a good answer, but they don’t seem interested in helping the O-line much again.

  2. Angie and Lovie are gone at the end of the 2010 campaign.
    The Bears still suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Of course the Bears aren’t interested, that would actually mean the brass making a good move and solving a need.
    RIP Angelo/Smith 2011.

  4. it would be crazy for any team to not try to sign Faneca for the lague minimum when they Jets are on the hook for 5.25 million. What that means the Jets will pay him 5.25 million minus what any other team pays him this year.
    So I assume any team that signs him will do league minimum this year with a bigger contract next year. Although I am not sure how the 30% rule would effect next years contract nor how a signing bonus would effect the Jets responsibility for this year. But regardless he is cheap, full of knowledge and xp. 9 straight pro bowls, and supposed to be a great locker room guy. I am really shocked the Jets cut him over so much a small amount of money in an uncapped year.

  5. Stats Schaub needs some help with the ends and tackles in the NFC East and AFC South that comprise 10 games + 2 games vs Baltimore & the Jets that my Texans will be playing next year. Thanks to roided-up cheap shot artists like Fat Albert Haynesworth, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jared Allen, Ol’ Schauby’s knees have the structural integrity of graham crackers. Alan Faneca would be the best offensive lineman that our franchise will have ever acquired, and the other guys [Eric Winston, Duane Brown, Antoine Caldwell, Wade Smith] are young and getting better. I don’t count Tony Butthole-selli, since he took his check and bailed without ever playing. Faneca would help keep Matty boy on his feet.

  6. God Angelo, could you be a bigger dumbass!! Everyone knew Pace was a bad idea. And most people think Faneca has a good couple years left.
    Upgrading the O line should’ve been the biggest priority this off season. When you get fired in January 2011 you’ll know why.

  7. I am hoping that the Vikings sign him but their name has not popped up yet. At this price, he would be a steal. I wonder if Chilly would ask Brett about him?

  8. Not sure who wouldn’t consider it, but I guess we do know who won’t do it. That being said, good job getting back a good player in Chris Harris that never should have been traded for a measly 5th rounder. @va4favre, Brett would have to have been his teammate to comment on Faneca, they were more like guys who saw each other for 3 hours on Sunday for a year, since his royalty could not be bothered with his “teammates” during his LaGuardia layover.

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