Chris Harris says he's headed back to the Bears

The Bears want to fix a mistake they made three years ago.

Panthers safety Chris Harris tweeted that he is headed back to Chicago in a trade. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune says the move could involve a veteran linebacker from the Bears.  Harris confirms the trade is not official yet.

Harris was dealt in 2007 for a fifth-round pick to open up playing time for Adam Archuleta.  That didn’t work out so well.

In Carolina, Harris had three workmanlike years, missing only four starts.  He may just be league average for a starting safety, but average would be a big upgrade for the Bears.

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  1. A solid, workmanlike SS like Harris does wonders for a defense. I think they’re often more valuable than a big-play guy who isn’t as consistent. He’ll help that defense.

  2. Welcome home, sir.
    Harris forced 12 fumbles in 3 years at strong, that’s pretty good. I guess you’d call him average before stellar, but he’s a solid tackler in the box and was sorely missed.
    Probably Hillenmeyer or Williams on the way out. We may have shipped them one of our underperforming safeties, too.

  3. And somehow, someway, with a trade that improves the Bears, someone will still write “The Bears still suck.”
    And this will also further support the misconception of the age of the Bears’ D. Sigh, I just wish anti-Bears’ fans actually bothered to learn something about the Bears.
    Anyway, I like it. Harris was pretty sweet a few years ago. If anything, his veteran leadership should go to help all the young guys.

  4. Either you provided the wrong link or Chris Harris shut down his twitter. “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

  5. He and Pep realized long distance relationships don’t last, so they took a chance at love.

  6. Zach Zaidman reporting the trade is for LB Jamar Williams. I wonder where all those morons are that said the Bears linebackers weren’t worth trading for?

  7. I love it (depending on who they give up, of course).
    Naturally, the Bears should’ve never let it happen to begin with, especially not for Adam Archulet-down, aka Adam Archulet’em score.

  8. Agreed with every Carolina release or non resigning…but unless its Urlacher or Briggs coming in return this is a mistake!!! Remeber when Chris tweeted something when he was upset then said he had to be careful so he didnt lose his job? Guess that was foreshadowing…

  9. They must have been ready to release him if all they got was Jamar Williams. Sherrod Martin has a ton of potential as a ballhawking FS, so this doesn’t hurt the defense THAT much, but Harris was a personal favorite of mine.

  10. HELL YEAH BEARS SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN RID OF CHRIS HARRIS!!!! I assume we are dealing either Jamar Williams or Nick Roach plus a draft pick to get this done but whatever we should have never gotten rid of Chris Harris. Good old number 46 back in a Bears uniform! Between him and Major Wright the D is back in CHI TOWN!

  11. 1 Uralacher or Briggs please.
    I don’t like this move (depending on our compensation). Harris is one of the better players we have left on defense, and we’re not exactly stocked with safety talent either…unless we’re going to put Godfrey and Martin out there, but they are both more FS in my opinion.

  12. This is interesting. If Major Wright develops, Harris could be a steady strong safety next to him. While guys like Steltz/Afalava/Danieal Manning/Kevin Payne could be decent at SS, Harris is probably an upgrade for next year.
    Mildly curious who gets sent in return. I’d think that Harris was worth more than Jamar Williams, but giving up Nick Roach for him might hurt a tad, as Roach showed that he was a solid starter last year and it’s hard to imagine Pisa staying healthy for a whole year.
    Bears still have one relatively big question on the OL – are they ready to turn it over to, say, Lance Louis, who they were quite high on in practice last year, or Johan Asiata or Josh Beekman at LG and shift Omiyale to RT? Or do they change course and let Omiyale stay at guard and have Shaffer/Marten battle at RT? Considering Martz’s offense, they need better feet than Shaffer at RT, and Marten might not be ready, so Omiyale to RT makes more sense, but they really need another guard. Faneca for a year would be nice.

  13. In a twist conjured up in a dark room by some long time friends Fox and Lovie have decided
    Chris Harris for Julius Peppers
    for the ultimate “gotcha”

  14. Harris, Wright, Steltz, Manning, Bullocks, Payne, Afalava.
    Manning could get retitled as a nickelback again, but that still leaves 6 safeties and I think Chicago would have to get rid of at least one.
    Assuming none of these guys will fetch a trade for a young prospect at guard or something like a 5th round pick, I think Bullocks should be released.

  15. BTW all you Carolina fans, Bears fans have been wanting to see Jamar Williams on the field for years now. He was going to be Lance Briggs replacement when it didn’t look like he would resign with the Bears. He’s been buried on the depth chart ever since. He got one start last year and lit it up.
    He is still largely an unknown, but you could be getting a good player with this trade. Harris is the proven player, but Williams could be a solid starter or even better. Time will tell.

