Bengals pick up Peerman

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced the acquisition of running back Cedric Peerman, who was claimed off waivers from the Detroit Lions.

The Baltimore Ravens selected Peerman in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL draft. They released him prior to the start of the regular season, and then he spent some time with the Browns and the Lions, but was never active for a regular-season game. The Bengals are now his fourth team.

Because he was in the league but never on an active gameday roster in 2009, Peerman will technically be considered a first-year player in 2010.

Peerman had 14 rushes for 40 yards and a touchdown in the 2009 preseason.

18 responses to “Bengals pick up Peerman

  1. Lions must be getting better. Finally, other teams are putting in waiver claims on our released scrubs.

  2. Peerman almost had as good a year as Westbrook last year! haha
    I love Westbrook but he is done, he needs to retire.

  3. Umm this is stupid… They should have just kept DeDe around if they wanted to mess with players of this caliber..

  4. Peerman actually had upside as a backup speed back, but Detroit kind of made him null and void when they took Best. Now they have Best, Smith and Dorsey as their 3 backs, which is a pretty solid stable. Detroit releasing him isn’t an indictment of the player, they just didn’t need that type of back.
    Peerman actually went into the ’09 draft with a pretty solid grade and ended up falling to the 6th. He’s a guy worth bringing in and seeing if he can win a spot on the PS. Cincy will have trouble keeping 4 backs on the 53, so having a good option on the PS is important; I just wish it were Legarrette Blount….

  5. They’re looking for a big back who can be an insurance policy if Benson goes down. B. Scott and Leonard aren’t every down backs, but rather good situational backs. However, I know nothing about Peerman. Bengals should have taken Blount from Oregon.

  6. I was hoping the Ravens brought him back. I liked him as a possible change of pace back for Ray Rice whenever the team cuts ties with McGahee.

  7. @ Vet735, can you name the supposed “violent felons” you’re referring to on the Bengals roster? No? That’s what I thought. Grow up.

  8. OJ1984, he’s not as good as Jalen Parmele.
    If he was, we would’ve never let him go to the Lions in the first place.

  9. Peerman is brought in for competition. They also signed the other Virginia back from last year as well as Cordera Eason.
    It’s all competition for camp. You people crack me up. Cost the Bengals next to nothing for the claim.
    Its’ awesome when Steeler fans have nothing to rag the Bengals about other than waiver claims.

  10. Cedric Peerman is a solid person on top of being a fringe RB. He is an ordained minister, hence the college nickname of Rev Run (no offense to Run of DMC fame).
    He was the fastest RB at the 2009 combine. He can contribute and play special teams if he can ever make it to the active roster.

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