  16. If we can find a decent LG now, we can be ok, but ultimately it comes down to execution from the D and Cutler.

  17. Jamar Williams will provide Carolina with a Kirk Morrison-like player. When Carolina’s getting trampled on defense, he’ll make 20 tackles, all of them after 5+ yard gains.
    Can’t believe Carolina settled for the worst of our 3 backup linebackers, and so far no reports of any extra compensation.

  18. It’s Jamar Williams the Bears are shipping to Carolina. Chris Harris’ deal is being reworked by the Bears as a part of this trade. So Carolina didn’t want to pony up the greenbacks eh?

  19. yessss…thank you for getting a solid veteran safety instead of relying on drafting one every year in the 4th-5th round or signing failures like josh bullocks and adam archuleta….

  20. Welcome Back!!!!
    It was so painful watching you perform so well in Carolina!!!
    This time when the Bears visit Carolina you will have the correct jersy on.
    Go Bears!!!

  21. I like this new method of player development. Since the Bears coaches can’t develop talent, they can send their players to better teams where they can learn to play better, then they can try to get them back via trade. Next think you know, we’ll be trading for Cedric Benson!

  22. looks like it’s Jamar Williams according to ESPN….. now bring back Mike Brown for some leadership!

  23. Der – I was a big fan of Jamar Williams coming out of the draft (reminded me a tad of Lance Briggs). Here was a 240ish linebacker that had good athleticism for the position. He played next to a hard hitter in college (Dale Robinson), and there were some questions if he could be physical enough, but there was a lot to be excited about.
    That said, he simply hasn’t developed. I recall either Dan Pompei or someone else writing about the fact that Bears coaches simply didn’t think he’d be more than a ST guy, and Tim Shaw ably fills that LB as a ST guy right now. I hope he develops – he was a fascinating linebacker prospect out of college, but giving him up is an easy win for the Bears, and I’m not sure he’s anything more than a backup for the Panthers. He’s certainly not beating out Davis or Beason for a spot. I guess they could put him on the strongside, but I’m not sure he’s a great fit for that, and I’m not sure he’s better than Anderson, and they just added Eric Norwood.
    As a Bears fan, very pleased that it was Jamar and not Nick (or Hunter). Our LB depth is still fairly solid, and our secondary is better now.

  24. Wow !! Brilliant move Jerry/Lovie you gave the guy up for 5th round pick and now trade a player to get him back. Whats next a trade for Lance Briggs to get Orton back ? What an inept pair of d-bags. Well the good news ; only 257 days until the Lovie/Jerry regime comes to an end.

  25. @toonster The Bears announced Omiyale will be moving to RT to compete with Shaffer. As it stands now Garza will stay at RG and Josh Beekman, Lance Louis, and John Asiata will compete at LG.

  26. Other Bears says:
    April 27, 2010 2:41 PM
    I like this new method of player development. Since the Bears coaches can’t develop talent, they can send their players to better teams where they can learn to play better, then they can try to get them back via trade. Next think you know, we’ll be trading for Cedric Benson!
    SPOT ON !!! How can you trust these dopes to draft players when they can’t even reckognize the existing talent on their roster.

  27. Sad to see Chris Harris go if it is true, he’s better than the douche Rosenthal gives him credit for. Chris Harris will be missed more than Julius Peppers.
    This trade makes no sense for Carolina unless they’re looking for some insurance with Thomas Davis’s knee injury. Something fishy about this because that would leave Carolina with 1 SS who is a career special teamer as their starter…Theres gotta be more to this than whats come out

  28. Screw hurney and fox..hope hurney’s let go in june and Cowher takes over next year..what idiots. Let go one of the hardest hitting safeties in the NFL for a back-up LB? WTF is that? Bears love our guys dont ya..Muhammad, ricky manning jr, omiyale, peppers, now harris goes back… just do us panther fans one favor if ya’ll win the superbowl soon send us some rings since it’ll be carolina winning in the bears uniforms…and hey maybe when we fire Fox and Hurney you guys can have them to!

  29. @toonster
    I agree with everything you say. I just wanted to point out to the Carolina fans that they don’t need to be so despondent over this trade. On the surface, the Bears got the better of this (depending upon whether you believe the stories now emerging that he was going to be cut anyway). Still, Williams could surprise some people. We’ll know soon whether he couldn’t get on the field because he was buried on the depth chart or simply wasn’t good enough.

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